Yes, You CAN Wear Graphic Tees

If you have been excited about the fresh new content here at GYPO, then you’re in for a treat today. Today we have a brand new series premiering and it’s all about those comfort zone busting trends that you may not be sure about. It’s called “Yes, You CAN Wear” and each month we’ll be bringing you a new trend and showing you how YOU can wear it. Yes, really!

It’s all about stepping out of our comfort zones (just a little bit) but of course with the loving support and guidance you are used to finding at Get Your Pretty On.

One of the best things about Style Challenges by Get Your Pretty On is the mix of familiar, classic pieces with a few of the latest trends. Each season there’s at least one trend on the shopping list that our members are just a little unsure about. Do you want to know a secret? Most of the time, they ending up LOVING it! That’s what this series is all about.

Each month we’ll be tackling one of these trends and showing you exactly how our Style Challengers made it work for them!

The Yes, You CAN series is kicking off with one of the pieces from day eleven of the Style Challenges® Summer 2018 Capsule Wardrobe


Here’s my version of this outfit.

[Denim Shirt/Graphic Tee/Scalloped Shorts/Metalic Slip Ons]

We reached out to the Summer 2018 Style Challenge members and asked them to tell us a little bit about their experience with trying graphic tees this summer.

We wanted to know what they thought about styling a graphic tee BEFORE the challenge and how they feel NOW.

Beth says: Before, “I did not own a graphic tee other than ‘company advertising’ tees. I didn’t even know where to look for a graphic tee!” Now, “I love graphic tees and am always on the lookout for tees that resonate with me and say something about me!”

Emma says: Before, “I was excited I have so many and I didn’t know how to properly style them.” Now, “I love them and glad I was given a cute way to style them.”

Lisa says: Before, “The only graphic tees I’ve owned historically were for college or professional teams, which was okay when I wanted to cheer for my hometown favorites. So I really didn’t see them as something to ‘style’.” Now, “I love how wearing a graphic tee can show a bit of the fun side of your personality.”

Beth / Emma / Lisa

Misty says: Before, “I’m too old for that.” Now, “I’m definitely not too old for that.”

Cathy says: Before, “I’m too old to carry off such a young look.” Now, “It’s FUN!!!”

Misty / Cathy

Kerry says: Before, “I haven’t worn a graphic tee (with the exception of a Blue Jays tee) in years. Honestly, I had never thought about adding one to my everyday wardrobe.” Now, “I love how it goes with so much and I feel great in it! Looking for more with cute sayings.”

Sam says: Before, “A little scared.” Now, “They have become a part of my wardrobe.”

Melissa says: Before, “I didn’t think someone my size or with my work environment/lifestyle could do it and still pull it off.” Now, “It feels like a fun treat to find a creative way to make something like a graphic tee work into my wardrobe when it normally wouldn’t. It’s my ‘spunky/fun day’ when I pull it off!”

Kerry / Sam / Melissa

We’d love to see how YOU style graphic tees! Tag us on Instagram @_getyourprettyon or better yet, join us for the Style Challenges Summer 2018 Capsule Wardrobe. Learn more and sign up HERE!