Alison’s Friday Favorites

TGIF!  I hope your January is off to a great start.  Our son Devon turned 21 on Monday, which is still completely blowing my mind.  21 – this is not ok! I still remember every detail of his birth like it was yesterday. He was born in the blizzard of ’96, three weeks early.  My water broke after cleaning three feet of snow off my car.  I’m so happy now that he came three weeks before his due date because his early January birthday means he’s always home from college on break and we get to spend it with him.  Maybe I unknowingly planned it that way?  🙂

Favorite #1 – Our First Snow!

OK, in all fairness it was only 1/10 of an inch but hey, it was snow in Texas!  And it fell in huge flakes for about 4-5 hours last Friday.  How exciting!  Our youngest cat Paisley was completely fascinated by it and didn’t leave the back door the entire time it was falling.

Favorite #2 – Friday Night Church


One of our family commitments in the new year was to attend church more often.  Most Sundays, the kids just want to sleep in so we end up catching the live service streaming online while having coffee in our PJ’s.  The past few weeks we’ve been going to the Friday night service at Chase Oaks and loving it!  It’s a very laid back, casual service and a great way to kick off the weekend.  (P.S. if you’re local to DFW and looking for a home church, we LOVE Chase Oaks and have been going for years.  Even if you’re not local, you can tune in on Sunday mornings for their live service online.)

Favorite #3 – IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream

In the winter months, I have to switch up my facial moisturizer to something a bit more, well, moisturizing!  The only issue is that I can’t stand anything heavy or greasy feeling.  My go-to moisturizer the past two winters has been IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream.  It’s a little on the pricey side BUT this jar lasts forever!  You only need a dab to cover your entire face and neck.  Well worth it.


Favorite #4 – Nike Airmax Tailwind 8

I somehow managed to get an infection in my big toe right before the holidays.  It had been hurting for a few days but one night I woke up with it bright red, swollen and throbbing in pain.  A trip to the urgent care confirmed an infection in my toe caused by my running shoes being too tight in the toe box.  After taking a week off from working out, a round of antibiotics, daily foot soaks and not being allowed to wear a shoe, I decided it was time to find a new pair of running shoes!

Honestly I felt like it was finding Cinderella’s slipper.  None of them met all of my requirements for a wider toe box, enough cushioning, lightweight and stylish (yes, that matters too!) until I met this pair, the Nike Airmax Tailwind 8. They are SO comfy, like walking on a cloud, seriously.  The toe box is wide enough without looking like Frankenstein and they are lightweight enough for running.


Favorite #5 – Sunny Dog Walking Days

After a few days of freezing temps, it felt awesome to get back outside and walk our golden retriever Bailey again.  She starts to get really antsy and do bad things for attention if she spends too long cooped up inside.  Mainly she goes upstairs and gets into the kids’ candy stashes and hauls it downstairs.  The thing that cracks me up is she doesn’t actually eat the candy.  She just lays it in the middle of the living room floor so that we see it and know that she did a “no, no”.

Here’s what I wore for our walk last Sunday.  These yoga pants are my all-time favorite, worth every single penny!


[Yoga Pants:  Same/Shirt:  Same/Scarf (on clearance):  Same/Shoes:  Same]

I love the scoop back on this top from Fabletics!  To find it, type “mallow” in the search box on their site.


Activewear Capsule


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