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Casual Chic Outfit Basics | Dark Wash Skinny Jeans

Casual chic.

Honestly, I’ve never thought of the word chic to describe my style.  My goal has always been “not frumpy”.  So you can just imagine how thrilled and surprised I was when so many of you described my style as casual chic.  Over and over again in my reader survey, a lot of you said that’s why you’re here.

Here are a few of your answers to the question “What keeps you coming back every day?”

  • “Alison’s casual chic mom style.”
  • “You take casual up a notch to chic.”
  • “I love your chic SAHM style.”
  • “You add chicness to mommy-hood.”

Therefore it was a no-brainer to include the word chic in the title for my new Friday series Casual Chic Outfit Basics.


If you’ve been following my Daily Style Diary posts, then you know one of the building blocks of my daily style is dark wash skinny jeans. They’re universally flattering for all body types, they look great with any kind of footwear – sandals, ankle boots, ballet flats, riding boots, and you can easily dress them up or down for a day of errands or a date night.

Here are a few of my recent outfits featuring two of my favorite pairs of dark wash skinny jeans.

Dark Wash Skinny Jeans Outfits Repeat after me:  Every woman NEEDS a great pair of dark wash skinny jeans.

Here are some of my favorite pairs of dark wash skinny jeans – at price points for every budget.


At the high end are my Paige Premium Denim jeans.  I have the Skyline Skinny in the Carson wash.  They are made incredibly well, fit perfectly and are worth every penny.  When I want that perfect fitting pair of jeans that makes me feel like a million bucks, this is the pair that I reach for.

Paige Premium Denim Dark Wash Skinny Jeans [Paige Skyline Skinny – Carson Wash]


A nice mid-range option is this pair by Articles of Society.  They have 33 five-star reviews.

[Articles of Society ‘Lana’ ]

If you’ve been around here long, you’ve heard me gush about my Kut from the Kloth jeans too.  They have a nice mid-rise, not too high nor too low. And I’m not their only fan, this pair also has near perfect reviews.

[Kut from the Kloth ‘Mia’]

Of course Gap always has some great skinny jeans.  I have this pair and love them.

[Gap ‘1969 Always Skinny Jeans’]


On the other end of the spectrum are my trusty dark wash skinny jeans from Forever 21.  When I say these are dirt cheap, I mean it.  I have a few pairs of them to swap out when they start to fade or if they’re in the wash.  They are just an all-around great everyday jean.

Forever 21 Dark Wash Skinny Jeans [Forever 21 – Dark Wash Skinny Jeans]

Old Navy is also a good choice for bargain jeans.  The Rockstar is a great mid-rise jean.

[Old Navy ‘ The Rockstar Mid-Rise Skinny Jean]


Here’s even more outfit inspiration.  I might have to copy a few of these myself.

Casual with Flats

Dark Wash Skinny Jeans Outfits 2 [1/2/3]

Plaid Dressed Up or Down

Dark Wash Skinny Jeans with Plaid [1/2]

More Chic and Simple

Dark Wash Skinny Jeans Chic [1/2]

Come back next Friday for the next installment in the Casual Chic Outfit Basics series.

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  • Dark wash and black skinnies are a must and you are one chic lady. Love your style and I enjoy your blog so much.

  • I am in dire need of some new denim. I think I may have to start searching for a shorter inseam. I have noticed bunching at the knee when I take blog photos. Blogging really helps me to see what works and what doesnt! Thanks for the tips! Susan

  • Skinny jeans are my life saver during the week because I work in a casual work environment. Dark skinnies do the trick everytime! Love how you styled them in every look


  • YES! This is such a great post!!!!!!!! A pair of dark skinnies is definitely a necessity!!!!

  • That one gal’s plaid scarf is the biggest scarf I have ever seen! I am excited about you being at M&MF!

  • Chic = smartly-created style. You have that in abundance. We admire that about you.

  • Yes! I am wearing my dark skinnies as we speak 🙂

    Lately, I’ve favored the Gap 69 skinny jeans or Old Navy Rockstar jeans, but I used to have a crapload of the Forever 21 jeans in my college years. Might have to stock up sometime soon come to think of it.

  • I love how classy dark skinny jeans look. All of your outfits are so….well, chic! 🙂

  • Rebecca N

    Hi there! I have just recently found your blog and love your style. I am a Mom with older children as well and sometimes have a hard time determining what is appropriate to wear for my age and still stay in style. I would love a pair of Paige jeans, but my budget won’t allow it right now. Thanks for featuring lower price options as well! Right now my favorite dark skinnies are Old Navy Rockstars I got on clearance for $13! Have a great weekend!

  • I so agree with you…every woman needs a pair of dark skinny jeans in their closet, no matter what their age.

  • I also love F21.. and H&M for that matter! Perfectly affordable for the disposable fashion looks! Dark skinnys are a staple in my closet as well! Thanks for the post! ~Tammy @http://wildruffle.com

  • I totally agree with you Alison! Dark skinny jeans are a girls best friend! Love all the looks you featured and can’t wait to see your interview with Shay on Monday 🙂

  • Kim Kauffman

    I used to only buy premium denim because I loved the way it fit. But then I got hooked on Sheaffer’s must have Vigoss jeans and I really love them. I’ve also been enjoying the Old Navy Rockstar jeans because at that price who cares when they fade/wear out. But, I have to admit that I’ve been getting the itch to buy a really nice pair for more special occasions. Since my seven month old doesn’t take a bottle I’ve not been able to get out shopping for any but hopefully soon!! You look great in all of your daily outfits. It’s my favorite thing you post about!

  • You are so funny! It’s a cool party because YOU’RE coming! And I have dark Paige skinny jeans and they’re always my go-to! You’re absolutely right!

  • Hi Alison, when you buy Forever 21 jeans, are they true to size? Great post!!!!!

    • Hi Tracy! Yes, I wear a 27 in most brands and their 27 fits me the same as the others. Hope that helps!

  • Mo

    I have two pairs of dark wash skinnies. I think 1 more pair ill be perfect. Great looks!

    • Mo


  • Your style is definitely chic– I’m not a mom and I think it’s great!

    I have the same pair of Paige Denim dark wash jeans and adore them. I have to talk myself out of wearing them so much 😛

  • I have a pair of the Skylines and love them too! And recently I bought a pair of Old Navy Rockstars and was really impressed for the fit/price. Can’t beat a great pair of skinny jeans! Have a great weekend.

  • Agreed on this!! I would probably wear my dark skinnies every day if I could get away with it!

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  • I am a Gap jean addicted

  • I always have a pair of dark wash jeans around. They’re the right mix between casual and not-so-casual to go just about anywhere. I think I need to invest in some skinny ones now, though I love my boot-cuts!

  • I really like Paige Premium Denim as well. And Gap!
    This was a great post with a lot of denim choices – thanks!

    Alyssa Barnett

  • Yes! Dark wash skinny jeans are a must! Love these chic looks!

  • Yes! LOVE my dark wash skinny jeans. I have 3 pair 🙂
    And, I LOVE all 4 of your tops/sweaters that you have them paired with.
    So cute!

  • I agree with you on every woman should have a pair of dark wash skinny (at least) and if you are lanky with long lean legs you should live in them! I think pairing with nude flats look so chic and a pair of heel could put the pair on the throne! Great read!

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai, UAE

  • hl

    Because of this post, I’m going to order a new pair of skinny jeans. I have the hue jeggings but they’re all stretched out and looking kinda crappy. I need a real pair of jeans. Thanks for the links!

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  • I really love the two outfits above that use a pretty pink long-ish shirt with the dark skinnies. I just pinned some of these looks!

    aka Bailey

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