February 9, 2015 - Easy Outfits, Menswear, Style, Style Challenges

This Ones for the Boys

Guess what?  There’s a GYPO Style Challenge coming soon and it’s just for men!  Except it’s not called a style challenge because that’s not very manly, right? Instead it’s going to be known as the Menswear Basics Boot Camp.  This challenge will consist of the basics he needs to update his wardrobe and the outfits you’ll love to be seen with him in.

I never really thought about doing a menswear challenge but then so many of you told me that your guys wanted one after seeing you participate in GYPO Style Challenges.  That’s right, the men requested this!

This challenge is going to be collaborative in a few ways.  First, my husband Craig and I will be working together to create it.  We’ve never worked together in this way before so this should be interesting (I’ll let you know if we’re still married when it’s over, ha!)  It’s also going to be a collaboration for you and the man in your life as you’ll be helping him shop and put outfits together.  The Menswear Basics Boot Camp will start in March and end just before the GYPO Spring 2015 Challenge begins.

Because it’s for men, this challenge will be slightly different than a typical style challenge.  More details to come on that later.  But for now, let’s check out some basics that your man is going to need for this challenge.

Printed Button Down + Lightweight Sweater + Updated Dark Wash Jeans + Nice Watch + Cognac Belt + Dress Socks + Oxfords


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It’s Coming…

Menswear-Banner-1 If you’d like to be the first to find out when registration for the Menswear Basics Boot Camp opens, get on the list HERE.

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  • Elizabeth

    Hi Alison!

    When we sign up for the Menswear Basics Challenge, should we use our own name or the name of our Man?

    Elizabeth L.

    • Hi Elizabeth! You can use either one. The Facebook page will also be open to both of you. Thanks!

  • I like the idea and using words to interest men in fashion is smart. There is still a strong cultural taboo against men paying too much attention to their appearance, despite how irrational that is.

    • I totally agree! Thanks for this insight!

  • Well, I converted my hubby to yoga so I think Boot Camp is next on the list. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? I’ve been waiting anxiously for this Style Challenge and can’t wait!

    • Way to go! Yoga is great for men because they are even less flexible than women. I’m still working on my hubby in that area. 🙂

  • Kathy

    I just wanted to say thanks for putting together the men’s wear challenge! I have already started purchasing and surprising him with some of the items on the sneak peaks you have been posting. My husband is well on his way to a much needed wardrobe make-over. Can’t wait for this challenge to start.

    • I’m so happy that he will be doing it! You will definitely enjoy the wardrobe make over. 😉