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The Next Thing You Need | Work it Out

Orange Nikes OK, we’re friends.  So I can share a little secret with you, right?

I didn’t work out during the month of October.  GASP!

For the first time in twelve years, I took a whole month off.  I didn’t even do that when I was pregnant.

And you know what?  The world didn’t come to an end.

Yes, I’m a bit squishier and lost a lot of muscle tone.  But I spent most of the month battling bronchitis, which was the main reason for the work out hiatus.  Hacking up a lung is not conducive to any kind of activity.  Couple that with October being one of the busiest months of my life and there’s no bandwidth left for exercise.

Well, it’s November now.  I’m (mostly) feeling better and the holidays are just around the corner.  Overindulging time is on the horizon, woo hoo!  Which means it’s time to step up the workouts so I can eat what I want.

So, there you have it.  My main motivation for exercise is being able to eat what I want.

Some eat to live, I live to eat.  🙂

The treadmill and I got reacquainted this week and I even started back to my beloved butt-whooping yoga class.  It feels good to be active again, even if I am so sore that I can’t walk.  I’m already sleeping better and have more energy throughout the day.  Hopefully muscle tone will soon return.

When I got my fall/winter clothes out of storage, I realized that my workout stuff could use a little refresh.  Having cute, comfortable, functional workout gear is a great motivator.  Here are some of the must haves on my list.

1.  Running Shoes

I get compliments on these shoes every single time I wear them.  Maybe it’s because you can’t miss them.  At any rate, they’re super comfortable and a great all-purpose athletic shoe.  If bright orange isn’t your thing, they come in more toned down shades too.

[Nike:  Anodyne DS in Crimson]

2.  Workout Capris

It is no longer shorts weather.  Mama needs some new compression capris.

I’ve heard incredible things about Zella’s compression capris.  Reviewers are crazy about the ‘Live In’ capri giving them a 4.6 out of 5 star rating.  I love the shaping lines on the ‘Streamline Live In’ and have them in my shopping cart ready to buy!

[Zella:  ‘Streamline Live In’ Leggings]

3.  Padded Sports Bra

Light padding in my sports bras is a must have.  I’m not a fan of “show through”, if you know what I mean.  Sometimes it’s hard to find a good supportive sports bra with pads.  I’m dying to try this cute one from Spanx Active.

[Spanx Active:  Pretty Pop Bra]

4.  Zip Up Jacket

Even though I get super sweaty in yoga class, I still need a light jacket to get to and from the studio.  This one goes with everything and is cute enough to wear even on non-yoga days.  It also matches the new compression capris that I’m getting.

[Zella:  ‘Streamline’ Jacket]

5.  Yoga Mat

My beloved Manduka yoga mat recently had a blow out.  It had a good run though – five years of continuous use.  I’ll be replacing it with an identical one.  Why mess with what works?

[Manduka:  PROlite Mat]

Bonus:  Yoga Sandals

This fall, I received a pair of Juil sandals to try out.  They are seriously the most comfortable pair of sandals I’ve ever owned.  Every time I wear them to yoga, I get compliments on them.  Juil footwear is unique because of the copper dots on the soles that allow for “grounding”.  I have a pair just like those in the picture below.  They’re stylish enough to wear outside of yoga too.

juil-earthing-shoes [Juil:  ‘Hera’ Sandals]

It’s Your Turn:  How do you keep your workout mojo this time of the year?  Tell me in the comments!

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  • You shoes are so cute, I am so in need of new workout gear everything is falling apart. Usually some new shoes and clothes gets me motivated.

  • Autum

    It’s a bit hard for me to get myself motivated but it always help when I have a friend to go to the gym or classes with.

  • I do love those shoes! Maybe if I buy those they will motivate me to get to the gym?!? It’s worth a shot, right?

  • I want that jacket! Our treadmill and DVR keep me motivated. I allow myself to watch my favorite shows as long as I am on the treadmill.


  • Yep, I live to eat too so that’s why I workout. Since I started doing Zumba I feel so much better with my energy and it’s my “me” time. Even though I don’t want to go to class, I just shame myself and tell myself I can eat that candy bar after 🙂

  • I love your bright shoes! I was not as active as I should have been during the month of October and feel a little softer in the midsection as well. I’m trying to rededicate myself so I don’t add another couple of pounds to the scale over the holidays!

  • As the temps get colder, I generally hibernate from most social activities- except working out! I workout more in fall/winter than I do any other time of the year, despite frigid temps. It’s like a mind game, I convince myself I will have more time for play in the warm months if I workout extra hard when it’s cold. Works every time!


  • Our bodies adapt to periods of activity and non-activity. We’re animals, not machines. Taking a break is healthy.

  • I am a crossfit addict and work out 5- 6 times a week. Now if I can get my eating in order than I would be fit as a fiddle 🙂 I have really fallen in love with Old Navy’s sports bra. They are lightly padded, keeps its shape and elasticity and they are affordable.


  • I’m always in the market for new workout gear. And the fact that Spanx makes a workout bra is awesome! Will have to get!

    I’m in a pretty decent workout regimen right now, but one of the things I’m really missing is my yoga. I haven’t practiced regularly for a while now and I’m feeling the muscle strain that it used to help me deal with. Time to get back on the ball – or the mat, in this case!

  • LOL I was working on a similar post for next week! Love your picks. I want to check out that Zella hoodie.

  • Saxon

    Maybe if I buy cute workout clothes, I will actually workout? WAIT! Does walking 2 blocks each way to the Blue House Bakery for a morning scone count as a workout? Yes? No? I think maybe it does. 😉

  • I own those juil flips also and LOVE them.
    Far too cold to walk outdoors so I really need to get back to the yoga studio!

  • Rachel

    Those orange Nikes are awesome!
    I haven’t been working out much during this pregnancy, which is shameful. I love walking outside, but today it’s in the 30s in PA (with snow flurries!) I wish we had a nice big mall, so I could walk laps with the stroller–and do some window shopping at the same time 🙂

  • Love those bright comfy shoes! Great inspiration! I love your blog! 😉

    Feel free to visit my blog as well if you wish! <3

    New Outfit Post: Tips to Put Together a Unique Causal look

  • Stephanie

    I love, love your blog!! You have such relatable topics with affordable picks! I mean, who doesn’t love Target!, :-). Love all your workout gear! My daughter has the same Nikes! If you’re so inclined, I would get a pneumonia vaccine. You have to be 40. I got one after a horrific bronchitis episode, and battling bronchitis every winter. Now I never get bronchitis, and colds are even lessened! Just a thought!! Keep up the awesome work!!

  • Good for you for getting back at it! I can totally relate to the “living to eat” thing! 🙂 Me too!! I’ve actually been really good about going to the gym the past couple of months. Hence the reason why I haven’t been blogging! Ooops! But I do feel great! You found some super cute workout gear, too!

  • I love how cute workout gear can re-inspire you to workout. I am really cheap so I get almost all of my workout gear at Forever21 haha. I buy their $5 leggings, their $4 long tank tops, and their $11 sports bras – that’s pretty much my workout uniform!


  • I am GROSSLY overdue for new sneakers. Since I’m easing back into going to the gym they’re at the top of my birthday/christmas wishlist. I really like the orange and will be looking for a fun, bright color myself. Compression pants are the best thing ever!

  • I live to eat as well 🙂 Sadly that’s to my detriment at times, but during this time of year I either turn to group fitness or the elliptical to keep me moving. Bright sneakers also help 😀 Lately I’ve been downloading shows and working out while watching tv.