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One item I really wanted to add to my winter collection this year is a fur vest.  But I waited so long that I almost didn’t end up with one.

I’m not sure about the rest of the world, but down here in the great state of Texas, it’s kind of hard to find winter clothing after Christmas.  When I started looking for a fur vest right before the new year, they were sold out everywhere.  I couldn’t even find one on clearance.

I went to the ends of the earth searching.  But store after store already had their spring lines out.  (BTW, when we get that freak winter storm in February, like we always do, forget about finding something warm to wear.  By then all you’ll get is a bikini and sundress).

Well the other day I was walking past Forever 21 when I spotted this white fur vest on a mannequin.  The very last one in the store…and it was MY SIZE!  It was meant to be.  I ripped it off the mannequin, leaving her disheveled and half dressed, and ran to the register.  Mine, all mine.

[Fur Vest:  Forever 21/Striped Shirt:  Forever 21/Necklace:  Rue 21/Jeans:  Forever 21/Boots:  Loft/Earrings & Bracelet:  Rue 21/Boot Socks:  Target/Watch:  New York & Co.]


Check back on Wednesday to see a second way that I styled my new fur vest!

And speaking of Forever 21, I’ve got  a little story for you.

One of my resolutions was to start eating healthier and working out more.  My first week went pretty well, I finished four workouts and did pretty good with my eating.  On Saturday, I pulled out a pair of dark wash skinnies from F21 that I hadn’t worn in awhile.  Much to my dismay, I could barely get them up over my hips!  I managed to somehow button them but couldn’t breathe.   After waiting a few minutes for them to “loosen up”, it dawned on me that these might be my daughter’s jeans.  I peeled them off and looked at the tag.  Sure enough, they were two sizes too small.  And while I was relieved, I’m wondering if maybe, just maybe I shouldn’t be buying the same clothes my thirteen year-old daughter does.  🙂


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