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Hair Tutorial: Beach Waves Beyond The Sea


By Shannon Roberts

When you hear someone mention their hair has “beach waves”, it is safe to assume they are not walking around with ocean water pouring from their head.

The term ‘beach waves’ has an entirely different meaning that goes way beyond the tides.  If you swim in the saltwater and air-dry your tresses with the sea breeze, you naturally achieve this sought-after look either because you are a mermaid or just happen to live at the beach.  For the rest of us land dwelling creatures, we need an ocean-free technique to recreate this youthful, mermaid-meets-bedhead hairstyle!

In addition to being gorgeous, beach waves hair has NO RULES!  It is intentionally worn messy.  There is no “perfect” way to create or wear beach waves and you decide your level of ‘mess’.  Regardless of all the methods for making waves, the results will vary by our own personal preferences.  Whether you are rocking a short bob or a Linda Ronstadt mane, ANYONE (with hair long enough to curl) can do the wave!

Please note: I am a wife, mom and business owner…and my profession is not in hair styling, so it took some trial & error to find my groove.  In my tutorial video I demonstrate how I get my quick, easy beach waves right at home, using very few products.  And I am confident this informal process can help you get the look you desire.  Like you, I am a busy gal and can’t spend all my time getting ready in the a.m.!  Having a go-to hairstyle like beach waves is not only fashionable – it eases my morning chaos…a win-win in my book.

So go!  Grab your curling iron and take the plunge into the beach waves.  Mermaids everywhere are cheering you on!

Electrical Appliances
Curling iron (I use 1 ¼ “)
Flat iron

Hair Products
Bristle style brush to smooth fly aways
Smoothing serum
Teasing comb
(optional) Gray spray for roots

Tips & Tricks

  1. If curling freshly washed hair, style as usual
  2. Lived-in hair holds my curl better. I typically wash my hair 3x a week.
  3. In between washes, I brush in some dry shampoo, roots to ends, before bed.
  4. Hold the curling iron vertical, not too close to the roots.
  5. Do not curl the ends.
  6. Use as many curls as you want.
  7. When the curl is set, use FINGERS to comb through to maintain the “messiness”.

Products Featured
Everpro Beauty Gray Away temporary root concealer
BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Curling Iron (1 ¼”)
Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Straightening Iron (1”)
Kenra Silkening Gloss
Bed Head by Tigi Hard Head Hairspray



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Still a girl-at-heart, Shannon Roberts is married and raising three teenage boys in Central California. She is determined to maintain her youthfulness by eating healthy, exercising and riding roller coasters.

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  • Natalie Norris

    Yay!!! Love it Shannon!!! Thanks for sharing! I am going to try it again!

  • RedTagChicLA

    Wow thanks for the share Alison – I live for beach waves!!!

    Come check out my latest collab with L.A.-based TOBI – I’m sure you’ll love it too! Happy Tuesday!


    • I am so happy you stopped by! Beach waves are a must-have for the summer. You would look gorgeous as always! I’ll stop by your latest collab.

  • nancy

    This looks so great. My hair is cut like yours but shorter. I used a 1″ barrel curling iron and my hair had wanky looking pieces kinda sticking out instead of a wave. I’m wondering if I need a smaller barrel. I know you said you’re not a hair stylist (fooled me!) but maybe another reader knows if a barrel size correlates to hair length.

    • This is perfect. Thank you for sharing the barrel size of your curling iron! I’d love to see what the finished hair product looks like. I love curls!