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Summer Hair Challenge | Let it Air Dry

7 Day Air Dry Challenge

I only get my hair cut twice a year – in June and December.  When I went last month, my stylist kept telling me how badly damaged my ends were.  OK, maybe that has something to do with the fact that I only get my hair cut twice a year.  Or that I tried to ombre my hair at home a few months back.  But more likely it’s due to the fact that my naturally curly hair gets beat into submission twice a week with blowouts and flat ironing.

After my hair cut and a deep conditioning treatment, my tresses were soft, shiny and so much healthier. I am dedicated to holding onto this new found hair health, at least through the rest of summer.  Of course, that will be a challenge with the sun, chlorine from the pool and a beach vacation.

Drastic times call for drastic measures so I’m letting my hair air dry every day for a week.  That’s right, no hot tools, just leave-in conditioner and curls.  I’m going with what God gave me.  Yes, it’s going to be scary for a girl that’s been heat straightening since 1996.  But my hair deserves a break…and so do I.  Those 40 minute blow-outs and flat iron sessions take their toll.

Now this would be no big deal if I had big, pretty bouncy curls that knew how to behave.  But I don’t.  I have small, frizzy, unruly ones that go haywire as the day goes on.  I have yet to find a product that keeps them under control.  (Curly girls – if you have any suggestions, PLEASE leave them in the comments!)

Are you up for the challenge?

I’m issuing the seven day air dry challenge to all of you too.  Drop the hot tools and give your hair a break.  No matter what hair type you have – straight, wavy, frizzy, fine, thin, thick – your hair will thank you for it!  Next week when I get back from vacation, I’ll be posting my results and letting you know how I did with the challenge.  Let me know how you did too!  I might even get brave enough to post pictures of my curly ‘do.

And if you’re one of those girls that’s lucky enough to already have perfect air dried hair, then we all hate you, keep doing what you’re doing.  🙂

It’s Your Turn:  Will you take the seven day air dry challenge with me?   If so, tell me in the comments and let me know what kind of hair you naturally have.

Oh, I’m guest posting over at School Gate Style today.  I hope you’ll drop by and check it out!


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  1. Well as a “curly” girl that hasn’t use the heating tools for almost 2 years now (and used to straighten it every week) I have to say that the less you touch your curls the better they look. My hair is thick, heavy, very frizzy and something between curly and wavy. What works for me: a good hair-cut (with layers), keep it moisturised (maks, leave in conditioner, serums, coconut oil, etc. at least once a week), ALWAYS ALWAYS use an anti-frizz serum after washing it and a good quality styling mousse (in my case with strong hold). The products I can’t live without: JOHN FRIEDA FRIZZ-EASE Hair Serum (original formula), PANTENE styling mousse (defined curls, ultra strong hold, normal-thick hair) and AUSSIE 3min. MIRACLE CONDITIONER.

  2. I don;t do Facebook or I would have voted for you 100 times! You have the most fabulous hair I have ever seen! If I did not blow dry mine, I would look like I have a dead animal on my head – flat, flat, flat! I am not sure there is anything you could do that would make that beautiful hair look bad! Let us know how this challenge goes! Blessings! Susan

  3. Have you tried the devacurl line? That works well for my curls and they have a sampler pack that you can buy at sephora or through birchbox. I also found that switching to a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner made a big difference. Aveeno makes a sulfate free line that you can buy at target.

  4. I have very straight hair so I have always let it air dry 🙂 I know a lot of people with straight, thin hair let it blow dry for body, but my hair is already damaged thanks to dying it since I was 14 I leave it alone after showering. I’m sure your hair will look great!

  5. You and I have the Exact same hair – thick, frizzy curly. Bumble and bumble Curl Conscious Calming Creme.. Expensive but worth it, I promise!

  6. My hair is a huge frizz ball without styling it! I tried to air dry the other day and it is not going to happen, ha ha! Can’t wait to see the results of yours. I bet it will look great 🙂

  7. I hope you’ll post pictures. I’d partake with you but uhh, this is how I do my hair everyday! I don’t own a blow dryer or a straightener. I think my hair is generally pretty healthy but I know sometimes my ends look a little funky. Unfortunately with hair as curly as mine, I can’t cut them off completely, otherwise I’d look like a poodle.

  8. I love Tigi’s Curl line. It works great for my hair. And Redken has a serum called slim supreme in their real control line that I adore. The big thing about product and hair is that you have to try just about everything to find the one that works the best for you. A cream could work better on your hair than it would work on mine. Thank goodness most professional brands do sample sizes.
    My rule for myself is that I try to “do” my hair at least 3 days of the week. That could mean a blow dry and straighten, doing it curly, just plain doing something. The other days of the week I try to give myself and my hair a break. So it goes into ponys, french braids, left over hair from the day before, whatever. Just anything to give myself and my hair a break.

  9. I haven’t used my blow dryer in a long time! Usually I wash my hair at night, let it air dry until it’s damp, then I either braid it or twist it. In the mornings, I just brush it out and I’m done.

