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My Work Out Must Haves

It’s February which means I’m finally making progress in my work out goals for the new year.  Am I a little behind schedule?  Yes, slightly, but I usually don’t really get my workout mojo back until mid-January anyway.  Last year I didn’t get it back until late March so technically I’m ahead this year.  🙂

It’s been a little easier getting back into the groove this time and I’m not sure why.  It could be because I refuse to punish myself by doing things I don’t love (see this post for more on that).  Or it could be because I got some new workout clothes and shoes that have made it a lot more enjoyable!  Seriously, that helps my motivation far more than anything else I’ve tried.  I use new workout gear as both a motivator and a reward for hard work.  Here are three of my workout must haves that keep me going.

1.  Bright and happy shoes!

I’ve been a big fan of brightly colored running shoes since they first came out.  My sweet son got me this pair of Nike Roshe Run for my birthday.  Roshes (as the teens call them) seem to be having a moment right now.  I just like how they look and especially how they feel on my feet.  They’re super lightweight yet give me lots of cushioning.


[Nike Roshe Run]

2.  Printed pants and fun outfits


[Capri Pants and Sweatshirt – TJ Maxx]


[Yoga Pants, Tank and Long Cardigan – Fabletics]

My favorite places to shop for yoga pants, tanks and tops is Fabletics.  Everything I’m wearing in the second outfit is Fabletics.  Their stuff is extremely well-made (NO thin yoga pants, yay!) and durable.  I’ve washed my yoga tanks a million times and they are still great.  I also love the long tail on them that doesn’t ride up.  My second favorite places for workout gear is TJ Maxx and Marshall’s.  They both carry the RBX brand which fits me really well and comes in bright colors and fun patterns.

3.  My Fitbit Flex

I didn’t think I needed an activity tracker…until I got one.  Warning:  Counting steps can become addictive!  Since I work out four times a week, I really thought I was doing enough.  The fact is, the rest of the week I spent firmly planted on my behind!  My Fitbit Flex made this very clear to me.  I like that it tracks my steps and activity because it encourages me to get off my duff and do something.  Now instead of staying at my desk, I walk around the house when I’m on the phone.  I also love the ease of using the calorie counting feature on the Fitbit app for my iPhone.


[Fitbit Flex]

If you already have a Fitbit Flex and need a new bracelet for your tracker, I highly recommend this 7 piece set.  Now I can change my bracelet to match my workout outfits every day!  (Note:  These are the bracelets only, you will need to purchase the tracker separately.)

[Set of 7 Fitbit Flex Bracelets]

It’s Your Turn:  What helps with your workout motivation?  What are your work out must haves?  Share them with me in the comments!


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  • Love the brightly colored Nikes! I do circuit training and need a pair as well. Asics has a nice line as well!


    • I like that it’s bright. It stands out and calls my name to go work out! 😉

  • So cute Alison! I’m a big fan of the brightly colored work out pants as well!

    • Thanks Sheaffer! Aren’t they fun?

  • I am in dire need of new workout clothes!! I just ordered a few things from Old Navy and really like everything except their sports bras. Really sized small!! I am loving your bright looks!! Susan

    • You should try Fabletics above, Susan. You will love it!

  • I just got a FitBit. Can’t wait to try it! (It’s till in the packaging, d’oh!)

    • Once you have it on, you won’t want to take it off Jo-Lynne.

  • I’m loving all of the bright colors of the workout gear right now! There is nothing better than a new top or pants to get you to the gym! It’s so much better than wearing an old tee shirt.

    Doused In Pink

    • I agree Jill. Bright colors are so fun to wear.

  • Amy Ann

    New workout gear always motivates me to actually work out. Too bad that would mean I would need to buy it far too regularly….

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

    • That just made me laugh! 😉 That would be nice!

