Make the Most of Your Winter Wardrobe

For me, January has always been a time of fresh beginnings and evaluation – a time to organize, downsize and prioritize.  My wardrobe is no exception.  That’s why this month I’ve made a commitment to make the most of my winter wardrobe without adding anything to it.  I’m challenging myself to go without buying any new clothing, shoes or accessories in January.

If you’ve done a style challenge with me this past year, you’ve probably already discovered that less is more.  You most likely have fewer clothes now yet more pieces that you love.  And that’s a really good feeling.  It feels even better to know that you have countless outfit combinations waiting for you.  This month, I’m putting my wardrobe to the test and challenging myself to think outside the box and find new ways to wear old favorites – and hoping you’ll join me!

Today I’m revisiting some of my favorite winter looks featuring my winter wardrobe workhorses – like wool coats, scarves, sweaters and of course, leggings.

One of my favorite ways to add a little flair to outfits on cold days is by coordinating a scarf with my winter coats – like these fun tribal prints paired up with wool coats.

[Coat:  Similar/Sweater: Same/Scarf:  Similar/Watch:  Same/Jeans: Same/Boots: Similar]

Tribal Scarf Leather Leggings Full [Coat:  Similar/Sweater: Similar/Scarf:  Similar/Leggings: Same/Boots: Same]

A faux fur snood makes a trench coat perfectly wearable on a winter day.

trench-coat-skinny-jeans-boots [Coat:  Similar/Sweater: Similar/Scarf:  Similar/Jeans: Same/Watch: Same/Boots: Similar]

For a warm and comfortable look on a winter day, try pairing up neutrals with leggings.

Cashmere Nepali Scarf[Coat:  Similar/Top: Similar/Scarf:  Similar/Leggings: Same/Watch: Same/Boots: Same]

Cashmere Sweater Leggings Purse Full[Sweater:  Similar/Scarf: Similar/Purse:  Same/Leggings: Same/Boots: Similar]

It’s Your Turn:  Will you be making the most of your winter wardrobe this month too?  If so, let me know in the comments.


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