  10. I have curls and I do know that the longer you let it go curly the better it will behave. I like Aveda Be Curly but last month I got a sample pack of Deva Curls and really like it. If you are serious about taking care of your hair buy the book “Curly Girl” it explains about all different kinds of curly hair and how to care for it.

  11. I’m a curly girl too and the only thing I’ve found that keeps away the frizz without being crunchy is Aveda’s Be Curly. I cannot live without it!

  12. Ouidad has great products for curly hair. I have three or four different textures and kind of curl in my hair and it works great for all of it. I use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner as well as gel. I work the gel through in sections and it looks great!

  13. I almost never blow dry my hair unless I need it to look reallllly good for a specific occasion, and it has never been healthier!

  14. I had straight hair as a child and when I hit purberty, it started curling. Needless to say it looked bizzarre until it grew out long enough that all of it had the same pattern. I have 3 types of curl in my hair. This is my routine: Wash two to three times a week only. No shampoo at all (don’t worry, there are enough chemicals in the water to keep it clean). I started this years ago before the “sulfate free” shampoos came out and it made all the difference. I have tried many products Ouidad, Aveda, Tigi Curls Rock line, etc. I find that WEN works the best for my hair. Finger comb in shower while conditioned to get the tangles out – this is the only time my hair is “brushed”. After using the cleansing conditioner, I “plop” my hair in on old t-shirt to get the drips out. Then I add a little bit more cleansing conditioner and “It’s a Ten – Miracle Leave In Product” in sections to make sure it’s evenly dispersed. Air dry. (I have found that mouse and gel makes my hair crunchy. This combo leaves it soft.) DO NOT TOUCH. Touching the hair will seperate the curls and cause frizz. I use barretts, braids at the crown, and twist and pin method to keep the hair away from my face. Day two I use “Tweek – Curly Hair Solutions” to revive the curls. Day three is usually a bun or some other updo. Once a week I’ll put the Wen Mask in my hair post shower and let it sit in my hair all day styled in a braid and rinse it out the next day. One other pointer – if you need to put your hair in a ponytail and it’s day one…do a lose ponytail at the nape of your neck. Just tight enough to keep the hairtie from falling out. Once you pull the curls out no amount of tweek will help. The only other thing I can say is that a good haircut is essential!
    You will probably need to experiment with product to see what works best for you. Good luck.

  15. I have naturally curly/wavy hair, but it looks like a frizzed out mess unless I put something in it. I usually straighten it every day. I’ll do the challenge! It’s easier to let it go in the summer anyway because I don’t want to get steamy hot trying to get ready in this heat!

  16. I’m so up for this challenge! Being mixed, I have naturally curly, crazy, frizzy hair. I’m so bad about throwing it up in a tight bun when it’s not straight. I’m going to embrace my curls for a week and see what different ways I can style it!
    Good luck!

    Claudia @ 256thriftshopaholic.blogspot.com

  17. Hi. My name is Nikki & I’m a former heat addict. I used to spend a ridiculous amount of time hair drying and flat ironing. About 2 years ago I decided to start air drying the majority of the time instead of heat. I noticed a significant difference in my hair’s health. Also my stylist told me that if you wear your hair back too much then the front pieces tend to break more easy giving us curly haired girl those frizzy front pieces. Hope your challenge goes well!
    Nikki at http://www.bedazzlesafterdark.com

  18. I actually use to do this all the time when my hair was long.
    I would wash it, braid it and go to sleep.
    Wake up undo braid and nice soft wavy curls
    My hair is too short to it now though
    Good luck on the challenge

  19. when left to air dry my hair becomes a huge frizz monster. I could do this challenge, but I’d just be putting up in a bun every day all week!

  20. Ok, you’ve convinced me to take the air dry challenge with you! I actually used to NEVER let me hair air dry. I’d always blow dry it and straighten it. I gradually stopped straightening it regularly, but I was still blowdrying. And then, a few months ago, I started sleeping with it damp and then styling my waves in the morning. It was sooo much easier, quicker, healthier! I did it a couple times a week, and still blowdried the other days. But ever since I started my new job a couple weeks ago, I haven’t let it air dry once. I felt like it wouldn’t look as polished. But I’m about to break out the waves!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see yours! I bet it’ll look great, especially at the beach!!

  21. I am with the other ladies, the less you mess with your curls (until they dry mostly) the better. Set them how you want them, give a slight scrunch every now and then when you think they need it! I usually only use argan oil on mine when wet then finish with a texturizing paste to help keep the ends and front looking “done”. Good luck and I will be participating with you but mostly because I very rarely use any heat now with the summer!


  22. I highly recommend the Ouidad line of products for curly hair. And if you happen to be where there is a Ouidad certified hair salon, have them cut your hair too. Makes all the difference finding someone who really knows how to cut curly hair. The Styling Hutch in Plano Tx is great!

  23. hi there, use GK hair care treatment which is made in saloons by the products of GK .(global keratin) your curls will ease, get longer and healthier.

  24. Just like you, I have long curly hair that tends to dry-out and frizz. I used the Shielo Restoration OIl (applied to wet hair) helps retain the natural curl while adding deep shine and hydration. I have used Shielo’s Oil daily for 6 weeks…and my hair looks so healthy!

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