  • Sara

    Perfect timing, I am looking for new workout clothes and so appreciate your suggestions. I just discovered Fabletics and was wondering about their quality, so happy to read about them here. I also just got fitted at our Title Nine store for new sport bras, and can’t believe what a difference it makes to have bras that fit well, I had no idea how poorly my existing ones were fitting & just not giving me the support I need when I workout. I’m definitely sold on getting fitted someplace where they know what they are doing!

    • I hope you love the Fabletics workout clothes! They are my definite must haves.

  • Getting cute workout clothes is definitely a motivation for me to workout more. Love those pants. The color palette goes with everything. ~Cynthia

    • You can never go wrong with cute and fun workout clothes.

  • Great workout gear for some gym motivation! I need those pants! 🙂
    We Shop in Heels

  • Gail S

    LOVE my FitBit!! It does make you think and get you going. What is also great is become friends with others and have a healthy competition to see who gets the most steps in a week! 🙂

    • Great idea Gail. I might need to find out who else has a FitBit!

  • Working out is a must for me, it just makes me feel good. I am trying to focus on eating better so that I can live a much healthier lifestyle.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

    • That is great Alice! Cheers to a healthier lifestyle!

  • You’re so right Alison – the overall key to having fun while working out is to wear the most fun & bright outfits!!!


  • I feel like bright colors definitely up the motivation for some reason! And, definitely tennis shoes that are in good shape (and, they have to be cute!).


    • Yes and yes! Nothing wrong with that. 😉

  • Kathy

    Get a workout buddy, or a few! That is my secret to staying in shape. We meet every weekday at the Y and get our workout on!

    • I’m going to need a workout buddy!

  • Loving the bright outfit! I just added workout great to my must have list for the month. Being cute while getting in shape is a must! 😉


    • Thanks Whitney. What’s your work out must haves?

  • You are so right about the Fitbit being addictive. I am obsessed with mine, but I think it really forces me to be active. I don’t know how I ever survived without it!
    The Grass Skirt

    • I’m tracking down my steps and making sure I beat it the next day. 😉

  • Great suggestions!

    Birdie Shoots

  • Lisa hansen

    Ok everybody, I’m a workout freak and I’ve never heard of the Fitbit. What exactly does it do? Just track my steps? Are they expensive? Is it worth it? What about a heart rate monitor thing.
    Please enlighten me about this craze. Thanks!

    • Fitbit tracks your activity and sleep. It’s amazing!

  • My must-haves are layering tanks. I especially love the long basic ones from Lulu because shirts and tanks I put on top of them don’t get stuck on the fabric and require me to pull down on them all the time. I also love strappy bras in contrasting colors that show outside of your workout tops. I spend more money on workout wear than regular wear, so I feel justified living in them on the weekends as long as I keep it stylish!

    • I love layering tanks for work out wear. Great must have Anne-Michelle!

  • Yvonne

    Do you know of any brands of workout clothing that come in petite sizes? I would love to add to my workout “wardrobe”, but it’s hard to find things that are proportioned right, and while I’m very used to having my regular clothing tailored if needed, it’s hard to justify doing that with exercise pieces. Thanks for any ideas!

    • The best way is to go to the closest sports store to try out different brands of workout outfits. Hope that helps!

  • Marjie

    This is perfect timing for me! As a reward for losing 10% of my start weight (20 weeks ago!), I am buying myself new fun workout wear! I can’t wait to shop! Thank you!

    • Great job Marjie! Go treat yourself to a fun workout outfit! 🙂

  • I am all about bright clothes even for workout. Totally digging your work out pants. TJMaxx never disappoints me with their varied choices in just about everything. And you are so right about the fitbit part..it is a major addiction! Thanks for the link up Alison!

    • Glad i’m not the only one 😉

  • Great work out pants. Who knows, maybe what I need to motivate myself into going to the gym are cute work-out pants!!

    • Crossing my fingers, Lisa! Hope it works.

  • Love bright fun workout shoes!! Great share girl. xo ~ Megan a href=”http://www.fashionistamomma.com”>The Fashionista Momma

    • Aren’t they so fun?