Spring Essentials: All About the Button Down

Spring Essentials: All About the Button Down

Last week, I mentioned the new series that I introduced. Today, I am featuring a different spring essential to add to your wardrobe.

Our second week is all about the button down. I can easily put them on and be on the go feeling put together. Here’s three reasons why this is an essential that you’ll need:

Three Reasons Why Button Downs are a Spring Essential

1. A good button down are versatile and can be paired with ANY bottoms — jeans, skirts, pants, or shorts.
2. There are many style options to choose from whether short sleeve or long sleeve — chambray, plaid, polka dot, or bold color.
3. It gives you classic and modern look to your style that can be easily dressed up or down. They are a trend that lasts forever and goes a long way.

You can’t go wrong with the type of button down you use. Here are a few ways that I styled my button down collection this past year.


[Chambray Button Down: Similar]

[White Button Down: Similar]

[Striped Button Down: Similar]

[Yellow Button Down: Similar]

It’s Your Turn:  Do you like the classic button down or are you more into colors or plaids?


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