Payday Pretty | Floral Frenzy

Payday Pretty | Floral Frenzy

TGIF and TGI Payday Pretty!

It’s the day of the week where we get to take a little out of the weekly budget and do something pretty for ourselves.  And what could be prettier than flowers?

In this post a few weeks back, I confessed to owning just a single piece of floral clothing.  This shirt.

You all were quick to set me straight and tell me it’s time to get on the floral bandwagon (or would that be a float?).

Either way, you’re right.

Floral fashion is definitely having a moment this spring which means there’s no better time for me to stop and smell (or buy) the roses, right?  So, I did some virtual shopping this week to find some affordable floral inspiration.

Here are some fresh floral pieces that I’d love to add to my spring wardrobe.

1. Call of the Wildflower iPhone Case/2.  Mural Floral Sweatshirt/3.  Head, Shoulders, Keys and Toes Scarf/4.  Wit & Wisdom Floral Denim (On Sale!)/5.  Oh No Floral Heels (On Sale!)/6.  Let Down Your Garden Peplum

It’s Your Turn:  What’s your favorite way to wear florals?  Do you have any floral fashion on your spring shopping list?

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