Top Rated White Tees

Finding the perfect white tee can feel like you’re hunting a mythical unicorn. You’d like to think it exists, but you haven’t found it yet. I know this because it’s taken me some time to find the perfect white tee and so many of you are still searching. It’s one of the top questions asked because it’s such a great closet staple. It goes with anything and it works for all seasons. But why is finding the perfect white tee so hard? It’s because we expect a lot of out this closet workhorse. We want one that isn’t see-through, but it can’t be too thick either especially since it will get most of its use during the spring and summer months.

So where is this elusive white tee? I went straight to the source on this one too and asked the fabulous Pretties! They haven’t steered me wrong in their wonderful recommendations. If you’re not on the Pretties Facebook page I hate to say you’re missing out, but you really are. The ladies are amazing and their willingness to help, give advice and of course, make fantastic recommendations is first-rate! Below I’ve listed the top-recommended white tees, but what I love most about this list is that it includes shirts for all budgets and all sizes. There’s something for everyone and that’s what I feel GYPO is all about.

The Top Five

1. Land’s End Supima Tees

The number one choice of the Pretties was the Relaxed Supima White Tees from Land’s End! Not only did they state that the white tee was the perfect thickness but it comes in an array of colors and sizes. Sizing options include petite, tall, plus, and petite plus meaning everyone is sure to find their perfect fit. The tee is available in both crewneck and v-neck options and they often go on sale and offer free shipping.

Relaxed Supima Cotton Crew Neck / Relaxed Supima Cotton Crew Neck Plus Size

Relaxed Supima Cotton V-Neck / Relaxed Supima Cotton V-Neck Plus Size

2. Target’s A New Day

Target’s A New Day brand received high marks for their Scoop Neck White Tee, their Slim Fit White Tee, and their Slim Fit V-neck. The Pretties said they are the perfect thickness, long enough (hip length), and totally budget-friendly. Plus they can easily get them online or in-store. Also, they have a great selection of other colors if you’re looking for just a great overall tee to add to your closet staples.

A New Day Short Sleeve Scoop Neck White Tee

A New Day Slim Fit Short Sleeve White Tee

A New Day Slim Fit Short Sleeve V-Neck White Tee

3. Amazon Essentials

I have heard this brand mentioned a few times here and there but I had no idea how truly loved and popular the Amazon Essentials white tees were amongst the Pretties! They come in an array of colors and in packs of two. They are also available in a crewneck or a V-neck. Pretties stated they are a great thickness, wash up well, and have some stretch to them which offer a great fit.

Amazon Essentials Crewneck White Tee

Amazon Essentials V-Neck White Tee

4. Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer’s Favorite White Tee also came in with great reviews. They come in a crewneck and v-neck style as well as long sleeve options if you’re looking for something for the colder months. They also come in a bunch of different colors and sizes including petite, plus, and tall. These tees regularly go on sale too.

Eddie Bauer Favorite Crewneck White Tee

Eddie Bauer Favorite V-Neck White Tee

5. J.Crew Factory

Last but not least among the top favorites of the Pretties and myself included are the white tees from J.Crew Factory. I personally love the Fine-Rib Crewneck Tee but I know others in the group loved the Girlfriend Crewneck Tee and the Vintage Cotton V-Neck Tee. Both the Fine-Rib and the Girlfriend tees come in a variety of colors but the Classic Cotton is only available in three colors and right now only a few sizes are left. The Fine-Rib and the Girlfriend, however, are available in sizes that range from XXS – 3X.

Fine-Rib Crewneck Tee

Girlfriend Crewneck Tee

Vintage Cotton V-Neck Tee

Honorable Mention

Although they weren’t mentioned as much as the above white tees, they still got some love from our Pretties so I wanted to include them. Nothing wrong with more recommendations right?

1. Everlane

2. Old Navy

3. Sonoma Essentials by Kohl’s

4. Madewell

5. Target’s Universal Thread

Tips for Wearing White Tees

If you find that you’re still having trouble finding your perfect tee here are a few other tips that may help. First, opt for a nude bra or one that is close to your skin color when wearing your white tee. Unlike a white bra that is more likely to stand out, a nude bra will blend better and be way less noticeable. Also, make sure you’re choosing a white tee that has a great fit. If it’s way too tight it will show everything no matter how thick the fabric is. If that’s not what you’re looking for it may be best to size up a bit. Lastly, you can try layering a nude cami under your white tee. This will keep everything looking uniform under your white tee and not see-through.

Your turn! Did your favorite white tee make the list? If not, comment below and let us know what it is!