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Daily Style Diary | Entry Seven

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  It was warm here up until yesterday, now it’s freezing cold again.  I’m so ready for spring to come and STAY!

If you missed it last Friday, you must must must check out my Ultimate White Jeans Guide.  I put a lot of sweat and tears into it – it’s not easy cramming this booty into that many pairs of jeans!  Stop by and check it out HERE.


Here are last week’s Daily Style Diary outfits that were posted on Instagram.

022814-casual-outfits-moms Monday

I got ready for my (canceled) doctor appointment in this easy outfit.

022814-green-tunic-scarf-jeans [Tunic:  Merona/Scarf:  c/o Bindya/Jeans:  Paige/Boots:  Frye/Watch:  Michael Kors]

A lot of you asked about the scarf I’m wearing.  It’s beautiful but really pricey.  Here’s a cute chevron mix scarf that would look great with the green tunic at a much better price.

[Chevron Mix Scarf]


After a nice warm weekend, it got cold again.  Glad I didn’t pack away my sweaters yet!

022814-cobalt-blue-stripes-jeans [Sweater:  Mossimo/Jeans:  Wit & Wisdom/Boots:  Franco Sarto/Scarf:  Banana Republic]

This cobalt blue sweater was one of my favorites from Target this winter.  They no longer have it in cobalt but do have it in three neutral colors perfect for spring.  It’s lightweight enough to wear for awhile.

[Mossimo Lightweight Sweater]


Stripes and leopard, one of my favorite combos.

022814-red-jeans-stripes-leopard [Cardigan:  Mossimo/Jeans:  J Brand/Boots:  Similar/Striped Tee:  Old/Scarf:  Similar]


I got my floral scarves from Nordstrom this day and couldn’t wait to wear one to my rescheduled dr. appointment.

022814-green-sweater-floral-scarf-jeans [Cardigan:  Mossimo/Jeans:  Wit & Wisdom/Scarf:  Lulu/T-shirt:  Forever 21]

The green cardigan is back in stock at Target!  It’s the perfect companion for the floral scarf.

[Mossimo Striped Cardigan]


Craig finally came home on Friday.  Yay!  It felt like spring so I dressed accordingly.

022814-peach-jeans-floral-scarf [Sweater:  Mossimo/Scarf:  BP by Nordstrom/T-shirt:  BP/Jeans:  Similar]

I got my peach colored jeans at Target last spring.  They don’t have them this year but Gap has a similar pair in this pretty apricot.

1969 legging jeans

[1969 Legging Jeans]

You NEED these scarves for spring!  I couldn’t be happier with them, they’re so much prettier in person than the pictures online.  The size is perfect and the colors are vibrant.  You can be sure I’ll be wearing them over and over this spring.

[Black Floral Scarf]

[Green Floral Scarf]


022814-life-lately Snippets from our day to day.

  • To be honest, I’d love to own a small farm and raise golden retrievers.  Problem is I would keep all of the puppies!  I’m kind of obsessed with them.  Until then, I’ll just have to play with the puppies at the pet store.
  • Sometimes it’s ok to eat dessert first.  The girls and I went to dinner Thursday night at Central Market and did just that with this yummy turtle cheesecake.
  • Craig finally came home on Friday!  He surprised the girls and me by taking us for mani/pedi’s.  We were SO happy to see him!
  • Saturday was preview day at one of colleges Devon is considering.  Two visits down.  Hopefully he’ll be making his decision soon.  Fingers crossed!

crazy busy book Last week, a few of you asked about the book that I was reading, Dr. Ned Hallowell’s “Crazy Busy – Overstretched, Overbooked and About to Snap!”  I decided to pick it up after seeing him talk about it in this interview.  While it was a bit of a slow read, I did get some really good info from it, especially in Chapter 28 – Ten Key Principles to Managing Modern Life.  This chapter and chapter 32 made the whole book worthwhile.

My biggest takeaways were:

  • Figure out what matters most to you, then do what matters most to you.  Don’t get sidetracked.
  • Cultivate your lilies (projects, people and activities that make you feel fulfilled ) and get rid of your leeches (projects, people and activities that deplete you).
  • Don’t live a life of trying to please everyone else first and you last.
  • Don’t allow yourself to take on more projects than you can handle, learn to say “no, not now”.
  • Don’t waste time “screen sucking” (wasting time engaging with any screen – iPhone, laptop, TV, etc.)

I’m working to structure my time and my days to focus on what matters most, spending less time “screen sucking” and more time being present for my family.  I’m cutting out some stuff that’s not my key focus in blogging too.  One of those changes is I’ve decided to step down as a co-host of the Beauty Buzz link up.  Don’t worry, I’ll still be doing beauty posts from time to time, they just won’t be a regular Tuesday feature.

Overall, I’d recommend this book, even if it is a slow read.  Part of me thinks the author purposely makes the reader slow down to address and highlight the problem of our fast-paced lives.  There are some gems in there, if you have the patience to find them.  🙂

I was not compensated in any way for this book review.  I bought the book myself and all opinions are my own. 

It’s Your Turn:  Do you have any tips or strategies that work well for being more intentional with your time?  If so, share them in the comments!

Getting my pretty on with Fashion Friday.

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  • You have a great scarf collection, when it come to time management for me it all comes down to prioritizing. You cannot do everything and be everywhere,

  • We were just talking about buying land and raising labs! We are in love with our dogs and they are true family members! I am loving your floral scarves! I just put that mint one on my wish list. It is a junior dept. scarf. Does that make it shorter or is it the same as the regular ones? Great price too!! Happy Monday!! Susan

  • Those floral scarves are amazing! And that picture of you in the black jeans? Makes me realize I need some new black jeans! You look great in them!

