Ways to Wear It – White Shorts

This month I am featuring white shorts in an all-new Ways to Wear It. Let’s talk about white shorts for a minute. They’re kind of scary, right? This is a piece of feedback that I get most often from the Get Your Pretty On Pretties. A lot of times we have this preconceived notion that we don’t like white jeans or shorts without ever trying them on. They can push us way outside of our comfort zones yet once we find the perfect pair, they can quickly become one of our favorite closet staples. Trust me when I tell you that there is a pair of white shorts out there for everyone. But if you’re just not into shorts, I totally get it. The great thing about these outfit formulas is that you can swap out the shorts for a pair of white denim pants, crops or even a wide leg. Dress these looks up with heels or wedges or dress them down with flip flops. Make these looks your own and have fun with them! Plus all of these looks are part of the Outfit Formulas™ Summer 2020 Wardrobe Capsule!

Option #1

Kimono + White Tee + White Bottoms + Neutral Shoes

This first look is a simple white V-neck linen tee paired up with my white shorts and then topped with a lightweight kimono. Kimonos are amazing for the summer months! They are an easy way to add tons of visual interest to any outfit without adding heat which is crucial for Texas summers. You could pair this up with just the white on white if you’re feeling brave or you can add any color kimono on top. I paired this up with my flat Tory Burch sandals, but you can also make this a bit dressier by adding in a pair of neutral wedges, which would make it totally ready for date night.

Option #2

Blue/White Top + White Bottoms + Bright Shoes

This one is super simple. I bought this blue and white stripes flutter sleeve top at Old Navy this past spring and it’s a perfect piece to take me into the summer months too! I paired that up with my white shorts and added some red flat sandals to give it a pop of color. For some extra fun, I also added some multicolored beaded earrings which help add some additional interest to this outfit.

Option #3

Black Top + White Bottoms + Leopard Shoes

For this look, we’re going to take things up a notch for a slightly dressier outfit by adding a black sleeveless blouse with the white shorts. This time I’m pairing them with my leopard wedges, which are fun and again, this is a great date night look if you want to do something a little bit dressier. I also added in my tortoise resin earrings to give it a little bit of extra pizzazz. If you don’t want to do the wedges or if you want to do this for every day, you could swap it out for a black T-shirt and then definitely add some leopard flats.

Option #4

Gray Tee + White Bottoms + Snake Print Shoes

I’m back to casual for outfit number four. I paired up my white shorts with my favorite gray V-neck t-shirt. I don’t know why, but this has always been one of my favorite outfit formulas for summer. This time I paired it up with some snake print flat sandals, which snake print is totally on-trend again for summer 2020. I finished this look off with my hat for a little bit of fun.

Option #5

Bright Top + White Bottoms + Leopard Shoes

Last but not least I’m pairing up my white shorts with a bright tie hem t-shirt. Tie hems are another great way to add detail and interest to an outfit without adding heat. If you have to skip your top layers in the summer, sometimes your outfits can feel a little bit boring. You can easily fix this by looking for tops with cute little details like this. I promise you can still add plenty of interest in the summer. I also put on my leopard flat sandals and I am wearing my beaded hoop hearings again just to give it that little extra something.

Which one was your favorite? Tell me in the comments and if you have a way to pair them up that you’d like to share with us, then let me know!

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