Struggling to Navigate? I’m There, Too. Here’s What’s Helping!

Hi Pretties! How are you holding up? To be honest, I am struggling to navigate the waters of what’s going on in our world right now and I’m really not sure what the best way is to address it. But what I do know is that we are all in this together, whatever challenge you’re facing. Maybe you’re dealing with a totally new routine or having kids around for the first time while also trying to work from home for the first time. Maybe you’re isolated, feeling down or scared or maybe it’s all of the above, whatever your struggle is, it’s so important for us right now to come together through these challenges and to navigate the waters together. That’s why I wanted to share as some of the things that have helped me during this weird life transition. For more details, check out my Coffee Chat below. 

Most of you may already know that my platform started from a dark place for me. I was going through a big shift in my routine. I was able to work from home for the first time which had been something I prayed about for many, many years and finally came to fruition. But I now had to learn how to establish a new routine and how to keep hours when someone else wasn’t keeping me accountable for that. I lost my accountability and things quickly snowballed out of control for me after that. I think that that’s the position that a lot of you are finding yourselves in right now. It can make you feel like things are spiraling out of control and having a sense of control and normalcy is so important to our mental and emotional health. Keeping our routines in place or even just sitting down and creating a new routine is something that’s going to be crucial to getting through these days and weeks ahead of us. We don’t know how long this is going to last. That’s a big part of this, uncertainty, how long is this going to go on? None of us know that. All we can control is what we have going on today.

Make A Schedule

The first thing that really helped me whenever I was in this place was to pull out a piece of paper and a calendar and make a schedule. I did an hourly schedule and I still do this today. This is the way I plan out my weeks. The hourly schedule allows me to really prioritize all the things that I need to do for my mental health as well as the things that I need to get done for the day. So if you haven’t done that yet and you’re in a new routine, then pull out your calendar today and go ahead and make up a schedule and do it for the next week.

Get Dressed

While you are making your schedule, make sure you allow time to get yourself dressed and ready for the day. This will make a huge difference in your day! Just having that routine of getting dressed, putting on your makeup and fixing your hair. It’s not shallow. There’s absolutely nothing vain about wanting to feel good about how you look. At first you’re going to fall into the same temptation that I did a few years back where it’s like, oh my gosh, I get to wear my yoga pants all day and stay in my sweats all day. But in the long run, that’s not serving your mental health very well. I want you to try an experiment today. If you have been stuck in that rut and you haven’t been getting ready on a daily basis, then try it today and see how much better it feels.

Look For The Good

Right now we are all experiencing a total and complete shift in what your routine used to be into something completely new and different, and not for good reasons. But I will say that even during these times it’s important to try and look for the good things that are around us and the opportunities that may come from this. It’s great to see communities coming together, to see companies step up and help their employees, to see people pull their resources to help others during this time of crisis. The way our very own GYPO community has been supporting each other is amazing! I’ve always believed that God can work anything for our good and I’m definitely seeing that even in this situation. For our family, Craig and Ava now have a routine of playing basketball together in the evenings and I’m enjoying having my whole family under one roof. We are getting a chance to create memories and I’m choosing to see the good in that. What good are you seeing today? 

Shifting Gears

As a blogger and business owner, I’m not really sure how to navigate things right now especially in the world of business. So as many of us are shifting gears, at GYPO, we are also shifting gears. We’ve put a hold on any type of sales or promotional stuff that we have going on because I think it’s more important right now for us to come together as a community and to do the things that are going to help each other navigate this.

One of the other things that we’re doing is we’re going to be pumping out tons of free resources to you over the next week or two. One of those things you can download right now is Five Spring Outfit Formulas. This is a free download and most of these are things you can probably shop your closet for. There are a few trends on there, but you can definitely shop your closet for a lot of the stuff. I also have my 21 Days of Leggings Guide. If you spend the day in leggings, then be comfortable, look cute. That’s totally my mantra.

We’re also going to be releasing some other things that were previously paid content to our older programs, but we’re going to be offering those for free to help make it easy for you to get dressed every day because I promise you this is gonna make a huge difference in your day and how you feel. If you’re not already signed up for the GYPO newletter you can sign up here and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you don’t miss anything. And although I have talked for many years about my aversion to social media, I have to say that it has been one of my saving graces, especially during our quarantine. I’m definitely enjoying it so much more now and seeing our community come together and support each other. It has just been such an incredibly huge blessing. I appreciate all of you guys so very, very much and this community means the world to me. We have gone through valleys before and I promise, we will get through to the other side.