Team GYPO Word of Mouth – Thanksgiving

by Jessica Pigza

Welcome to our Thanksgiving edition of Word of Mouth where we share all things that help us feel pretty, get organized and just plain feel wonderful! The holiday season is in full swing and while it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, it’s always nice to take a step back and remember to be in the moment. At GYPO we have a lot to be thankful for this year. We have a wonderful team and the most amazing, supportive and fabulous Pretties anywhere! We have all learned so much from each other which is what lead me to ask our team this month:

What beauty, style or clothing tip are you most thankful to have learned?


Jill – The half tuck

It took me a pretty long time to come around to the half tuck. I honestly tried it and then untucked before leaving the house many times before it really felt comfortable. Now that I’ve been half tucking for a while, I feel uncomfortable without it!


Suzannah – “If it’s not a heck yes, it’s a no!”

I love Alison’s tip about only buying “heck yes” items. I love clearance racks but have recently changed my shopping strategy to look at more than just the price tag and to invest in higher quality items. Having a few solid, high-quality items has really helped polish my overall wardrobe.


Alison – Leopard is a neutral

Leopard is a neutral! More often than not there’s a piece of leopard in my outfit of the day, especially during the fall months. I love the polish it adds to an outfit and the dash of unexpected pattern. It truly goes with everything!


Coty – Less is more

This may be less of a tip than it is lifestyle advice. *Fun fact* When I was 19, I got my cosmetology license and worked as a makeup artist for many years before I switched careers. I used to try every beauty trick, buy every new product and spend way too much time/money on my appearance. Now I’m a busy, working mom/wife and I truly value the philosophy of ‘less is more’. I stick to a simple skin-care and makeup routine, and I spend much less on clothing (thanks to Style Challenges by Get Your Pretty On)! Sticking with the basics has helped my skin look better and I have much more self-confidence. My morning routine includes a gentle facial cleansermoisturizerCC Cream with SPF, a dab of blushmascara, and lip balm… easy peasy! Don’t stress about having all the trendy products, because life is about more than Instagram perfection.


Lauren – “If it’s not a heck yes, it’s a no!”

I’m right there with Suzannah on Alison’s tip. ‘If it’s not a heck yes, it’s a no!’ It has completely changed the way I shop, not just for clothing but for my home as well. I want to wear clothes I feel confident in and I want to be surrounded in my home by pieces I love. I’m a pretty emotive person and if I don’t audibly gasp when I see something or say ‘YES!’ out loud when I try it on, I pass on it. Simple as that. This advice has helped me be more comfortable in making my own style choices. Before I might have taken a dressing room selfie and sent a text to a friend to ask their opinion. Now I know if I don’t feel that sense of confidence right away it’s not the right piece for me. Caveat: Getting out of my comfort zone is a whole different thing. I trust Alison’s judgment on that and am always willing to ‘try the trend’ if she suggests it. I usually opt for a more budget-friendly choice when I’m testing the waters until I’m sold on a trend.


Kathryn – The half tuck

I’m on the same boat as Jill. I’ve been into the half tuck lately and I think it makes such a difference on my outfits!


Jessica – Dry shampoo anytime

I always used to wait until I was getting ready in the morning to apply my dry shampoo. It seemed like it would take forever to get my hair to a manageable state as I tend to have naturally oily hair. Learning that applying dry shampoo at night and even to just washed hair has drastically helped me control the oil and even extend the life of my hair between washings.

Your turn! Comment below with the style or beauty tip are you most thankful to have learned.