Spring Makeup Essentials to Beat the Heat


Spring has FINALLY sprung and if you’re anything like me, you’re itching to buy some new clothes, switch out your home decor, plan a vacation, and get ready for some fun in the sun! The last thing we like to think about at this time of year is usually makeup. It tends to feel too heavy and comes right off when we sweat. Plus we don’t always have time to do it as kids are home from school in the summer and it’s just usually a super busy time. The problem is that many of us still feel naked going out with a bare face. So what is a girl to do? I’m here to help you by sharing my spring/summer makeup staples (including SPF, of course!) This routine will work for you as the weather warms up. It’ll give you that gorgeous summer glow that lasts all day long no matter what the day holds. You can also glam up any of these looks when you want to take it to the next level.

Summer staple #1: SPF with coverage

A good summer makeup routine ALWAYS starts with SPF. We have to protect our canvas, and the best way to do that is with some sun protection. Even better is to do it with a product that provides a little bit of a glow. Below are a few of my favorite “two for one” SPF products that are also layerable with other makeup products.

Sheerest coverage

Tula Protect & Glow SPF 30 & Tula Blurring Primer (These two products combined give a little bit of a glow and blur out imperfections. Shades for all skin tones. Because it’s a primer, you can add foundation on top!)

A little more coverage

Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 (This won’t cover blemishes or any major imperfections, but is tinted enough to even out the skin tone. Also layers beautifully with foundation/concealer. And hydrates with hyaluronic acid!)

Ilia skin tint with SPF 40 in a off white bottle with brown writing.

Full coverage

It Cosmetics CC+ SPF 50 (This is a full-coverage color-correcting cream you can wear in place of foundation. You can wear concealer or anything else on top of it, just like you would with a normal makeup routine).

It Cosmetics CC + SPF 50 in a tube.


It’s super important to reapply SPF throughout the day if you’re going to be outdoors. If you’re already wearing makeup this can be a challenge. That’s where these setting sprays with SPF come in! Just spray on top of your makeup and you’re good to go!

Favorite SPF products without coverage

Woman smiling.

Check out my full beach makeup routine HERE.

Summer staple #2: Bronzer

It goes without saying that bronzer is a makeup routine favorite in the summertime. Everyone wants a gorgeous glow! My favorite type of bronzer for the summer is a cream. It blends seamlessly with the skin, so you won’t see any patchy spots when you’re in the sun. I often like to wear it alone with just a little concealer.

Tip: Cream bronzer also works beautifully as an eyeshadow, lip liner, or lip color!

Favorite cream bronzers with a variety of shades for everyone

How I use Bronzer in my Three Minute Makeup

Summer staple #3: Brick Nude lip & cheek colors

A nude lip with a brick undertone is all the rage this spring and summer. Because of the slight red undertone, it gives the appearance of a natural tan when you get just a little bit of sun. Choose a darker or lighter shade depending on how light or deep your skin tone is. Again- cream makeup is my favorite for the summer because it looks much more natural and does well through swimming & sweating!

Favorite Brick Nude Shades

Here’s how I like to use a cream lip/cheek for my eyes, lips & blush!

Summer Staple #4: Illuminator/Highlighter

Illuminator/highlighter (it can be referred to as both) is one of my favorite versatile products. It adds a gorgeous shimmer and can be used on the high points of the face, as eyeshadow, as a topper for lipsticks…the options are endless! Illuminators/highlighters come in powders, liquids, and creams. My favorite is, you guessed it, a cream. That’s because it works for mature skin and never gets stuck in any lines or creases. It also never looks cakey.

Tip: I love to mix illuminator with my cream bronzer for a gorgeous glow!

A women with diagrams showing the different makeup placement points.

Favorite Highlighters/Illuminators

Summer Staple #5: Setting Spray

Setting spray is a MUST in the summer to keep your makeup lasting through all your adventures. I mentioned some sprays with SPF above, but if you are sensitive and react to SPF or don’t need one with SPF because you won’t be outdoors much, these sprays are for you!

Fitish Don’t Sweat It CBD Makeup Setting Spray

If you are oily, an athlete, live in humidity, or all of the above, this is your new BFF. It seriously locks in your makeup. Not good for my dry-skinned girls!

A white bottle with a black lid of makeup setting spray.

Seint Beauty Setting Spray

Great for all skin types, and I love it for mature skin!

Seint makeup setting spray in a light gray bottle.

Milani Make it Last

This is a great budget-friendly option

Milani setting spray in a chrome bottle with a black spray nozzle.

Summer Staple #6: Lashes & Brows

Waterproof is the name of the game when it comes to lashes & brows in the summer! I am not a massive fan of waterproof mascara, but it is necessary if one is going swimming or participating in other fun summertime activities.

Tip: Wear waterproof mascara on your lower lashes if you have issues with smudging!

Woman with curly hair showcasing her summer makeup look.

Favorite waterproof mascaras

Brows also tend to wash off or wipe off really easily with sweat or water. You’ll want to use a waterproof pomade for a waterproof brow or use an eyeshadow/pencil to fill them and then lock it in with a waterproof brow gel. Here’s a tutorial with my favorite foolproof, waterproof brow product HERE.

Favorite Brow Products

Here is my Minimal Summer Makeup tutorial putting all these staples together!

I hope this helps you navigate creating a spring/summer makeup capsule for yourself so makeup can be the last thing on your mind while making special memories with your loved ones this season. Maybe you’ll grab a new product or two, or perhaps you already have these things and learned a new way to use them. Whatever the case, get out there and enjoy the great outdoors!

What spring/summer makeup staple is your favorite?

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