September 2, 2015 - Easy Outfits, Style, Trend Watch

Fall Preview: Five Ways to Wear Fringe

Wondering what fall’s latest trends will be?  I’ve got you covered. Over the next few weeks on GYPO, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite fall fashion and what you need in your closet to be on trend.  (There’s also going to be an exclusive fall fashion series only for my newsletter subscribers which you can sign up for HERE).

I have to admit though, I’m not so much a trendy dresser as I am into classic pieces that stand the test of time.  But I do like to add in some pieces to keep things fresh each season.  One of the biggest trends for fall that I’ve seen in every store is fringe.

I’m just going to be honest here, boho style is usually not my thing.  I learned to embrace my kimono over the summer but fringe is, well, on the fringe in my style book.  Maybe it’s because I was born in the 70’s and little baby Alison had a bad experience with it that somehow got repressed.  Honestly I don’t know what I have against it.

When I polled the style challengers on some fall trends they’d like to try, surprisingly fringe was mentioned quite a bit.  Some loathe it while others can’t wait to give it a whirl.  It’s one of those polarizing trends for sure.

If you’re willing to give it a try, keep these simple rules in mind.

Rules for Wearing Fringe:

1.  If you wore it in another generation and hated it the first time around, you are exempt this time.

2.  Wear only one piece of fringe at a time, otherwise you risk looking like Stevie Nicks.

3.  Don’t wear it around machinery or other places where you can get it caught and cause bodily injury.

OK, all kidding aside, I was able to find five ways that I might even dare to dip a toe in this trend.  Time to get over my fringe fears once and for all.  Here are five ways to wear fringe, even if it’s not your thing.


1.  Kimono – Pair a pretty floral kimono with your favorite tee and jeans for a boho vibe that’s totally on trend for fall.

2.  Purse  – One of the easiest and cutest ways to add fringe to any outfit, a cognac fringe purse adds just the right amount.

3.  Scarf – If you’re still working your way up to the trend, a fringe scarf is a safe bet.

4.  Necklace – The subtle fringe detail in this necklace dresses up your basic jeans and tee.

5.  Ankle Boots – Ankle boots with fringe details are one of the hottest items for fall.  If you get nothing else on this list, consider snagging a pair of these.

It’s Your Turn:  Does fringe make you cringe or are you on board with this fall trend?



Registration for the Fall 2015 GYPO Style Challenge opens next week.  We’ll be styling all of fall’s latest trends along with some classic pieces for 21 days of mix and match outfits.  GYPO newsletter subscribers will get exclusive access to my fall fashion mini-series starting next week with fall 2015’s top trends.  Keep an eye on your inbox for more info.  This content will not be on the blog, so if you’re not on my e-mail list yet, sign up HERE.

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  • I do love this trend but agree that it needs to be in small amounts. Love the handbag and necklace. Those are great pieces to add to your wardrobe ! Susan

    • Thanks Susan! LOVE it!

  • Marta

    Ok I am in love with every single one of these fringe items you choose!! I agree with you about keeping it to one items so that it is not too overwhelming. Lol about not wearing it around machinery:-)

    • I’m so glad you love it Marta. Do you have any fringe items?

  • I actually love fringe too! I agree that it really should not overwhelm the body:) One piece at a time is perfect! Great picks! Have a wonderful day Alison:)


    • We don’t want to have a fringe overload. 😉

  • Love these!!!! I bought booties last year with fringe. 🙂

    • Sounds perfect, Jaymie!

  • Kim

    So funny, when I saw kimonos like this while shopping for the summer challenge, my first thought was – I could cut the fringe off!

    • Oh no! I hope you kept the fringe. 🙂

  • Well, I embrace my boho side, but fringe is a harder trend for me to embrace. I am not at all a fan of fringe purses. I did get a fringe tank top that I actually love, so was looking for something for cooler season to try and have fallen in love with the idea of fringe booties. I got a pair in the mail yesterday that I am sending back. I ordered two more pairs to try, fingers crossed. It really is a big trend right now, so hope everyone at least tries it and these are great ways to dip your toes in the trend!

    • Fingers crossed that you’ll like it! Keep me posted.

  • Fringes on anything will always be a win in my book!!!!


  • Colleen Hazlehurst

    I absolutely cannot WAIT for the new Fall Style Challenge, Alison! My wardrobe from last year’s challenge is my absolute favorite ever and forever changed the way I shop, look, feel, get dressed, and enjoy my clothes. Thanks for all you do!

    • Your compliment means a lot Colleen. I’m so excited for Fall! I’m anxiously waiting.

  • Love the fringe on the ankle boots…they are so fun!

    • I agree completely Morgan.

  • Bebe

    Can you say fringe binge? Yes. I’m on one! Aaaahhhh! Love FRINGE! 🙂

    • Fringe Night Out? 😉

  • I could totally do the fringe scarf. In fact, I already have one. The pieces you have picked are doable too but I probably won’t invest clothing budget dollars on this trend.

    • What color fringe scarf do you have Sheila? Sounds perfect.

  • I agree, yes to fringe in small amounts. I have a fringe scarf and it’s one of my faves! Can;t wait for the Fall Challenge, girl! XO

    • I can’t wait to see it on you Casey!

  • Mary M.

    Oh, Alison! I needed a laugh today and your fringe-wearing advice did it! Thank you for that! I am more on the side of hating fringe. I don’t know why, as I am all about other boho pieces. I will try to keep an open mind! 😉

  • Claire

    I love your rules! Not so in love with fringe though…….might skip this trend 🙂

    • It’s okay to skip Claire!

  • Sharon

    Just ordered the cute fringe booties! Love the purse too. And all of your selections! Love that you find things with great price points for us, as well. Thanks, Alison!

    • How do you like your fringe booties, Sharon?