June 2, 2014 - Hair and Beauty, Makeup

Hanging Out with Sonia Kashuk

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I asked for your questions for Sonia Kashuk in this post? This past week, I got the awesome opportunity to ask a few of them. Get out your notebooks girls, because you’re about to be schooled by one of the makeup artist greats. In this Google+ Hangout Sonia is sharing her tips for summer makeup (how NOT to melt when the heat is on), what type of SPF you should be using, makeup tips for the over 40 crowd (these really surprised me!), the number one beauty product she would hoard if it was getting discontinued, how moisturizer helps with makeup application and so much more. This video has some exclusive information she shared with a few of us style and beauty bloggers from the BlogHer network. Be sure to watch and see if one of the questions you submitted got answered. Remember, there’s still time to enter both giveaways to win $100 Target gift cards to pick up some of Sonia’s everyday luxuries of your own in this post and this post. Pop by and enter if you haven’t yet. So what was your favorite tip? I’d love to hear it in the comments and if you have a summer makeup tip of your own, please share it with us.

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  • Mugsy 42

    I love Sonia and all of her products. As a woman over 40, I’ve been reluctant to try trends on my face. (Who hasn’t been using the same blush color since she was 16? Oh wait, just me. Sorry.) Thinking about trying out the bronzer duo.
    Recently purchased the Coveted Coral Luxe Lip Gloss, and I love the new color. I’ve been working more peach, orange and coral into my wardrobe, and it works great with those looks. The color in the tube is so bright but the color in the lip is just right.

    Learning not to be afraid of my face at 43!! Thanks, Alison and Sonia.

  • SO COOL Alison!!!!

  • heidi

    This was SOOO cool Alison, I have been a reader of kate from ‘ the small things’ blog for ever.. I love her hair tutorials ! this was so fun!

  • Lindsay

    So cool! I loved watching that. I think my favorite tip was to not be afraid of color on the lips and cheeks. I tend to downplay both of those areas and concentrate my color on the eyes. Maybe this summer I’ll be a little braver. I like how she suggested to just do a strong lip when it’s really hot out.

  • The lip color part hit home. For the longest I have been a skeptic of bold colors and its only of late that I have started going really bold hues of red and pinks.. I do like to keep it neutral on hot days..but her interview is awesome!! Thanks for sharing this Alison 🙂

  • What a cool experience! I loved hearing her tips and answers!

  • Jody

    So fun! I was surprised she said to wear less makeup when it is hot, but it totally makes sense! I use her gel eye liner and love, love, love it! I will be checking out the eye palette and blush/bronzer duo for sure!

  • Rebecca Graham

    I like the lip color tip. I like the bold lip colors.

  • hey who doesn’t love a good lip! its the funnest simple way to bring in color to anything you wear!

  • Wow that’s so awesome….hanging out with the great Kashuk!!!!


  • This was fabulous Alison! I love the tip for women over 40! I never thought to play up my lips and cheeks! I have never tried her products, so I would love some tips on how to pick up a few key pieces to try!! Thanks friend! Susan

  • I do love her products, i think she has a great sense of what women want.
    XX, Elle

  • So many helpful tips! I’ve really enjoyed your recent posts, Alison! Keep up the great work!

  • Debbie B

    i liked her tip of going bold with lip color for those over 40!

  • Debbie B
  • Kerry

    My only tip is self tanner – I can’t get enough of it!

  • Kerry