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I Feel Pretty | Risky

Printed Jeans, Coral Cardigan, Yellow Shirt

Coral Cardigan, Yellow Shirt

Coral Cardigan, Yellow shirt, mom fashion

Mom Fashion

Fossil Bracelet

Printed Denim, Cardigan, Coral and Yellow, Style for moms

[Jeans:  Gap/Cardigan:  Target/Shirt:  Old Navy/Earrings:  c/o Silver Speck/Leather Bracelet:  c/o Fossil/Bangles:  c/o Alex and Ani/Glasses:  Similar/Wedges:  Target]


One of the great things about blogging is that I’m so much more willing to take risks with fashion now.  Last year at this time, you never would’ve caught me mixing patterns or wearing printed denim.  Actually, if I’m being really honest, I didn’t even own patterns or bright colors at that time.

My style has completely evolved in the seven months since starting this blog.  It’s more fun now and a true representation of who I am.  I don’t  hide behind solid colors or safe outfits anymore.  It’s been more than just an evolution of style.  It’s been about coming into who I truly am and not being afraid to express it.

It’s Your Turn:  How is your style evolving?  Do you feel like you’ve come into your own or are you still on your way?

I Feel Pretty

It’s the day of the week at GYPO where we celebrate what makes us feel pretty.  Whether it’s a new outfit, hairstyle, some makeup, a home project or just some time to yourself,  the I Feel Pretty link up is about anything and everything that makes your life prettier.  Even if you’re not a blogger, you can still play along.  Just tell me what made you feel pretty this week in the comments!

Oh and for some of the best blogging advice EVER, check out this post by my friend Shay.

Now, let’s take a look at last week’s Pretty of the Week.

She’s Lacey of Sunny and Turquoise!

Her crisp white blazer, cobalt blue blouse and jeans make for business casual perfection.  Not to mention, we have that same pair of fabulous wedges!

I Feel Pretty

Link up your outfits or anything else that makes you feel pretty. There are just a few simple rules:

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That’s it! Let the fun begin.

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  • I love the stripes with the bold pants! That is such my style! Gorgeous as always girl!!

  • I’m totally with you on the fact that I dress TOTALLY differently than I would have last year! I am not only more courageous while dressing, but I’m also willing to splurge on some basic pieces that I know I’ll be able to get a lot of miles out of! I love your printed denim and stripes together!

  • I love the patterns and colors you mixed. You look great!

  • I couldn’t agree more, Alison.
    Blogging gives me so much inspiration even I think I have reached a stage (and age) where I know my own style. Through blogging I try out things and combinations I wouldn’t have done last year. Maybe there will come the time to even post them 😉

    Your bangles are so lovely. Especially love the brown one.
    You look gorgeous again!
    Lady of Style
    now on Facebook

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  • totally agree with you on the added level of inspiration! i’m loving this look, and have also taken more risks as a result. 🙂


  • Lacey at Sunny + Turquoise

    Absolutely loving the glasses this week! Such a fun and pretty look on you! YAY for featuring me this week, THANK YOU! Such a great surprise pretty lady!!!

  • Saxon

    I LOVE your outfit and those colors are PERFECT on you! I don’t have a blog, but I started reading your (and other’s) blogs back in November. I was feeling like a frumpy, old, overweight mess. I decided that I needed to try to dress myself and feel better about myself no matter what my weight. Through advice from your blog, I started buying a piece or two of clothing a week with my “payday pretty” fund. I poured over Pinterest and blogs to find out how to put the pieces together. Little by little, I started losing weight too. Now, six months later, I have a closet full of colored jeans, cute tops, cardigans, scarves and statement jewelry AND I’m 25 pounds lighter! 🙂 I am putting outfit combinations together that I NEVER would have even thought about before. (I grew up where everything was supposed to “match.”) Thanks for your “risky” behavior. lol I’m inspired by you every week. 🙂

  • My style has definitely evolved since starting to blog two years ago. It helps you think outside the box and look at your wardrobe in a whole new way.

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit today! Heather

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  • I love this look! I think I need some printed denim in my life. Definitely hitting Gap and Target before I head out adventuring this summer.

  • I LOVE, LOVE this outfit! The colors are so pretty together. I can see why you say risky but girl, this is a perfect look! I seriously want to give it a try for myself!

  • Well, you know how I feel about pattern mixing 🙂 This looks fab, well done!!! Love the glasses on you, too!

  • You are rocking the color combo and mixed prints! Love it!

  • LOVE this look on you! That pattern mixing is divine and works so well with everything in the same color family! You look like the definition of spring! 🙂

  • Oh yes….I totally share your sentiments Alison. Blogging has its psychological rewards & we are truly reaping those rewards now! You look absolutely head-to-toe gorgeous in this ensemble!!


  • Great job putting that look together! I love wearing different things like that, but I feel like I have to see it on someone before I’m able to pull it off on my own. You look FAB!!

  • I LOVE what you paired together!!!!!!
    I haven’t branched out to pattern mixing yet, but I am thinking of taking the plunge by buying some fun shorts this summer. I think I was initially scared away by it when I saw people going crazy and overboard, but then when I see photos like this, I think “yes. I can do this.” Less is more. Find something that ties it together instead of looking like you picked out your clothes in the dark. Ha.

