What I Wore: Bruno Mars Concert

I’m not even going to try to be cool about it, it’s kind of been an EPIC week. First off, my daughter Aubrey and I finished hell week at OrangeTheory Fitness and earned our t-shirts.  In order to get the shirt, you have to complete five of the extra grueling workouts during that week. A year ago I sat on the sidelines watching others finish and thinking I never could. I’ve pushed myself so much harder this past year and learned one thing – running NEVER gets easier.  Never.  Not for me. Yes, I run faster and longer and take less breaks, but easier? No. Your brain just gets better at enduring it.  So there, that’s my thoughts on that.  🙂  Here are Aubrey and I in our hard earned shirts.

I also got to see Jen Hatmaker speak last week and carve pumpkins with the girls but our Halloween highlight was watching Stranger Things 2! Even better than the first.

Then last Saturday night, Craig, the girls and I went to see Bruno Mars in Dallas. Needless to say, the show was AWESOME! He’s one of my favorite entertainers but honestly the best part was getting to experience our girls’ first concert with them.

This night was a long time coming – I bought the tickets as a surprise gift last Christmas and felt like it would never get here. Despite having 10 months to get ready for the big night, I still waited until the very last minute to decide what to wear.

So I ran out about an hour before the show and grabbed a gray cold shoulder tunic to pair up with leggings. Yes, I broke a cardinal rule and wore leggings as pants – GASP!  But it’s all good, the tunic was long enough and my favorite ponte leggings are super thick and hold everything in.

After I tried it on, I decided it needed one more thing to make it a little bit edgier so I ran out one more time and got this black moto jacket to complete out the outfit. Here’s my last minute look – you can never go wrong with black and gray!

My tunic is from TJ Maxx but I’ve linked up a few similar options below as well as exact links to my moto jacket, leggings, ankle boots and accessories.


It’s Your Turn: What’s been epic about your week? Tell me in the comments!

Getting my pretty on with Friday Favorites.