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10 Must Haves to Fight the Mom Frump + 7 Outfits

Hey pretties!  After my recent SAHMonday outfit posts, I’ve gotten some e-mails from a few readers asking for my must have closet basics for stay at home moms to rebuild their wardrobe, specifically for winter.   Which jogged my memory about this guest post that ran at the beginning of winter on my friend Jessica’s blog, Life as Mom.  So I decided to go ahead and publish it on GYPO today.  If you already know me and my story on how I started Get Your Pretty On, you can skip to the pieces and outfits. Otherwise, here’s a little backstory on me and my blog!

plaid-sweater-1 Hi, I’m Alison Lumbatis, a mom of three and recovering yoga pants addict.  Four years ago, I decided to start this blog called Get Your Pretty On to document my journey out of my yoga pants mom rut. After spending fourteen years working in corporate America, I was afforded the opportunity to work from home which was wonderful in so many ways.

Unfortunately it’s what also led me to falling into my yoga pants pit of despair!  After about six months of my new work arrangement, I stopped fixing my hair, putting on makeup and dressing in real clothes. It was definitely one of the perks of working from home but also one of the pitfalls.  The worst part?  I wasn’t even doing anything active that warranted wearing yoga pants.  🙂

My rut was taking a toll on more than my appearance, it also effected my motivation and how I felt about myself.  I knew something had to change.  The first thing I decided to tackle was rebuilding my wardrobe but I had NO idea where to start.  When I did a quick internet search for everyday outfits for moms, I came up empty. There were plenty of blogs and resources for dressy outfits, work wear and designer outfits WAY out of my budget. But barely anything for everyday casual affordable outfits that I could “do real life” in.

So I set out to change that.  I started rebuilding my wardrobe one piece at a time.  Why one piece at a time? Because I used to be a terrible shopper!  I’d go out and buy a big bag of clothes, come home and dump them out on my bed and realize that nothing in there went with anything else.  I vowed to change that and “shop with a purpose”.  Everything that I bought had to be able to be paired up in at least three to four different ways.

I started with the basics – a great fitting pair of dark wash jeans, quality t-shirts and layering pieces, boyfriend cardigans and comfortable ballet flats and loafers.  Slowly I added in accessories like printed scarves, statement necklaces, a pendant necklace and a well made leather purse.  Before I knew it, I had a mix and match wardrobe that worked for just about any of my every day activities.

Fast forward to today, my greatest joy in life (besides my family) is helping other women stuck in a style rut. There are few things that make me happier than hearing a woman tell me that she’s feeling more confident and her life is easier because she has a fashionable, functional wardrobe full of mix and match outfits.

Most of these women have joined the GYPO Style Challenge, my online styling program.  Each season I give participants a shopping list of classic pieces and on-trend items that they are free to shop for on their own.  They can spend as much or as little as they want, many shop their closets first.  Each challenge builds on the last season, so it’s designed so you spend less and less each time around.  I also provide a list of links to online retailers for the pieces on the shopping list, if you want more guidance.

Participants have about two weeks to get all of their pieces in place.  During that time, our private Facebook group is buzzing with fitting room selfies of women asking for opinions and advice, shopping tips being swapped and new friendships being formed.  It’s honestly the best part of the challenge!

Once the pieces are in place, it’s time for us to style our outfits.  Every day for 21 days, participants get an e-mail in their inbox showing them a different mix and match outfit combination created from pieces on their shopping lists.  The women post their outfit selfies and show off their newfound style.  We also host fun gift card giveaways and regional girls’ nights out.

(Tip:  2017 Annual Memberships for the GYPO Style Challenge are on sale for a limited time.  This is a great way to get a stylist for the whole year for less than Netflix!)

Today, I’m giving you a tiny taste of what a style challenge is all about with my ten must-haves for fighting the mom frump and seven winter outfits created from these pieces.

(Tip:  Shop your closet first!  You may have similar or exact items listed below.  Or you can shop my links below, most items here are under $50!)

10 Must-Haves to Fight the Mom Frump + 7 Outfits


1. Gray Wrap/2. Printed Scarf/3. Striped Shirt/4. Gray Jeans/5. Delicate Necklace/6. Ankle Boots/7. Cable Knit Sweater/8. Plaid Button Down/9. Dark Wash Jeans/10. Riding Boots

(Tip:  Pin this post!  You can refer back to it later for the outfit combos once you have your pieces in place.)

Outfit 1

Wrap + Striped Shirt + Scarf + Gray Jeans + Ankle Boots


Outfit 2

Sweater + Plaid Shirt + Necklace + Dark Wash Jeans + Riding Boots


Outfit 3

Striped Shirt + Necklace + Gray Jeans + Ankle Boots


Outfit 4

Plaid Shirt + Necklace + Gray Jeans + Riding Boots


Outfit 5

Striped Shirt + Scarf + Dark Wash Jeans + Ankle Boots


Outfit 6

Wrap + Plaid Shirt + Necklace + Dark Wash Jeans + Riding Boots


Outfit 7

Sweater + Scarf + Gray Jeans + Riding Boots


Of course in a real GYPO Style Challenge, we have a much bigger shopping list and a lot more variety with our outfits. This mini-capsule shows you how just a few pieces added to your closet can create a multitude of outfit combos!  Shop your closet first, then fill in the gaps with new purchases.  I’d love to see how you pair up these outfits.  If you decide to style them, be sure to tag me on Instagram!

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  • Great outfit selections!!

  • Laura

    Love these great outfits, especially because I have almost all the pieces! I always draw a blank when it comes to my grey jeans for some reason and you’ve given me some wonderful inspiration!

  • Alison, this is such a fabulous post! And I am sure it is so helpful to many stuck in a frump rut. Getting dressed and feeling stylish definitely boosts confidence and self-esteem. What a great idea to help other women!


  • I just got that harper necklace and love it! I need to be brave and wear it to work now.

  • As a person who just gave birth and is in the transition from full time to part time work right now, I can totally identity with this post. I am trying to figure out what I need and what my wardrobe should look like now. Great tips!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • It is such an exciting time for you! Congratulations!! I’m sure you will continue to look amazing as always!!

  • I love all of these selections! The cable knit sweater just looks so warm and comfy. All great combos!

  • It was so nice to read about you and the story behind your blog! I love all of the outfits above…so many great pops of colors and patterns that bring everything together 🙂 Thanks so much for hosting!

    Sarah Bell
    Trendy & Tidy

  • Karen

    You do such a great job putting pieces together into outfits!!! This is an awesome post!

  • Nicole Mölders

    That necklace is so interesting. A real statement!

  • Tiffany

    I stumbled across this on FB and found a lot of pieces I really love but the image and the link to the product don’t always line up. For example, the grey sweater, plaid button down and grey skinny jeans. Can you tell me where those products are found?

    • Hi Tiffany. Thanks for checking out the blog. Usually when the items don’t match exactly, those direct links are sold out. I apologize. 🙁