  • Target cardigans are so comfy! That green one is perfect for spring.


  • You have some really great scarves and it’s so funny that you featured those apricot jeans because I have them on my blog today too! I am not looking forward to the college selection process. It must be bittersweet. I imagine it will be the hardest with the youngest and I know I will be a blubbering mess driving away from the dorm with both of my kids.

  • Your last two outfits with the floral scarves are my fav!! So very pretty and soothing to the eye. Loving these very spring inspired hues and outfits. And your scarf collection is gorgeous!! THIS: Don’t live a life of trying to please everyone else first and you last. Amen!

  • I’m still working on reducing my screen time wasters. I’m curious to hear others’ responses. So Thank you! Lucky, I need a mani/pedi! & You look gorgeous as usual. -Tammy

  • I definitely need one or both of those floral scarves in my life! Love them both.

    To be more intentional with my time, I try my best to focus on what matters to ME and recognize that I’m not going to be able to do everything (even though deep down I wish I could!). If I try to do everything, I get overwhelmed and feel like I only do things sub par.

  • Loving all of your polished & pretty outfits here, Alison. The family pedicure photo is pretty great, too. I love the concept of leaches vs. lilies! I think the older I get the better I have gotten at classifying people and things right away. Life is too short to let someone or something else steal your happiness! I admire your choice to step back from a part of blogging that’s taking up too much of your bandwidth, too. I’m sure that wasn’t easy but hopefully it will give you a little more face time with those who matter most to you. 🙂 Gina
    On the Daily Express

  • I love the scarf theme of the week! 🙂 I am interested in checking out that book, I love the part about lilies vs. leeches. Good word. Glad your hubby is home!

  • I will always be your aspiring style twin …..I’m also wearing a floral scarf to put some Spring in my look today!!!


  • Cortney

    I picked up an oatmeal and a coral cardigan at target last week. Now I really want the green one too! Thanks for all the cute outfit ideas. So happy for you that Craig is home!

  • We got rid of our cable back in 2002, which was a big waste of time! Now we only have a dvd player and Amazon Prime for occasional movie nights. Still, we have plenty of screen time with our computers since my husband is in seminary, I started a blog, and my son does video school at home. But I try to save my blog work for when they are studying so we do it at the same time. We try to make sure that we do as little as possible on the weekends, too, so we can spend quality time together without distractions.

    I love the floral scarves! I still have yet to do any shopping for spring, about the time I think about it it snows again! Have a great week!!

  • Jalah

    I am a new follower of your blog & your posts are helping me in so many ways! One of my goals this year is to develop a style outside of work clothes or super casual — find something in between. Your blog has helped inspire me to take things that already are in my wardrobe and style them with a few new pieces. I absolutely LOVE the Daily Style Diary because it reflects a realistic style for the everyday & your post on white jeans is awesome! Thank you for the posts and I noticed you asked for more feedback … Can you post more about transitioning from Winter to Spring to Summer? As you know the weather in Texas changes in a flash, and it seems like we have a very short Spring because it gets hot so quickly. Getting your take on transitioning from the cold to the rapidly approaching hot weather would be really helpful for us Texas gals (and guys).

  • I really like the red jeans with your striped shirt! You have so many great scarves, I love the new floral ones you got!

  • Super cute looks Alison! I too am trying to be more present with my family and making a few changes with my work and blogging schedule.

  • Thanks for those tips! I always like the “Reader’s Digest” version : )

    I need to do better with this. My husband is also back home so you and I are both back to “normal”. ; )

    What a lovely gift for you guys to get the manis and pedis.


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  • It is funny that you bring it up because that was a big focus of my yesterday – trying to prioritize. I pulled Alexa out of dance today. No one is enjoying it – not her, not me, and I asked myself, “Why are we doing this?” Yes I want to teach her to honor her commitments and stick things out, but she is six. We have plenty of time for that. And this is not something where he absence will hurt the collective. I was also happy to find out yesterday that Cooper’s handbell choir would be letting out two months early due to their instructor being pregnant. I really felt like God was trying to tell me something yesterday, “Katie, you are trying to do too many activities.” Sometimes He has to shout for me to listen. 🙂 My biggest challenge is saying no without the guilt, but I am slowly learning that just because we have a free moment or a free afternoon, it does not mean we have to fill it up. Sometimes it is good to just: Be. 🙂

  • Cobalt looks so amazing on you lady!

  • Such cute outfits! I love how your incorporating spring colors into outfits for colder weather. I so tire of dark colors in the winter.

  • You are so cute! I love the sweater/boots/scarf combo on Tuesday!

  • Alison, Love these scarves teamed up with perfect sweaters ( stripes with floral, leo with solid and stripes,) and the perfect fitting legging. The green floral os my fav, so soft and garden like.
    Good luck with your son, I am sure he will find the perfect spot, Sounds like a good book, too!
    XX, Elle

  • So chic, Alison! Loving your scarf collection- really perks up a basic outfit! 🙂


  • You have such a great scarf collection! How sweet of your husband to take his girls to the nail salon! Great busy life tips… #4 is definitely one that I’ve been working on since I started working full time last August. Scheduling free/relaxation time is important too!

  • You do colour so well Alison! Ax

  • “cramming this bootie” – you’re hilarious. I love all the scarves this week!

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  • I think that “screen sucking” is the main reason most people feel so busy these days. We don’t have any free time, because in every free moment we jump on a screen! It’s not good for us.. Anyway, your outfits. Fabulous, as usual. I love your scarf selection!

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