Back to School, Back to Pretty

Back to School, Back to Pretty

The Back to school, Back to Pretty series kicks off today with two big announcements!

First off, I’ll be speaking live today on the David Pollock Beauty Inside Out show on RadioMD. We’ll be talking about back to school pretty and sharing tips for busy moms.

Click this link to listen live beginning at noon ET today!

My second big announcement is my book Get Pretty, Kick Butt!  The Moms’ Guide to Looking Your Best and Getting More Done is now available for download exclusively on Kindle!  I’ll also be sharing tips from the book on the radio show today, so you won’t to miss it.

It’s the perfect back to school guide for busy moms. 

In 30 days or less you’ll:

  • Establish your own Kick Butt Routine using the daily Power Hour planning session
  • Manage your home in easy 15 minute increments
  • Have a simple self-care routine that you can manage EVERY day
  • Spend MORE quality time with your spouse and kids
  • Learn how to use Sundays for a successful start to the week
  • Have a clean, organized closet full of only what you love wearing
  • Find your own sense of style
  • Build go-to outfits that work for all of your daily activities
  • Maintain your wardrobe on a weekly allowance
  • Get fit at home with 20 minute work outs
  • Discover what you’re passionate about and pursue it
  • Stay out of the mom rut with easy maintenance tips

For more information check out this page or get the book HERE!

Be sure to come back on Thursday for the next post in the Back to School, Back to Pretty series where we will be focusing on Goal Setting for Fall.


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