Spring Style Me |Shopping List


Download it, print it, shop it.  If you have any questions, please refer to the Helpful Tips and Info at the bottom of this page.  I will update it on a regular basis with relevant information regarding the shopping list and outfits.  You’ll have ten days to get all of the pieces in place before the first outfit is released.  If you don’t have all of the pieces in place, don’t stress.  You will have lifetime access to all of the outfits.

Before shopping, please keep in mind that my picks are recommendations only.  You are welcome to shop anywhere that you’d like and buy anything that you want as long as the styles and colors are similar.  Remember to shop your closet first.  You’ll probably find that you already have quite a few items on the list.

Here’s your downloadable shopping list to print out and take along.


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2014 Spring Style Me Challenge Shopping List


1.  White Jeans (1 pair, any style)

[Loft – Modern Ankle White Jeans]

Substitutions:  White pants or light khakis. If you missed my white jeans post, check it out HERE for reviews of several brands.

2.  Boyfriend Jeans (1 pair, any wash)

[Modern Fit Boyfriend Jeans]

[Loft Boyfriend Jeans – Tempt Blue Wash]

Substitutions:  Any looser fitting jean that’s able to be cuffed.

3.  Skinny Jeans (1 pair, dark wash)

[Gap – Curvy Skinny Jeans in Indigo]

[Loft – Curvy Skinny Jeans in Spectral Blue]

Substitution:  Straight leg, dark wash jeans.

4.  Maxi Skirt (Striped or Similar)


[Foldover Maxi Skirt]

_9825787[Long Stripe Thin Maxi Skirt]



[Long Stripe Maxi Skirt]

Substitutions:  Shorter skirt, but try to stick with black/white graphic pattern.  If you can’t find stripes or another pattern, a solid black maxi will work too.


5.  Neutral Flats

[Mossimo Scrunch Ballet Flat]

WILLA_TAN_0129[Sole Society Tan Suede]

[Lucky ‘Emmie’ Nude Flats]

Substitution:  Leopard Flats

6.  Leopard Flats

[Mossimo Ona Scrunch Flat]

[Lucky ‘Emmie’ Luxe Leopard Flat]

Substitution:  Neutral Flats

7.  Neutral Wedges

[Softspots Wedge][Aerosoles A2 Espadrille Wedge]

[‘Vivien’ Wedge]

Substitution:  Neutral Flat Sandals (if you don’t wear wedges).

8.  Metallic Sandals

[Gabriela Braided Metallic Sandal]

[Sam Edelman “Gigi” Sandals]

[Loft Gladiator Sandals]

Substitution:  Neutral Flat Sandals


9.  Tank Top (1 Bright Color)

[Mossimo Long and Lean Tank]

Substitutions:  A bright t-shirt. I will be styling the melon tank but you can also choose teal, yellow, pink or any other light or bright solid.  *Please refer to color coordination note below.

10. & 11.  T-shirts (1 white, 1 striped)  Can be scoop or v-neck.

[Boyfriend V-neck Tee]

[Striped V-neck Tee]

Substitutions:  None.

12.  Button Downs (1-2)

I will be styling both of these button downs but you can just buy one or the other.

[Merona Favorite Button Down – Lime Check]

_10253328[Glamorous Button Down]


[Stripe Roll Sleeve Henley Top]

[Jessica Simpson Button Down Top]

Substitutions:  Any pastel button down.  *Please refer to color coordination note below.


13.  Denim Jacket

[Merona Denim Jacket]

[Cropped Denim Jacket]

Substitution:  Denim shirt will work for most outfits.

14.  Denim or Chambray Shirt

[Mossimo Chambray Shirt]

[Loft Chambray Shirt]

Substitution:  None

15. & 16.  Cardigans (1 bright or pastel, 1 light neutral)

Any solid bright or pastel.

[Mossimo Boyfriend Cardigan]

[Lightweight Boyfriend Cardigan]

Substitution:  Any bright or pastel colored cardigan. *Please refer to color coordination note below.

