Summer Work Wear Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve got some exciting news today!  The Summer 2017 Work Wear Capsule Wardrobe is now available for purchase.

It includes the following items:

1. Summer Work Wear Capsule Wardrobe Shopping List

A shopping list of 24 pieces, including accessories, featuring the latest trends in work wear plus links to the stores you love to shop at with recommended pieces to buy.  You also get a list of items you can substitute so if heels aren’t your thing, no problem.  Just swap them for shoes that fit your lifestyle and work environment.  All you have to do is follow the color coordination notes.


2. Three Work Weeks of Outfit Ideas Sent to Your Inbox

A new outfit suggestion (a unique combination of the items included in your capsule wardrobe) plus four bonus looks for a total of 19 work days of different outfit combinations and ideas.

3. A Printable List of Outfits

A printable list of all 19 days of outfits that you can hang in your closet so you know exactly what to wear every day. You can even get your outfit ready the night before.

Cross Over Items from Spring and Summer

Already participated in the Summer 2017 or Spring 2017 GYPO Style Challenge?  Then I’ve got really good news for you, this shopping list also has pieces from both of those challenges included so you can get more bang for your shopping buck.

You’ll get your shopping list and all 19 days of outfit ideas immediately upon sign up*.  Click the button below to get your work wear capsule now!

*Because you receive all digital materials in the program immediately upon sign up, we are not able to offer refunds on this capsule.