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Three Different Types of Winter Hats

Three Different Types of Winter Hats
There’s just something about the winter season that I love. The change of weather always gives us the opportunity to revamp our accessories and try out new styles, and this winter is going to be exceptional. The must have accessory for this season are of course the winter hats. These trendy hats will solve all your bad hair days as well as amp up your winter wardrobe. 🙂 We don’t need to worry about how to style them too much, these hats can be paired with anything from patterns to solids to look effortless, warm, and yet still winter chic!

Here are three different types of winter hats.

Beanies/Structured Hat/Trapper Hat
Three Diffent Types of Winter Hats Collage [1/2/3]



[Cable Knit]

Pom Pom Beanie

[Pom Pom]

Marled Chunky Knit Beanie

[Marled Knit]

Structured Hat
[Wide Brim Wool]


[Feather Love]

Trapper Hat

[Faux Fur]

Sijll Faux Fur Wool

[Sijll Faux Fur Wool]



It’s Your Turn: Which type of winter hat would you love to try? Share with us in the comments!


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  • I asked for a beanie for Christmas. I dont really have any nice hats so I am hoping my daughter picks a cute one for me! Susan

    • I am sure she will pick out a cute one for you Susan!

  • I’ve bought a few winter hats this year! Love all of your options :). Happy Monday!

    • Can’t wait to see pics of it Shay!

  • I’m a huge fan of a warm winter hat too, especially on those “bad hair” days. Thanks for sharing some new fun options!

    • So glad you liked it Morgan!

  • I have the fur trapper hat and tons of cable knit beanies but I’m dying for the new wool wide brimmed hat! So chic so cute! Xo Tammy

    • The fur trapper hats look so cozy! Does it keep your ears warm? 🙂 🙂

  • I used to wear hats but haven’t in years. One thing I have noticed with the trend to wear hats is that virtually everyone wearing them has longer hair. How does a girl with short hair wear one without? I’ve tried it a few times but my chin length bob disappears and my shorter bangs stick out at odd angles. Any suggestions? Or it looks like this soon to be 50 year is trying to look like a hipster. Thanks! I appreciate any input!!

    • Peggy, short hair with hats on look great. It does take a few times to feel comfortable in them. You can style with a neutral beanie and leopard scarf to keep you warm! 😉

  • I have such a huge stash of winter accessories. My winter hats are mostly beanies but a couple random trapper hats in there too!

    • I love your collection Bailey!

  • Emily

    I have many hats and love them! My favorite this year was a gift last Christmas – a burgundy wool cloche, with felt flowers on the side. 🙂 Very cute. I don’t go for the trapper hat, just because it’s not something I like on myself, but I have a couple of the structured hat shapes and enjoy them all. Beanies mostly get taken by my sons. 🙂 They like their heads warm, and they don’t have as much hair as I do!

    • I would love to see your wool cloche Emily! Sounds beautiful.

  • I am obsessed with beanies this year but I am afraid that I look a little bit goofy. Oh well, I don’t care. At least I’m warm, right?

    • I love beanies to hide bad hair days. No one will ever know. 😉

  • Colleen Hazlehurst

    I love a good knit hat for winter.

    • It’s just perfect for winter weather!

  • Colleen Hazlehurst

    Peggy – I also have a chin length bob. Knit hats are best on me, and I’m careful to adjust my bangs and any hair showing after I put them on, as best I can. By far, they are the most tolerable look in hats for me.

    • Great styling tip Colleen!

  • Janice Newman

    I just bought an adorable charcoal gray felt structured hat for the winter weather. Not only is it warm, it has a wide brim to keep rain off my glasses. I also have a black angora beret that I love to wear. It’s good in cold weather and light snow, but not rain.

    • Where do you live Janice? I love your collection of hats!

  • Nina McElroy

    Love, love, love me a knitted pom pom beanie. Too bad it hasn’t been cold enough to wear it. =(

    • Crossing fingers it gets cold soon enough for the cute beanies!

  • I think I would try all three. I have a cable knit trapper that I love. A wide brim hat is something I have wanted to try but have not found just the right one yet.


  • Mary

    I love the hat options; I am in my late 40s and have short hair and wear hats (usually beanies with and without poms) almost every day in the winter when I walk my dog. Now I have an excuse to try out a new kind – love that wide brimmed look. My first time commenting but saw the comment from Peggy who is my age and has short hair and want her to feel comfortable trying hats – she will love them!