  • For the last several years, I have been known to wear black, black and more black, and over the winter I incorporated some grey. I was more colorful when I was younger… However! Since following you blog, I’d like you to know that I did venture out and get mint nail polish which I have been wearing the last couple of weeks AND I did find some blue eyeliner. Unfortunately I think I still look clown-like with my big bulbous eyes. haha

  • I think this is super fun Allison! You look great, love the bracelets too!

  • I would have never mixed patterns and now I do! I always am willing to try it once and then if I don’t feel comfortable, then at least I know I tried! Love those pants!

  • Super cute outfit. Love the bright colors. So Spring!

  • You look fabulous as always! I love the colors and prints.

  • I LOVE these pants!

  • Ada

    Great colors, looking Lovely Alison. Love the slight pattern-mixing. Your Tortoise Jewelry is nice also.

  • I’m right there with you. My style has completely evolved since starting my blog almost a year ago. I always loved patterns and florals, but I wasn’t much of a risk-taker before I was introduced to Lookbook a few years back. Starting my own blog was the final step I needed to take even bigger risks and to become even more inspired by others in the fashion blogging community.

    I absolutely love this zesty spring look! So colorful, so playful. Love the patterns you combined. I especially love your cute shoes (I bet they go with anything) and those awesome pants!


  • Oh Alison, you look so fresh and pretty in this outfit! I’m so happy you’ve jumped on the colour and pattern mixing train! Your glasses and hairstyle are very flattering! Love it all.

    Thanks for hosting I Feel Pretty!

    Sue xo

  • Your photos are so vibrant, bright and and beautiful! Love those pants!

  • I agree that I too have been taking more risks and wearing more colors since starting my blog. I think it’s fun and challenging trying to stay on top on different styles. I like the risk you’ve taken with this outfit. It is something I would wear. Cute!


  • Love those pants!! and you did a fabulous job mixing prints! I’m a little fearful of doing that, but maybe I’ll try again some time 🙂

  • Ira

    Amazing pics! So beautiful:)

  • OMG…I absolutely love this mix of colors and patterns-so pretty!

  • CC

    Love these colors together! You look amazing. 🙂 You know it’s funny but my style just keeps getting more and more simple the longer I Blog and the older I get. It is more me though. 🙂

  • You look so bright and springy! I love it! Coral/orange and yellow look so great together, especially on you. You look gorgeous in those frames and I really love your yellow wedges 🙂

  • Risky, bold and beautiful!! I love the mix of colors you used. Those yellow sandals are super cute and perfect for the season. Those glasses rock too!! Love!

  • I love this outfit Alison, from the color combo to the prints. It all comes together perfectly. And those yellow wedges are “it”! I may have to copycat you on those.

    In terms of my style evolution – I modeled for 10 years and this actually really put a damper on my personal style. You had to show up at castings and jobs looking like a clean-slate. So the client could try and fit you in their vision – so I wore a lot of basics for those years. And the fun clothes that I purchased, really just sat in my closet. It wasn’t until I switched to the business side of the fashion industry that I was really able to experiment and figure out my style. Which has been the best! Instead of just sitting in my closet, now my fun clothes get to come out and play everyday. Getting dressed is seriously one of my favorite things to do each day.

    Merch Maven

  • YOu just started blogging 7 months ago? No way! I started around the same time, and you have so many followers already!! What is your secret? You go girl!

  • Love those pants. So pretty!!!


  • Love this look! I am obsessed with all of the bright colors going on 🙂

    The Fashion Canvas

  • I love your Blog! I’ve been following for a while on BlogSpot! Ive only been blogging for a month but am so where you say you are in regards of taking more risks with outfits & just feeling more confident & more like myself for once! Love your style! Andrea x

  • Sorry I joined your Link up but was unable to link it to FB or Twitter as Hubby needed the lap top!! We are off on Hols 2moro & he needed to plan the route! Id much rather keep blog hopping & reading your archives! 😉 Andrea x

  • A risk well managed! I love the bright colors and pattern mixing. This outfit looks so happy!

  • Such a pretty outfit on you – great colors!

  • I love your pants! So much fun 🙂

    xo Ashley

  • Here here! I love that blogging brought out the true YOU cuz you’re a fun, loving and beautiful lady who should shine in all the pretty colors!!

  • I can totally to this post. I have always had a lot of colors and patterns in my closet but it was always paired with black or something neutral. I’ve really enjoyed mixing colors and patterns to expand my outfit possibilities. You look great – love these color combos & pattern mixing!


  • Oh! Those pants! With that shirt! I love, love, love it! Sure, it’s risky, but to me, it just talks about your personality and that you’re fun and comfortable with who you are. Love it!

  • You look so so pretty. I love the colors!

  • Ani

    I love the stripes with the bold colours, it so cheerful and summerish, love it. This is THE perfect summer Outfit which puts a smile on my face when I look at it Alison 🙂


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  • Blogging certainly encourages us to become braver in our choices. Glad to see that happen for you. While your blog is relatively new, I can see a definite evolution on it. Nice work!

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  • love those pants Xo, Megan,

  • Too bad I missed the linkup! 😉 But dropping by to say I love your outfit, those pants are gorgeous!

    I’d love it if you can drop by mine and check out my latest post: