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The Next Thing You Need | Cozy Coats

It’s finally coat season here in Texas!  Do you have any idea how excited that makes me?  The only thing that could make it even more exciting is coat weather AND football.

Tonight I’ll be needing a warm cozy topper to wear to our son’s playoff game.  I hope you don’t mind me being a proud football mom for just a minute.  Our oldest Devon is a senior this year so it’s his last year of playing high school football.  That’s a pretty big deal in my world at the moment. After ten years of seeing him on the field, we are down to our last few precious games.  Thankfully his team made it to playoffs last week, so tonight we’ll get to watch him once again.

Here’s our inside linebacker #4 doing his thing.

Tackle After last week’s win, his picture was in the Dallas Morning News, exciting stuff!  That’s him, on the left, blocking a punt.

Dallas Morning News Photo Thanks for allowing me that proud mama moment!

Now back to the topic at hand – the need for a warm coat for tonight’s game.  Because we have such mild winters in Texas, I haven’t bought very many coats over the past few years.  My coat wardrobe is in need of a refresh, so I’m on the lookout for something cute and cozy that doesn’t break the bank.  Here are some coat and scarf combos that I’ve got on the radar.

Cozy Coats Under $50

Under $50


Striped Coat [Coat:  Merona/Scarf:  Nordstrom]


Houdstooth coat [Coat:  Forever 21/Scarf:  Target]

Under $75


Belted Coat [Coat:  Dollhouse/Scarf:  Lulu]


Black and White Coat [Coat:  ASOS/Scarf: Merona]

It’s Your Turn:  Have you had a proud mom moment lately?  If so, tell me in the comments!


Stay tuned for a special Black Friday giveaway announcement coming on Monday.  Trust me, you’re going to love it!

Black Friday Teaser Revised

Getting my pretty on with Fashion Friday and Friday’s Fab Favorites.

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  • You should totally be a proud mama!!! And I absolutely agree, it’s cozy coat and scarf time!!

  • Congratulations on a great football season! Your son is a handsome and talented boy! I am sure he has big plans for his future! I just ordered a grey pea coat because I figured it would go with everything. But I am loving this striped coat from Target!! I may have to run and get that!! Susan

  • Saxon

    You should be proud and brag. 🙂 I totally lucked out at the end of the season at Target last year. Snatched up 4 coats at about $15.00 each. SCORE! I have something for every occasion now. 😉

  • Hoorah for coat and scarf weather!!!! It just makes me happy. And I really love your picks today. SO cute and VERY affordable! Great list!

  • Nothing wrong with bragging when you are proud of your kids! I love your affordable picks. I tend to get tired of my coats so I like to switch them out a lot.

  • Go Devon! That’s awesome they made it to the playoffs. As you know, time goes by so fast with the kids so moments like that are always worth being proud. The houndstooth coats are my favorites!

  • I want that plaid scarf, I cannot wait for the giveaway woot woot.

  • Oh how I miss Texas high school football! I caught a game a few weeks back when I was in town for a weekend, but it wasn’t enough! Good luck to your son in his game tonight!

  • WE

    Woohoo! Way to go Mama!! Always feels awesome to have a child outperform themselves, doesnt it? Good luck to your son!! Now onto the coats, I have one too many, but then, that doesnt stop me from staring at more..heh. Love the asos one..just what I have been looking for, and that tartan scarf…lovee…!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  • Gorgeous coat and scarf combos! I am in need of a coat refresh too, but that’s because I wear mine too much! Congrats to your son and his team for making the playoffs! 🙂

  • That’s awesome! Good for your son, and good for you being a proud football mom! Both of you will treasure all the games he played where you were there cheering him on. I’m still grateful to this day that my folks were such avid track and field supporters and made it to my meets.

    I found a cute belted DKNY coat at a ridiculous discount once at Costco {a moment for me to pause, realizing that I’m admitting to the interwebs that I do occasionally buy clothes at Costco} but it wasn’t heavy enough for New York winters. Should be just fine for when we head to California for Christmas, though!

  • You most be so proud, great for your son! 🙂 Beautiful coats and scarves…I feel warm already just looking at them!

    I have a new video up on you YouTube. It’s up on my blog now, I hope you like it! 😉
    New Video: 7 Ways to Layer Your Clothes Like A New Yorker

  • I used to have a Nine West coat that I bought at a Nordstrom in LA many years ago – it looked just like the houndstooth and I loved it. But I live in Huntsville, Alabama and you know that is Crimson Tide country so everywhere I went people would say Roll Tide! I am most certainly not a University of AL fan (Go Vols!) so I finally had to just sell it. 🙂

    I just ordered a coat from ModCloth – they have some very fashionable coats at a good price point.

    Happy Weekend, Alison!

  • I love the striped coat with the plaid scarf! It is awesome!

  • Alison,
    I am glad you shared your “Proud Mama” moments with us, and proud you should be. Love the picks- especially the two buffalo check and plaid combo, and the houndstooth with tartan
    Great post! Enjoy!
    XX, Elle

  • I love scarf and coat season! It just hasn’t gotten there quite yet in Florida! 🙁 I’m so ready, though!!

  • I love that striped coat!!

  • I have a coat with lapels like that Asos version and I love it. Can’t stop wearing it. I also love football, so good luck to your son in his game!

    Come enter my $400 Holiday GIVEAWAY!

  • i’m loving that striped coat! so gorgeous!


  • Gotta love a coat that’s both cute and actually warm enough to do its job! I really like the gray striped one!

  • I’ve been on the search for a new winter coat. These suggestions are a great place to start! 🙂

  • The Merona one looks really comfy & I’m sure its not so expensive!!!


  • Bless you & your proud Mama moment! Its more than allowed!! Some great inspiration here! Love the pairing of the scarves! I’ve updated my outerwear this year too & am now after a parka in the sales which will top off my new collection nicely! Ax

  • Great coat round up! I’ve had my eye on a couple coats from DailyLook, but they’re both over $100 (plus shipping!) so they’re not exactly non-bank-breakers unfortunately. You should take a look over there anyway!