What’s Your Style Challenge?

I recently sent out a follow-up email to those who decided not to join the latest Style Challenge and asked them why they didn’t participate. Asking for this type of feedback always feels a little bit scary but I should know better by now that Pretties always deliver their responses coated in kindness and with constructive criticism — you ladies really are the best! Imagine my surprise when I repeatedly saw the response that the main reason they didn’t join the Style Challenge was simply because they didn’t know which Style Challenge would be best suited to their daily life! They wanted to update their look and feel confident in their clothes again but just weren’t sure where to begin. If you feel the same way today’s post is here to point you in the right direction, explain the three different Style Challenge options, and answer some of the most common questions about the Style Challenge. Let’s dig in!

1. Take The Quiz

The quickest way to figure out where to begin is to take the quiz on the website. It only takes 2 minutes to complete and asks you questions based on your daily life and what you are looking for. We’ll even send you a copy of your results if you pop your email address in on the results page. Click HERE to take the quiz now.

2. Consider Your Options

The Essential Style

If you’re starting your wardrobe completely from scratch and have very little in the way of basics take a look at our essentials collection of capsule wardrobe options. These Style Challenges will help you pull together your closet staples and get you familiar with the idea of dressing using an outfit formula. The Essentials collection includes the year round Closet Staples Casual Builder, the French Minimalist Capsule, and the Stay at Home Mom Casual Builder. There’s truly something for everyone!

The Seasonal Style

The seasonal Style Challenge happens four times a year coordinating to each season. It builds on a solid foundation of closet staples and incorporates the latest trends, helping you mix and match your pieces to create a stylish look! This is also the only way to access our private Facebook group community — the extra support of the Pretties community is useful to those who might need a little extra inspiration to curate their capsule wardrobe. Participation in the group is optional but we highly encourage you to join, even if you just sit back and watch. There is so much to learn by watching our veteran Style Challengers put their own spin on each and every season of outfits.

The Office Style

The work wear Style Challenge is for Pretties who need some clothing style options more appropriate for the workplace. This capsule also touches on work wear basics as well as how to incorporate trends into the workplace in a fun and sophisticated way. This Style Challenge is also offered four times a year with each of the seasons.

3. FAQs

What if I don’t wear shorts?

The Style Challenge is based on an outfit formula instead of specifically telling you to wear shorts or pants, long sleeves or short. That way you can customize the end result to what you feel comfortable in and for your climate. For instance, the outfit formula below can translate into the following combinations.

Chambray Top + White Bottoms + Metallic Shoes

What if it’s too hot for layers?

One of the great things about the Style Challenge capsules is their flexibility. If it’s too warm out for a graphic sweatshirt, sub a graphic tee. Cool out but not cold enough for a jacket? Sub a vest instead! There are an array of options which is why it works for all different climates. Here’s a winter look outfit formula and how it can be adjusted for your weather.

Utility Jacket + Graphic Sweatshirt + Dark Wash Jeans + Taupe Shoes


Is there a plus-size capsule?

Since the Style Challenge provides you with outfit formulas and style prompts, but not the actual clothes, this gives you the freedom to shop where you want, buy the size that best fits you best and spend as much or as little money as you like. We do provide shopping options that range from petite to plus size as well as tall fit, but it’s up to you if you want to use the provided recommendations or venture out on your own and see what you find, list in hand! Once you have a good closet staple base you may find that you can shop your closet for many pieces of the Style Challenge, only needing to add in a few new pieces and then learn new ways to mix and match.

4. Support of the Pretties

Lastly, one of the truly amazing parts of the Style Challenges community is the amazing women that are there to support each other. They are some of the most amazing women I’ve ever met! They will help, guide and give honest gentle feedback when asked. I believe it is this group of women that make the Style Challenges so fantastic! Check out some of the Pretties below rocking their OOTD (outfit of the day). Join our public GYPO Facebook community HERE.


Have a question we didn’t cover? Feel free to put your questions in the comments or email us at info@getyourprettyon.com.



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