January 12, 2015 - Better You, Wellness

What are you tolerating?

Happy Monday, pretties!  Last week, I announced that I’m tapping into my life coach experience to roll out a different kind of 28 day challenge.  It’s called Rediscover Me and will focus on creating more of what you want out of life.  For four weeks, participants will get daily videos and exercises filled with my most effective coaching techniques to dig deep, set goals and create the life you want.   You can see the first video on goal setting in this post.

Today I’m going to introduce you to a concept that I learned about several years ago that’s changed my life for the better in small but significant ways.  It’s all about eliminating tolerations from our lives.

What’s a toleration, you ask?  It’s basically anything you’re putting up with that drains your energy.

Watch the video to learn more about some of the things I was tolerating – from complaining friends to a lumpy pillow, then make your own list to start tackling.  You’ll be amazed at how great it feels!

 I mention a 28 Day Challenge Facebook group in this video.  This closed group will be open for participants when the challenge starts. 


It’s Your Turn:  Print off the PDF above to make a list of your own tolerations.  See how many you can knock out this week and tell us about them in the comments!


Rediscover Me will begin soon.  If you’d like to be notified when registration opens, get on the challenge notifications list HERE.

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  • I love this idea! I have never thought about tolerating things! How freeing! I wanted to let you know that my style inspiration post is live today. This is the one that I chatted with you about last month. I hope you like it! Thanks for always inspiring me(: Susan

    • Thanks Susan! I will hop over and check it out now!

  • Great idea Alison. I’ve always seen these things as annoyances that can wear a person down. I honestly think it’s easier to look at it from this perspective. I’m going to take up your challenge this week:)


    • Thanks Audrey! Let me know how it goes! It’s very satisfying to get some of these knocked off the list.

  • LoriM

    Anxious to watch the video. This word has been eluding me for the last week. I’ve heard the concept before and want to work on eliminating some of my tolerations at home and at work. it was bugging me I couldn’t remember the WORD. Annoyances was all I could come up with!

    • I love the word “tolerations”, it reminds us not to continue tolerating. 🙂

  • Diana

    Great idea! We’d love to hear more about your previous experience coaching clients. Is life coaching a certification/license? Exciting venture!:). We all look forward to it!

    • Thanks Diana! I’ve had my life coaching certification for several years, my degree is in Psychology. Most of my clients are women who are getting out of a rut, looking for a new job or starting their own businesses. It’s very rewarding!

  • Ona

    Interesting concept Alison, which seems really simple once you know about it! Funnily enough, my list contains quite a few tolerations which I’m NOT doing (date night with husband, goal setting, etc). Do these count?! Looking forward to your challenge. Ona 🙂

    • Hi Ona! Those would actually fit well in the area of goals from last week’s video exercise. It’s great to get the down in writing so that you can make them happen! I love making date nights a priority.

  • Bridget

    Ahhh – this is brilliant!!! I can’t wait to learn more.

    • I can’t wait to share with everyone, Bridget!

  • megan

    Oh, this is a good one! And perfect timing for me. I am tolerating crappy, cheap clothes!! I’ve gained a lot of weight (thank you, hypothyroid!) and Dont want to spend money on nice clothing because I want to lose weight. I’ve also been tolerating a purse
    that is too small because i keep buying “affordable” purses and returning them. I finally put a stop to that and bought a beautiful Rebecca Minkoff BoweryTote and iI love it! thanks for writing about this!

    • You are very welcome Megan! Can’t wait to have you join this challenge! Enjoy your beautiful new purse!

  • Jenny

    I love this idea! Thank you so much for helping us to understand what the Rediscover Me challenge will be about. I will start tackling my tolerations this week. One of my tolerations is a hard one….it’s my mom. I love her dearly but she needs me more than I can offer and she doesn’t always that my role as wife/mother comes first. Anyway, I am always prayerful about this because it is hard when your toleration is a family member 🙂

    • That is a little trickier Jenny. The key here is to have boundaries around what you’re comfortable doing, and then following through without feeling guilty. The second part is always harder! I promise once you start putting the boundaries in place though, you will feel a sense of relief. It will lead to a better relationship for both of you because she won’t have unrealistic expectations and you won’t have resentment. Hope that helps!

  • Valarie

    Wow…what a timely post. However, mine was not so much about little things I am tolerating, but the bigger “tolerations” in the way of a relationship/friend. When I met this friend years ago, they were enjoyable and stimulating company. Over the years, he has become very confrontational in presenting his opinions, in fact, downright insulting and nasty at times. I have had to ask him to leave my parties once or twice (for insulting my guests). He and his girlfriend, now wife, moved out of town a few months ago, and quite frankly, it was a relief to see them go. Last night he stopped by to pay me for a silent auction item, and proceeded to malign women and sexual orientation in the Episcopal Church. I believe in free speech, and he is certainly entitled to his opinion. But sometimes you need NOT verbalize your opinion, especially when you know who you are talking to. Being that he and his wife are on the potential guest list for my wedding, I asked if he would be offended by the fact that we are being married by a gay priest after my gay son walks me up the aisle. His response is “well, if that’s what you want to do.”

    My fiance and I spoke about it this morning, and agree we have “tolerated” long enough. I would be worried about who he might insult at our wedding, so being that we are no longer socializing with him due to choice, there is no reason to extend an invitation to our wedding. We will tolerate no more.

    • Valarie, you thought of the overall picture so well. You both made the correct decision to tolerate no more.

  • HL

    I was tolerating my last job for years. I was sick all the time and super stressed. Finally hired a career coach and found a new job! So much happier!

    • That’s great news! I’m so happy for you! 🙂