[Mossimo Boyfriend Cardigan]

[Patch Pocket Linen Cardigan]

Substitution:  A military jacket can be substituted for the light neutral sweater.


17.  Neutral Statement Necklace

[Ivory and Gold Statement Necklace]

[ Gold and Ivory Bib Necklace]

Substitution:  Any long or short statement necklace that goes with most colors.  I recommend white or ivory.

18.  Floral Scarf

[Pastel Floral Scarf]

[BP Floral Scarf]

Substitution:  Any floral scarf or pastel printed scarf that will coordinate with your cardigan and button downs.  Yes!  We will be mixing prints.  😉  *Please refer to color coordination note below.

Helpful Tips and Info

*Color Coordination Note:  The bright cardigan, tank top, floral scarf and button downs should coordinate with one another.  They don’t have to match but if you’re substituting any of these items, just make sure the colors work together.

  • As of the release date, all items on this list were well stocked however they may quickly sell out.  If this happens, I will do my best to provide substitutions.
  • You may swap out jeans for dressier pants (khakis or dress pants) if you’re modifying the outfits for casual business wear.
  • If you’re opposed to maxi skirts because of your height, many retailers offer them in petite sizes.
  • As you’ll notice, the only accessories in the challenge are a scarf and statement necklace.  You are welcome to accessorize as much as you want to make the outfits your own.  As a matter of fact, it’s highly encouraged!
  • Yes, these pieces will be repeated multiple times throughout the three weeks.  No one item will be worn more than four times though.  If you aren’t comfortable with repeating an item, simply skip the outfit that day or substitute with different items from your wardrobe.
  • While most of my shopping recommendations are from a handful of stores, you can find similar items at most other retailers.
  • Denise Z

    Yay! I’m in good shape with lots of these items already in my closet! The only one that’ll throw me is the maxi skirt…have never worn one (and my husband always comments on how he doesn’t like them! Not that I follow his “advice”! LOL!) . Will have to decide if I’ll step outside of my comfort zone and give it a try…or maybe substitute a shorter version

  • YAY!!! I am pretty well-stocked already, I am excited to say…but will definitely picking up that PETITE Maxi skirt!! Thanks!! So looking forward to this! Off to bed…it’s after 1 a.m. here! But I might be too excited to sleep!!

  • Amy

    I stayed up just to get this list tonight!! 😀 I DO have about half of the clothes on the list and will have a blast buying the rest!! THANK YOU!! This will be a great time!! Looking forward to fashion fun! <3

  • Denise Z

    If anyone is looking at that aqua striped Merona button down, I just happened to buy one yesterday–and it was ON SALE for $15 (regularly $22.99)! Sale price should be good through Saturday!

  • Tara Howes

    I have MANY of those items, yeah! Bought the yellow check button up from the gap last year and wore it once… So happy to find ways to wear it.

  • Denise Z

    Alison, the link under the White and Gold Bib Necklace doesn’t seem to be working for me–can you tell us where that’s from? Thanks!

    • Hi Denise – It’s from Target! I just updated the link and it should be working now. Thanks for letting me know.

      • Denise Z

        Thanks, much!

  • Deby Y

    I have most of the items on the list already. The biggest problem I have are the button front shirts. Have a very hard time finding shirts that button and don’t have a gap issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Hi Deby – I have the same issue but if I go up a size, that seems to usually solve it. I have the Merona button downs and just went up one size. They seem to be cut a little more generously in the chest because they don’t gap for me. Also, when I do have gapping, I usually just unbutton the top few buttons and wear a cami or tank top under the shirt. Hope that helps!

  • Love this list! A few things are way out of my comfort zone, but it will be good to stretch myself!
    Just FYI, right now the links for the naturalizer wedges and the second necklace aren’t working.
    Thanks again for this!

    • Thanks for letting me know Michelle! Both links have been fixed now. Yay for stepping out of your comfort zone!

  • Kirsten

    Oh my goodness! Fingers crossed the white jeans that I ordered two days ago fit…I can’t believe it! I have everything else on the list! I am ready to go!!!!

