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Fall’s Hottest Hair Colors

Question:  Do you change your hair color with the seasons?

I recently asked this question on my Facebook page.  Most of you who responded said you do change your hair color with the seasons.  And the majority go lighter in the warmer months and darker in the fall and winter.

I’ve always done the same.  Now that the temps are dropping, my hair color will be deepening.  There’s something about fall and winter that calls for a richer, darker hue. Not to mention, my hair looks so much shinier and healthier when it’s darker.  I usually go a half shade darker at first before going up to a full shade later in the season.  It’s a more gradual transition.

If you’re considering a change, know what to ask for.  Ask your hair colorist what your current shade is and how she would best recommend adding a little richness and warmth.  Typically fall shades have golden undertones.  Here are some great ways to add a little warmth and richness to any hair color.

Fall Hair Color for Brunettes

Brunettes can’t go wrong with a rich cocoa base and warm caramel highlights.


Fall Hair Color for Blondes

If your typical color is a golden blonde, consider asking for warm low lights in toffee or chocolate brown.


Fall Hair Color for Redheads

If you’re a redhead, dark auburn is the perfect hue for fall.


One piece of advice for the over 40 crowd (myself included), if you go too dark, it can look too harsh and actually age you.  Ask your colorist for some lighter pieces around your face to brighten it up.

It’s Your Turn:  Will you be going darker this fall/winter?  Tell us in the comments.

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  • I always get the urge to change my hair color…then when I do, I end up not loving it ! I actually have some of these looks already pinned, so pretty!

    • Are you going to try any of the above colors? Would love to see it!

  • I am going to ask for these caramel highlights next month! Love!!! Susan

    • Aren’t they beautiful!? I feel that you can’t go wrong with warm caramel highlights.

  • Lori

    I’m blonde and always go a little darker/warmer in the winter. I add lowlights but never as many as in the blonde photo above. If I go too dark I just look blah.

    • That sounds like the perfect amount for the winter season!

  • I have never colored my hair, but this post sure makes me want to!!!!!!

    • If you do, I can’t wait to see it!! You are GORGEOUS!

  • I’ve never had to color my hair because it’s black with natural dark reddish/brown hightlights, but the grays are slowly creeping up on me. Will have to probably start in the next few years…

    • Kind of jealous of your black with natural dark reddish/brown highlights!! 🙂

  • I need to book a colour appt. asap, thanks for the reminder!

    • You’re welcome Deena. Will you try any of the falls hottest hair colors?

  • I haven’t colored my hair since I was 19 (I’m now in my late 50’s). However, I’ve just been itching to do it! I think it would be fun. I have never been a blonde and, although I don’t think it would look good on me (someone once told me it would “wash me out”), I think that I could probably lighten my hair up and add a FEW blonde strands. By the way, I absolutely LOVE your blog! 🙂

    • Thank you for stopping by! You would look great with caramel highlights for the cooler season. 🙂 I would love to see a picture afterwards!

  • I’ve recently started coloring my hair and stayed within my brunette color spectrum going a bit darker. 🙂 Great options for each color family. With a changing season it’s always so much fun to play around with hairstyles as well. Have a great week gorgeous, XOXO, Elif

    • I agree! Have a great week! 🙂

  • I agree, my brown hair gets a darker color on it during the fall and winter. I just love that first pic, both the color and cut.


    • It’s my favorite Janeane!

  • Hair color is one thing I cannot experiment with, not because I dont like it, simply because my hair is so dark, it takes a long time and lots of color for anything to set right.. I tried highlights one, took more than 2 hours and that was that…never went back..love those who can easily change hair colors…sigh.

    • I understand completely!! They have fun extension clip on nowadays that it would be so easy to throw on highlights of different colors! 😉

  • Leigh

    I’m blonde and I normally go with a few darker blonde pieces in the cooler months. Nothing as dark as the picture because then I look washed out. I love the cut in that pic of Katharine McPhee. So pretty.

    • I love the cut too! It’s gorgeous with the perfect amount of curls! Do you have long hair Leigh?

  • actually I personally love all the colors above… all looks great!

    • I wish I could try all looks!

  • My hair has totally bleached out since I’ve been in Hawaii – it’s gone from being auburn to being strawberry blonde to being almost straight up blonde! I’m really missing my dark hair but I’m worried about going too dark – I just might have to try some lowlights!

    • I think lowlights would look gorgeous on your hair KC!

  • Amy

    I just got my hair done last week! I always go darker during Fall and Winter then lighter in Spring and Summer.

    • What color did you get Amy?

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