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What Dads Really Want for Father’s Day

My sweet hubby is one of the easiest people to please that I know.  He’d much rather give and serve than receive.  He’s actually uncomfortable with others doing for him.  That’s why I always look forward to his birthday and holidays because he has to accept our gestures of love through gifts!

We try to make Father’s Day a really special occasion.  Because he won’t come right out and tell us what he wants, I have to be super observant in the months before so I can pick up on his cues.  I think I did really good this year!

Fathers Day Gift Guide

[Burberry Touch/Black & Decker Cordless Drill/Reef Flip Flops/Nike Air Max/Fitbit Flex]

So what do men really want for Father’s Day?  They want manly stuff, of course!  It took me many years of our marriage to finally figure this out.  I can make my hubby pretty happy if I get him some kind of tool or gadget.  This year’s list has both – a new Black and Decker cordless drill (to replace his broken one) and a Fitbit Flex to track his workouts.  The Fitbit syncs with his iPhone so he can geek out in gadget heaven.

I also included cologne on his list because A.  he’s almost out of his and B.  it’s something he wouldn’t buy for himself.  His signature scent is Burberry Touch – it’s light and clean and makes him smell oh so yummy.  That’s sort of a gift for me too.  🙂

No gift list for him would be complete without running shoes.  He goes through a few pairs a year and has been hinting that it’s time for some new ones.  I just got some bright orange shoes for myself and know that he would love a pair in the same color.  His favorite running shoes are the Nike Air Max.

Then there’s the Reef flip flops.  Ugh.  He loves them, I hate them.  Call me weird but I’m not a fan of men in flip flops.  I, on the other hand, live in my Reefs year-round.  Double standard?  Yep!  Totally unfair, I know.  But because I love him, I not only tolerate his flip flop affinity but also enable it.

It’s Your Turn:  What’s on your man’s Father’s Day wish list?  Does he come out and tell you or do you have to be a sleuth?  Tell me in the comments!

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  1. My husband and I always joke that I like more man things than he does 🙂 I am the one that has power tools, workout monitors and loves new running shoes. He wants a new lounge chair for Father’s day. We are so opposite! Love the list!

  2. I really think this is the first list of gift ideas for Father’s day that has really nailed it (well for my man at least)! I just got my hubby new Nikes for his birthday in navy and neon, and he loves them! Also, he has brown reef flips and definitely could use a black pair so thanks for that suggestion. And he wears Burberry Summer right now, but is out of his Mont Blanc so cologne is a great idea as well!

  3. These are great ideas! My hubby would like each and every one. He is one to come right out and ask, which works for me! But I think a surprise of some new cologne would be awesome, I will look for the one you recommended.

  4. My husband never tells me what he wants so it’s always one of those things when I hear him mention he needs or wants something, I log it into my brain for occasions like Father’s Day. He loves to grill so I am always looking for unique grill/BBQ things. I found the best BBQ sauce at Sur la Table – Steve Reichlein’s Smoky Apple sauce. AMAZING! Have a great weekend 🙂 Heather

  5. Sounds like you’ve got your hubby covered!! I still need to figure out what to get my dad, but this list definitely helped get my wheels turning!

  6. Haha cologne is always a great gift for you 😉 I love it when my man smells good! My hubby is the same way. He doesn’t like people spending money on him and he never tells you what he wants. It makes it so hard sometimes!

  7. What a great list! And my husband is exactly the same – he will NEVER say what he wants and when he does, it’s something like “a new toothbrush.” Seriously?!

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