Alison’s Friday Favorites

TGIF Pretties and welcome to another edition of Friday Favorites!  If you’re new around here, Alison’s Friday Favorites is a weekly list of anything that makes my life a little easier, prettier or happier.  Here are a few things that checked those boxes this week.

Favorite #1 – Outdoor Living

Spring to me means one thing…more patio time!  We spend so much time on our front porch and back patio when the weather gets nice.  It’s not unusual for us to have entire dinners that consist of only chips and guacamole or wine and cheese. Hey, it’s nutritionally sound (see the fruit)!





Favorite #2 – Hormone Pellets

In Monday’s post, I mentioned that my first outfit was worn to an appointment to get my hormone pellet replaced.  I got quite a few questions e-mailed to me about this.  Since I’m basically an open book, I’m happy to provide answers!

About two years ago, I started feeling really sluggish and gaining weight.  My gynecologist did blood work, including my hormone panels and found that my testosterone was basically non-existent.  At that time I didn’t even realize that women needed testosterone.  Since she does bio-identical hormone therapy (BHRT) in the form of pellets from Biote Medical she asked if I’d be willing to try it.  At first, I was leery and didn’t relish the though of having a pellet implanted in my body, especially since it not a decision you can “un-do” if you’re not happy.  But I decided to take the plunge that first time and it made me feel like a new person.  I had more energy that I had in years, was able to work out longer and started to lose weight that diet and exercise weren’t taking care of before.

I’ve been getting pellets for two years now and plan to continue.  My estrogen levels are starting to decline so I may be adding that in sometime later this year.

The process itself is pretty painless.  She gives me a local and then inserts the tiny pellet (about the size of a grain of rice) into the backside of my hip.  It takes about two weeks for it to kick in.  As for cost?  Insurance doesn’t cover it and I’m sure it varies from practitioner to practitioner but my initial blood work was $150 and the pellet replacement is $350 each time.  I’ve had few side effects but the biggest are that I have to shave more often and get break outs in the first two weeks after it gets placed.

You can learn more about the pellets she uses and find a provider near you at


Favorite #3 – Homeschooling

Ava and I are coming close to the end of our first year of homeschooling and we haven’t killed each other yet!  When she approached me about the idea last summer, I was afraid that our strong, stubborn personalities were going to butt heads every day or worse, she’d be wearing a dunce cap by year end. We decided to go with Connections Academy‘s online program because I definitely do not have the patience or qualifications to do it myself.  I’m so happy we decided to give it a try. This year has been awesome for both of us.  She’s gotten to do a lot more of what she loves most (see photo below) and I’ve gotten to spend more time with her and be more involved.  Selfishly, I don’t miss the carpool line, packing lunches every day or waking her up at the crack of dawn every morning! 🙂


Favorite #4 – Booty Friendly Jeans!

It’s a noteworthy item when I share my backside on the blog. In my SAHMonday post, I told you about my new favorite pair of booty friendly jeans.  Gravity has had it’s way back there since turning 40 so there’s nothing better than a pair of jeans that lift and support.  They’re also very soft and comfortable. If you’re still looking for a pair of frayed hem jeans (or want to add another to your collection), I highly recommend these!


Plus they’re super cute with a bandana scarf tied to the waist!  Tip:  To try this look, fold a bandana scarf and lace it through two of the belt loops on the side of your jeans.


[Frayed Hem Jeans/Floral Bandana Scarf]

It’s Your Turn:  What are you loving this Friday?  Tell me in the comments!

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