Summer 2020 Trends

Today we are talking about summer trends! I know what you may be thinking, “Who cares what you’re wearing this summer when we’re not actually going anywhere,” right? But seriously, to say it’s been a weird summer is an understatement, however, that didn’t stop me from ordering a few pieces that I’m really excited about, even if I will be just wearing them around the house. They just recently arrived so I want to show you some of the fun summer trends as well as some closet staples I can’t wait to style this summer. And if you follow along with my styling program, Outfit Formulas™ then you know a lot of us are going to be team closet shopping to create fun outfits all summer long. That’s the beauty of the program, you don’t have to go out and spend a lot of money each season. You can shop your closets, add trends if you want, and fill in the gaps shopping where you want and spend what you want. The cool thing about the capsule wardrobe for this summer is that at least 16 of the items are closet staples that are on the shopping list. I’m going to run through some of my favorite trends with you today and show you some of the new pieces that I’ve bought plus a few pieces that have been in my closet for a while that I’m planning to restyle this summer! For more details click on my Coffee Chat video below.

So let’s jump in and talk about trends a little bit. I’m not really seeing any summer trends that are all that different from what we were seeing in the spring. We’re seeing a lot of the same color trends and a lot of the same pattern trends. In general, everything that’s going on right now has affected the fashion industry in some significant ways. For instance, it’s taking a long time for online retailers to ship things. I ordered my items 2-3 weeks ago and just got some of them in. But anyway, back to the trends. A lot of these things are pieces that you’ve probably seen before or pieces that you bought last summer, or maybe you bought some of them in the spring. I reused tons of pieces from the Outfit Formulas™ Spring 2020 Capsule. So that’s another good thing that you can reuse those pieces.


We’re going to start off with one of my favorite things for summer, and that is the kimono. The thing I love about kimonos in the summer, especially when you live in hot places like Texas, is that it’s an easy, lightweight way to add interest, detail, color and pattern to your outfit. It’s the perfect way to elevate the basic tank top, shorts and flip flops. Throw on some gold hoop earrings to finish off the look and you’re good to go! Such a simple and easy outfit formula that you can throw together. The kimono is my number one trend. I absolutely love these. If you buy nothing else for your closet this summer, I really recommend a kimono! I got the one pictured above from Amazon but if synthetic materials cause you to sweat then there are also more natural options available.

Fun Accessories

The second thing that I love are some sun accessories! They also fall into the category of adding interest and detail to outfits without adding heat. I bought some cute little palm earrings and some colorful hoop earrings. Add these to your look and voila, you have an instant outfit. Colorful accessories that add that little bit of something is the perfect way to finish off an outfit. You don’t need to overdo it with a lot of stuff, but adding a big earring or statement earring and colorful accessories will go a long way towards giving your outfit a lot of interesting detail.

The tortoise leaf earrings above are from J.Crew Factory and the colorful hoops are from Target. The hoop earrings are temporarily unavailable online but if you click on “notify me when back in stock” you’ll get an email the instant they’re available online again. They can also be found in-store.

Shirt Details

Shirts this summer are all about the details, a cute little tie at the waist, some button details or even some fun hem details. You’re going to see a lot of this. I sometimes fall into a basic tee or tank top kind of rut during the summer and this is an easy way to take the basic tee and make it more interesting. So look for tops with fun little details. The top in the video is from J.Crew Factory and unfortunately, it’s already sold out but I found one at Target that is very similar here.


Next up, we’ve got floral patterns. Florals this summer are on both ends of the spectrum. You’re going to see the ditzy florals which are very, very small floral patterns but you’re also going to see big, bold florals. I just got the big floral patterned shorts with the tie waist from J.Crew Factory and I love them! They have limited sizes available however they also have a version without the tie waist which is pictured above.  


High-Waisted Shorts

High waisted shorts are on trend for the summer and although I bought a pair of dark wash ones last year, we have yet to really style them. It’s a great trend to try this summer if you’re looking to add in some fun new pieces to your wardrobe. If you’re not a fan, then you can totally skip this trend and stick with a mid-rise or whatever you like. The pair pictured above I found at Target and they also come in plus size.

Soft Shorts

Again, in the category of shorts, I got some really soft, comfy tie waist shorts. I’ve been wearing these almost every day. They go with so many things and did I mention comfortable? The striped shorts came from J.Crew Factory and I also got a pair of pink ones because I realized I didn’t have any colorful shorts and I put them on the summer shopping list this season. I found a pair at the Loft Outlet which are unfortunately sold out, but I found a similar pair on Amazon.

Before we move on to the next trend I wanted to address something really quick. I know there’s a lot of ladies out there reading this and watching the videos that are not a fan of shorts and I just wanted to let you know that’s the beauty of this. You can easily swap out the shorts for a pair of capri pants, wide-leg pants, jeans, Bermuda shorts, a skirt – it’s whatever you feel comfortable in. As I always say, make it your own!

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees! Yes, I’ve been putting graphic tees on every shopping list lately. I’m kind of obsessed with them. Again, it’s about the details, right? They just add that little bit of detail, some color and some pattern that’s perfect for summer. Plus, you can totally express your personality through your graphic tee. I love to travel so the shirt above from J.Crew Factory totally appealed to me.

One and Done

Lastly, we’re going to talk about one-piece dressing. When I say one-piece dressing, I’m talking about pieces in the category of dresses, jumpsuits, rompers and maxi dresses. Anything that’s a one and done outfit when you only have to add some cute shoes and accessories. I’m all about easy outfits, especially during the summer. You can even finish it off with a topper like a denim jacket, a white denim jacket, a cardigan, or a kimono. But a one and done is fine as-is without adding anything extra. The jumpsuit I’m wearing above is a perfect example of this. I just added some cute leopard shoes, earrings, and a bracelet and I’m ready to go! Dress it up or dress it down, add a hat, whatever is going to work for your day and your lifestyle. It really is that simple!

There you have it! My favorite summer trends plus the pieces I’m adding to my closet. Which ones were your favorite? Do you have some of these already in your closet? Comment below and let me know and remember to keep posting your amazing outfit combinations in the GYPO Pretties Facebook group!

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