Survey Feedback + Upcoming Changes

Doing a reader survey is some scary stuff.  I remember getting my yearly performance reviews in corporate America and while most of it was great (pats self on back), the development areas are what I would dwell on for days/weeks/months/years.

OK, maybe I’m not that neurotic.  Never mind, I totally am.  🙂

That’s why it’s so important to me that I address a few things with you this week.  Recently I sent out a reader survey to gather feedback about an upcoming product line that I want to create with and for you.  First off, let me say that you are the BEST readers ever.  You guys are SO engaged.  You provided me with some absolute gold and for that I’m absolutely grateful.  It’s going to be a fun project for us all and should be ready by next spring!

But there are going to be some changes around GYPO that are also a direct result of your feedback.  So, thank you for being honest with me and letting me know the good, the bad and the ugly.  We all need to be told when we can do better once in awhile, including me (unless it’s my husband telling me, he doesn’t get a free pass).

I kid, I kid.

Let’s get to the results.

Blog/Social Media Content

This sentiment was echoed by many but one of you really hit the nail on the head:

“It’s confusing to me that you have capsule wardrobes in your challenges, but you also blog about new things to buy in addition to the capsules. I’ve had a hard time knowing what you’re about. It seems like your blog is about the latest trends, and just kind of a generic fashion blog. But the challenges are more focused on curating a well planned capsule wardrobe for each season. It’s hard to believe you buy into the whole capsule wardrobe idea when you seem to be adding to your wardrobe pretty often.”

OUCH.  This piece of feedback hurt the most because it’s SO TRUE.

And to be honest, I’m being completely selfish with this.

You see, I DO totally walk the walk with capsule wardrobes.  You’d be shocked to see how few clothes and shoes I actually own. My closet shrinks with each passing year.  Sometimes I feel like a fake fashion blogger because I just don’t have a very big wardrobe.

That’s why you’ve seen me wear this green plaid shirt no less than 1,520 times this fall.  (Not really, but close).

BUT, here’s where the selfish part comes in.  I LOVE translating trends into everyday, wearable outfits.  That’s my creative outlet.  It’s where I like to think I shine.  Which means, I also feature a lot of different seasonal trends on GYPO.  Which means, I send out the impression that I shop a lot.

Which means, I’m a big phony. Because that’s just not true.

My real seasonal shopping consists of this:  a few trips to Target for accessories and lower priced trends, one trip to Loft to replace my jeans and get a few tops/sweaters and an online order to Nordstrom for any higher priced quality items.  My total seasonal shopping spend usually comes in around $250-$500.  It might be a lot to some of you with smaller budgets, but I justify it by style blogging for a living. Relatively speaking, though, it’s not a lot.

GAME PLAN:  I need to bring my blog into better alignment.  There will be more shop your closet and capsule wardrobe features and I promise to be more real with you about my own wardrobe and purchases.  Yes, I will still give into the temptation to translate trends but it won’t be my primary focus (come on, let me have a little fun!)  And by the way, it’s the responsibility of all of you to hold me accountable.  If you see me veering off course, CALL ME OUT.  I get easily distracted by bright shiny things and sometimes need to be managed.  It’s one of the downfalls of being your own boss.

Also, it turns out that 60% of survey respondents work outside of the home, so I’m going to start including more work wear options just for you.  I love work wear (it’s one of the only things I miss about working in an office) and can vicariously live through all of you by showing more of it!



Turns out you want more video, which really surprises me.  I stopped doing it because I got some feedback that you’d rather read tips than watch them and most of you read my blog at work, which kind of kills the whole watching videos thing.  So I’ve come up with a solution that I hope works for both of us.

GAME PLAN:  I’m working on content and a schedule for Facebook Live.  You can either tune in when I’m live to ask questions and interact or you can watch it later at your convenience.  Let me just say I’ve done it a few times before and being “live” scares the bejeezus out of me but let’s give it a try and see what happens.  (I did one last week that you can watch HERE). If I stop doing it, it’s because I got scared away.  🙂

Style Challenges


I know this feedback doesn’t apply to all of my readers, only to the subset who participate in the GYPO Style Challenge, but it’s definitely worth addressing.

The biggest pieces of feedback I got were regarding price, providing more plus size and work wear options and capsules for subgroups, like stay at home moms and teachers.

GAME PLAN:  I’m happy to say that most of these items will be easily and quickly addressed – as early as the winter challenge.  Here’s what’s in the works:

  1. Price Decrease – The GYPO Winter Challenge will be $39.  I feel that this price point is more in line with your budget than $49.  Also, the 2017 annual membership is on sale for $147.  That averages to $36.75 per season.
  2. Plus Size Options – I’ll provide more links and options for plus sizes in each challenge going forward.
  3. Work Wear – Although the winter challenge is slightly dressier overall and I won’t be doing “dress it up/dress it down” options for it, I will add these back in starting with Spring 2017.  This should help to make the regular challenge more work appropriate.  I’ll also consider doing a work wear specific challenge next year.
  4. Mini-Capsules – I’ll have some more mini-capsules available at the $19 price point next year, including for SAHM’s and teachers.

