The Next Thing You Need | Faux Fur Coat

The Next Thing You Need | Faux Fur Coat

The cold and holiday season truly is the most joyous time of the year, it give us the opportunity to cocoon ourselves in a plush faux fur coat. Any occasion that gives us the chance to incorporate cozy and glamour together is what I would call the best kind of chilly day!

Fur coats have been stylish for centuries among fashion icons because of their ability to pull together different textures and compliment any outfit while adding that flawless chic feel. Get fancy this winter season, slip into a faux fur coat of your choice, your style options are endless.

Faux Fur Coat

Here are five ways to wear a faux fur coat.

With winter layers and black leggings.

With jeans and boots.

With jeans and white brogues.


With plaid and faux leather leggings.

With a black ensemble and faux leather leggings.

With a mini skirt and leggings.




Brave Soul Longline Faux Fur Coat
[Brave Soul Longline]

Ivory Long Line

[Ivory Long Line]

Long Line Faux Fur
[Taupe Long Line]

Elodie Faux Fur
[Elodie Faux Fur]

Gradient Color Imitated
[Gradient Color Imitated]

Leopard Print
[Leopard Print]

High Collar
[High Collar Faux Fur]

Frenchie Faux Fur
[Frenchi Faux Fur]

V-Neckline Imitated

[V-Neckline Imitated]

It’s Your Turn: Whats your favorite way to wear a faux fur coat? Tell us in the comments!


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