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  • Phyllis Comstock

    Yay! I am so excited to begin! Thank you Alison for this fun activity and the opportunity to Get Our Pretty On!

  • Denise Z

    GREAT job, Alison! LOVE these choices!

  • Stacey O

    Yay! I can’t wait to get my pretty on this summer!

  • Diana Bridge

    Whew! I am overwhelmed and excited. Enthusiastic to start shopping. Thanks for encouraging us to walk in beauty and confidence.

  • Shannon

    Been waiting all day for this list to get released. So thrilled! Ready to start my weekend of shopping! Thanks Alison!!!

  • Courtney Taylor

    Another great mix! I love that you’ve incorporated so many of the spring challenge pieces as well!

  • Debbie Lyon

    I’m so excited I’ve got most of the items in my closet!!!! Now I will know how to style what I have!! Alison you are the best!

  • So excited to take part in this challenge. It’s my first one. Really needed the inspiration boost!!

    • You’ll get lots of inspiration here, Mary! Not just from the outfits that I create but from everyone in the group too. 🙂

  • Linda Curlee

    Yea! I have everything in my closet! Just need to gather it all together. Soooo happy!

    • That’s awesome, Linda!

  • Jenny

    This looks awesome, Alison! Thanks for all your hard work:)

    • Aw, thanks Jenny! 🙂

  • Jessica

    I really appreciate you adding in the work appropriate pieces! And I can’t wait for the work wear challenge!

  • Elizabeth Lewis

    I am very excited! This is my first challenge and I can’t wait to get shopping! Thanks Alison!

  • Susanne N.

    How exciting! This is the first challenge I’ve done. I think I have almost everything in my closet already! Can’t wait!

  • Melanie

    I love the challenge pieces! I appreciate all the ideas for options/substitutions you’ve provided. There is something for everyone. I can’t wait to get dressed this summer!

  • Vicky

    I love all the length choices given…very doable…thanks

  • I am so excited – I already have a lot of these pieces and the others are ones that will replace the less versatile stuff that was donated during my closet purges. Looking forward to finding more ways to wear the things I have, and how to get new looks without buying a lot of new things! 😀

  • KellyinPA

    Looks like fun, Alison! I have a few things to shop for and then I’ll be ready, bring it on;)

  • Looking forward to this!!

  • Laura B

    Hi Allison,
    Looking forward to the challenge! The Spring Challenge was great – the Summer Challenge will make my vacation packing a breeze I’m sure! The tribal print top from Target is unavailable on line and in stores per the Target website today. Any other suggestions of sources for a tribal print top? The Target top you chose is really cute – great colors!

  • julie S

    Hi Allison
    I’m new to this and was checking out the shopping list. So far everything on your list is sold out. The stores must love you but is this a normal thing that happens as soon as the list is posted? Also it seems what isn’t sold out the links are not working.
    Help! kinda disapointed

    • Hi Julie – Are you looking at the 2015 list? None of the products are sold out as of right now. You may be viewing the 2014 list instead. Thanks!