Casual Chic Outfit Basics | The Statement Necklace

Casual Chic Outfit Basics | The Statement Necklace

This week’s casual chic outfit basic is a no-brainer and something you probably already have – a statement necklace.

If I’m being honest, this is a trend that took me awhile to get on the bandwagon with.  Scarves, yes.  Statement necklaces, hmm…

I always felt over embellished when I wore one, somewhat like a tacky Christmas tree.  But then I discovered that simplicity is key.  Keep the rest of your look super simple and let the necklace do what it does best – make a statement.

Here are some really simple looks I love, made special by the addition of a stunning statement necklace.


And I absolutely ADORE this outfit combo for spring and summer!

Even though it took me awhile to warm up to the trend, I have worn it a few times.

My favorite statement necklace of all time is my Kendra Scott ‘Rayne’.  It goes with every single thing in my closet.

[Kendra Scott ‘Rayne’ in Mother of Pearl]

Of course, I wore it when I met Kendra, who is sweetest, most down to earth person ever!

I would love to have it in a few more colors for summer, like this pretty teal.

[Kendra Scott ‘Rayne’ in Teal]

Here’s a short, affordable option with some fun colors.


[Teal, Cobalt and Yellow Necklace]

It also comes in coral and pink.

[Coral and Pink Necklace]

This one would dress up a basic t-shirt or tank top for summer.

[Cluster Necklace]

And white would go with just about anything.

[White Cluster Necklace]

[Gold and White Gem Necklace]

If you want to really stand out, this has you covered.

[Medallion Marvel Necklace]

This one comes in FIVE different color combos and it’s ON SALE for 33% off!

[Cara Stone Bib Necklace]

[Leith ‘Boho’ Beaded Necklace]

This wins the award for all-around perfect.

[Cara Couture Statement Necklace]

It’s Your Turn:  What’s your favorite way to wear statement necklaces?  Tell me in the comments!

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