Scroll Stoppers

Happy Friday Pretties!  You’ve been seeing a lot of my outfits these past four weeks that I’ve styled from my Summer 2017 GYPO Style Challenge capsule wardrobe.  As we wrapped up the live round of outfits, I wanted to feature some of the special ladies who make our Facebook group the nicest place on the internet.

But first, I wanted to share something with you.  Lately, I’ve been featuring a lot about capsule wardrobes because I honestly feel like this is my God-given gift for helping other women by simplifying style.  But I’ve done a few podcasts this week that made me think about how my journey started from being in the “yoga pants mom rut” to where I am today.  Yesterday I did an impromptu Facebook Live because I feel like there are some moms out there who need to hear this. If you’ve been struggling lately with your own mom rut, I hope you’ll tune in to hear my story and know that you’re not alone.

Today I have four women who’ve been named “Scroll Stoppers” for the Summer 2017 GYPO Style Challenge. These are women who consistently made me stop and stare in my Facebook feed because they knocked it out of the park with their versions of our daily outfit ideas.

I have to say, this was my favorite challenge we’ve ever done!  I’m always amazed at how many different variations everyone comes up with.  They truly make it work for everything from a day staying at home, to running errands and even date nights and office outfits!

If you’re new around here and not familiar with the Style Challenge, every season I create a capsule wardrobe of on-trend pieces that you can shop for on your own.  You get two weeks to get your items in place and then I send out a daily outfit e-mail and style tips every day for three weeks.  We also have this AMAZING private Facebook group where we share our selfies, shopping tips and make real life friendships.  It’s honestly the nicest place on the internet!

Summer Style Challenge Scroll Stoppers

1. Kathy

2.  Bebe

3.  Susie

4.  Erin

These women inspired me on a daily basis by stepping out of their comfort zones, taking risks and making these outfit their own. Their beautiful, confident smiles say it all!

Here’s a round up of my version of our last week of outfits from the Summer 2017 GYPO Style Challenge along with shopping links for each look. The point of these outfits is not only to give you inspiration but to also show you just how many looks you can create from just a few simple pieces!

Printed Maxi Dress + Block Heel Sandals

[Dress:  Same/Shoes:  Same/Bracelet:  Same]

Striped Top + Olive Shorts + Gold Sandals

[Striped Top:  Same/Olive Shorts:  Same/Necklace:  Same/Sandals: Same]

Gray Top + Denim Shorts + Gold Sandals

[Top:  Same/Shorts:  Same/Earrings:  Same/Sandals:  Same]

Summer Challenge – ON SALE!

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