Get Pretty, Kick Butt | What’s Your Passion?

Get Pretty, Kick Butt | What’s Your Passion?

Happy first Friday of the New Year!  If you missed this post on New Year’s Day, I announced an awesome giveaway with almost $500 in prizes.  Be sure to pop over there and check it out!

Today’s the last day of my “Get Pretty, Kick Butt!” series.  Over the past two weeks, I’ve been offering excerpts and inspiration from my book for being your best YOU in 2014.

Book CoverInstead of tackling the typical resolution topics of exercising and establishing healthy habits, I want to talk today about something near and dear to me – pursuing your passion.  Read on for today’s excerpt.


Most moms, me included, assume that when we have kids, we lose ourselves.  And while this is true to a certain extent, and it is our obligation (think about it, if we didn’t, then the human race wouldn’t survive!) I also believe that it’s imperative to maintain some kind of life of our own.  Something that we have just for us, not for our kids or our husbands or anyone else.

A few years back, I had a friend ask me what I had just for me.  I couldn’t answer that question.  She then asked me what I planned to do when my kids were out of the house.  Again, no answer.  I had built 100% of my life around my family and serving them.  Yes, this is my top priority in life but is by no means my only purpose.  She explained to me how it can be a dangerous trap that many moms fall into.  This prompted me to start my own search for meaning outside of my family and home life.

I started experimenting with activities that had piqued my interest in the past like a women’s Bible study, yoga, writing and planting a garden.  But the biggest endeavor I launched was starting my blog.  None of these activities took much time away from my family but they paid big dividends in feeding my soul.  These are all things that I can continue to pursue after my kids are grown up and on their own.

It’s Your Turn:  Is there anything that you’ve always wanted to try?  What hobbies or activities would you like to pursue?  Are you tossing around an at-home business idea or starting your own blog?  Take some time this week to research ways that you can pursue your passion.  If you’d like some help figuring it out, consider booking a one-on-one coaching session with me.


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