Other Feedback

  • Your favorite places to shop are also mine:  Target, Nordstrom, Loft, Old Navy and Kohl’s
  • You’d like for me to get an app developed.  I have no clue what this entails but I’m happy to look into it!
  • You want to see more pictures of me in my outfits.  Honestly most days they are a variation on my basic t-shirt and jeans outfit formula and don’t seem all that special, so I don’t post.  But here’s another development area where I need to check my insecurity and do better!

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for being so willing to give feedback, always standing by me and helping me do better.  I truly have the best job in the world and I’m so grateful for all of you!


The Winter 2016 GYPO Style Challenge opens this Friday, December 2nd.  Here’s what’s new for this challenge.

  • Available for just $39
  • 26 piece shopping list of on trend winter essentials, including accessories.
  • 22 days of cozy casual, casual chic and dressier holiday outfit ideas.  Many can be easily styled for your office!
  • Access to the Winter 2015 challenge which brings your outfit total to 46!
  • Reuses pieces from both the Fall 2016 and Winter 2015 challenge so you can shop your closet, save money and have more styling options.
  • Some trends styled will be bell sleeves, winter pastels, winter white corduroy, velvet pants, over the knee boots, faux fur and more!

Sign up for my mailing list so you’ll be the first to know when registration opens.


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  1. Laura

    I like the idea of occasionally trying out trends. It helps to know how others wear trends everyday and also helps to keep your wardrobe fresh feeling with only a piece or two!

  2. Deena @ Shoes to Shiraz

    I like that you shared some of the points, reflection is always good! Also, I like that you are showing some of the trends.

  3. Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side

    I’m loving that you owned up to what you’re readers have told you, evening including what someone wrote. Thanks for being truthful, and I like the videos too, going live on FB is a great way to give everyone what they want. I like the trends you do because I’m never on with the trends and I like seeing the monthly what you need posts.

  4. Carrie Zinck

    Great ideas! One other idea I’ve had is a subscription combo for fall and spring only–not summer and winter–for those of us in more temperate climates. I’m never going to wear sleeveless stuff and shorts and such, and I don’t live in an area cold enough that I want to bundle up. Fall and spring is really all I would ever need. Love that you’re adding more plus size options and plus-friendly options (belts are not my friend). 🙂

    • Alison @ Get Your Pretty On

      Thanks Carrie. Thanks for taking the time to read and share your thoughts. I appreciate it. 🙂

  5. Rosie // The Capsule Project

    Alison, I love how you took this feedback in stride! You’re a gem. With regard to the trend pieces, many of them return year after year, like velvet pants in winter. Plus, I believe that by showing people trends you are giving them options to embrace their own individual style. Can’t wait to see what’s coming in 2017!

  6. Melissa

    It’s great that you are getting feedback from your readers! I really enjoy watching your videos and seeing pics of you wearing the items you are posting about. Thanks for hosting a link-up this week! 🙂 Melissa

  7. jess

    It was very interesting reading feedback from your readers. Boy, the one! I do think you can incorporate trends into wearable outfits and that is valuable ! Neat about the videos, sounds like the survey was helpful.
    jess xx

  8. Sarah Bell

    Great post! I enjoyed reading all the feedback you received! It looks like you’re doing an amazing job!!! Thank you so much for hosting 🙂

    Sarah Bell
    Trendy & Tidy

  9. Liz F

    I’m super pumped that you will be incorporating more work wear options. That was the reason I didn’t do a challenge for the longest time but I figured it out with the fall challenge and had such a blast (the Facebook group is like having your best girlfriends tell you that you’re pretty everyday) that I pulled the trigger and bought the 2017 bundle. Looking forward to my most stylish year! 🙂

  10. Shawnda

    Thanks for surveying us and considering our feedback! I’m one who wants a capsule wardrobe for the mix-and-match aspects, but not necessarily to be minimalist. So, I really like your extra posts & Pretty Fixes to add on — or get a jump on the next challenge shopping list! Sometimes I think the capsules tend to be basic pieces, which are definitely needed for foundation & flexibility, but the extra posts give ideas for special pieces that are more fun. I tend not to buy something that I haven’t seen you post about or include in a challenge — I’m not always sure enough on my own.

    I love when you show us how to reuse pieces from previous challenges, and I’d love a post at the beginning of each challenge saying what you still recommend from the previous year’s season and what you will be donating or reselling!

    Still, after wearing capsule pieces many times in previous seasons or challenges, I’m ready for guidance on buying new pieces as well. Finding that balance of new and old, huh?!

    Thanks, Alison!

    • Alison @ Get Your Pretty On

      Thanks Shawnda for taking the time to read and share your thoughts. Finding balance is key! Looking forward to 2017!

  11. JL@ A Pocketful of Polka Dots

    I appreciate you sharing your survey results. I have never sent out a survey before, but am thinking it might be time soon as the new year is approaching. Really great post!

  12. Marianne Cox

    Thank you for being so honest and real! I am very impressed with your willingness to listen to feedback and respond. I love your blog and look forward to the years to come!

  13. Nicole Mölders

    Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Interesting post!

  14. Nicole Mölders

    Thanks for joining the Ageless Style linkup party.


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