April 24, 2017 - Easy Outfits, SAHMonday, Style

SAHMonday: Gray Cold Shoulder and Yellow Sandals

Welcome to another edition of SAHMonday – weekly outfit inspiration just for the stay at home and work from home moms of the world (like me!) who aren’t heading out of the house on Monday morning.  You can check out the other outfits in this series here.

These outfits are perfect for when you want to feel comfortable, yet put together, so that you can face the day and any errands you may need to run.  Plus, most of these outfit formulas can be pulled straight from your closet.  If you don’t have my exact pieces, that’s ok.  Just use one of the substitutions that I recommend.

This past week, my husband Craig took our daughter Aubrey’s senior photos.  Craig is also our family and my blog photographer, in addition to his real full-time job an an engineer.  I sneaked a few outfits into the car during her shoot so we could work in some blog photos.  So for the next few weeks, you’ll get some actual photos, not me taking selfies in the mirror.

I’ll also share some of Aubrey’s pics with you once they’re edited and ready.  We’re really happy with how they turned out! I’m just in absolute shock that she’s graduating in a month. The one thing that’s making all of this a lot easier is that she’s decided to spend a year at home. Over Christmas break she came to us with a tearful confession that she doesn’t feel ready to move away from home yet.  And if she’s not ready, we certainly aren’t.  So she’ll be coaching gymnastics and taking honors courses at the community college her first year. I’m thrilled to get to have her here a bit longer!

Gray Cold Shoulder Top and Yellow Sandals

I went out to do “research” at the mall on pieces to include in the Summer 2017 GYPO Style Challenge and wasn’t planning to buy anything. But then I spied this gray cold shoulder top for just $15! I couldn’t pass up this great deal on such a cute top.

Gray Cold Shoulder Top + Frayed Hem Jeans + Yellow Sandals




[Cold Shoulder Top:  Same/Frayed Hem Jeans:  Same/Necklace:  Similar/Yellow Sandals:  Similar]

Substitutions and Shopping Options: 

Gray Top:  Any gray cold shoulder top or style of t-shirt.  Shopping Options:  1/2/3

Frayed Hem Jeans:  Any jeans or shorts.  Shopping Options:  1/2/3

Yellow Sandals:  Any colorful pair of flats or sandals.  Shopping Options:  1/2/3

Revised-Email-Header-Gypo-Spring-2017 Spring Challenge Just $29

If you wanted to get in on the Spring 2017 Style Challenge but missed out, now’s a great time – it’s ON SALE for just $29! You’ll still get your shopping list of classic basics and spring trends plus 24 days of mix and match outfit ideas.  We’re also styling these outfits all over again in our private Facebook group before the summer challenge starts.  This is a great time to join the fun!  You’ll get access to the shopping list and all of the outfits immediately HERE.

Show me YOUR SAHMonday outfit!  Tag me on Instagram and use the hashtag #SAHMonday.

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  1. Glad to hear that your daughter is choosing to spend another year at home. Community colleges are such a great resource that I don’t understand why more people don’t take advantage of them. Especially with the great expense of college.

    You look super adorbs! Love that hair cut!

  2. My daughter is a junior and I’m secretly hoping she’ll want a gap year but I’m prepared if she doesn’t. Tell your hubby he is a great photographer! Love the pics! You look great in that outfit! And I love the hair too.

  3. Love the gray top on you. I would NEVER purchase based on what it looks like on the web site. You wear it so much better!

  4. Congratulations to your daughter for knowing what’s right for her! That leap is so hard and she’ll know when she’s ready.

    You are adorable in this outfit. I have this top in the light blue stripes…might get it in the red too. It’s so cute!

  5. You and The Fashion Canvas are on the same page with the yellow shoes… now I’m dying to get my hands on some!

  6. Not sure if I can pull off the cold shoulder top but want to try… this one is so cute on you, do you mind sharing what size you are wearing in this?

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