What’s Your Purse Personality?

What’s Your Purse Personality?

What kind of purse girl are you?

Do you buy the latest trend?  Or are you more likely to carry a classic style for a long time?  Do you switch out your bag to match your outfit?  What’s your favorite style?

I tend to spend a little more on a purse that I can carry for a long time and don’t switch it out very often.  My favorite style is the satchel because I can carry it over my arm on or my shoulder.

Yesterday’s post featured my big satchel that I carry almost every day of my life.  This is probably my favorite purse that I’ve ever owned.  It’s almost a year old now but it’s still going strong.  The color and style are perfect and it’s one of those bags that gets softer and prettier the longer you carry it.

[Dooney & Bourke Florentine Satchel]

 My new white purse is also a satchel.  It’s been the star of a few outfits lately (like here and here and here).  It was much less of an investment so I don’t mind carrying it for just one season.  Although I love it so much that it will probably be around longer!

Plaid Button Down White Purse

[Steve Madden Satchel (similar)]

During the summer, a big tote bag becomes one of my staples.  I usually throw my wallet and whatever supplies we need for the day into one.  Whether we’re heading out to the park, the museum or a day at the pool, a tote has the room we need to carry everything.

This Vera Bradley tote fits the bill perfectly!  It’s affordable and adorable.

[Vera Bradley Seashore Tote]

Lately I’ve added a few clutches to my collection too.  These are usually reserved for special nights out or when we go on vacation and I don’t want to carry around my big satchel.  I tend to spend less on these and swap them out to match outfits.

Target always has affordable, on-trend clutches.  I like this one because the shoulder strap can be used or tucked away.

Merona® Envelope Ostrich Clutch - Green

[Mossimo Green Ostrich Clutch]

It’s Your Turn:  What’s your purse personality?  Tell me in the comments!