  • Um, where are the Lulu yoga pants?! Kidding! Which white denim did you find rund the longest (I’m 5′ 11″)? And can a pastel yellow skinny jean be substituted? A little nervous about wearing my wedges during the day because I’m already so tall. Should be interesting… Super excited!!

    • Hi Anne-Michelle! Loft denim comes in tall sizes. It should work out for you. Feel free to substitute flat sandals for the wedges if that makes you more comfortable. 🙂

    • Angelica

      I’m 5’11 too !! I’ve had wedges (cute ones !!) sitting in my closet and I can’t get myself to wear them. I already feel soooo soooo unusually tall.

  • Mary

    So excited! Only need a couple items! Might have to figure out some different shoes until the snow melts here! :).

  • Lisa Dunham

    Gap and Old Navy also have petite maxi skirts in stripes, only available on line and the Old Navy striped one is only available in medium. Gap one is currently on sale 🙂

  • Kim

    Yeah, I already have many of the items in my closet! Just a few items to buy! The biggest issue I will have are the shoes! I had surgery on my foot and am currently wearing one of those boots! I don’t get it off until April 17th. Then I can start wearing shoes again! Luckily, that’s only 3 days after you will start posting the outfits!!!! I will have to shop for shoes! Yeah to that!!!!

  • Sharon

    Hi! The link for the boyfriend tee did not work for me, can you tell me where to get it? Thanks!

    • Hi Sharon! It’s from Target. I’ve updated the link, thanks for letting me know!

  • Yeah! I actually have many of the items already…awesome! Off to purchase some neutral flats and metallic shoes! 🙂

  • Ruth

    Yay! Have most of these already….excited to see how to put them together. I got a coupon from Target when I checked out last week for 20 percent off a clothing item….it will be used today!! :). Thank you!

  • Perfect!! I need a floral scarf and the cardigan!! Ready to go! Susan

  • Carrie

    Hi! The link for the aerosole wedges isn’t doesn’t seem to working… Great list!

  • Silvana

    I am very excited!!! Looked online for the Merona button downs and the lime wasn’t available online but I was able to search if the closest Target had it and sure enough they do. I have never used the “pick it up in the store ” option, but I did for both shirts and I just got a text that the shirts are waiting for me in Guest Services!! This is so fun!!! I am really looking forward to doing this!!! Thanks Alison!!!

  • Thanks for this great list! I get to go shopping! Why are the “boyfriend” items called boyfriend? Is it just a larger/longer fit? Specifically the cardigan…will the cardigans I have substitute okay if the right color?

  • Kim

    I was so excited to see the list I got up really early, it didn’t disappoint!! I have a lot of the exact items, but the challenge is a good excuse for a few new things, so I got some of the target things online. Great job Alison! Can’t wait to start:)!

  • Donna

    Love it! I can shop most items from my closet!!

  • Lana

    So excited for the Spring Challenge – this will be so much fun! I need to pick up quite a few things from the list, but you’ve made it so easy with the links. It’s supposed to rain here tomorrow (big surprise, it’s Seattle) so I’m going to spend the morning doing some online shopping! I was also glad to see that people can still sign up for the challenge…I’m kind of late to the party, but I will be launching my blog this weekend and I will add your style challenge link.

  • Cathy

    Between my closet and my daughter’s I have about half of the pieces already. Really just need white jeans, one t shirt, pair of shoes and one cardigan!

  • Gretchen

    Hi everyone!
    Has anyone had luck with any plus-sized options? I do have a maxi skirt from Target. I’m also a teacher, so I’ll need to substitute the jeans.
    Hope I’m not the only plus-size girl here!

    • Angelica

      Hi !! I am plus size too. I think that’s why I haven’t been motivated to get my pretty on (I really don’t feel pretty) … but seeing all this tips actually helps. I just joined today (4/18) and I’m gonna give it my best. Let’s do it !!

  • The list is doable except for one thing…there is no way I am wearing white pants, I can go khaki, but white and I, we have issues. lol

    • I understand Regena. Khaki is a perfect substitute.