January 13, 2016 - Easy Outfits, Style

What I’m Really Wearing – Winter White

What I'm Really Wearing - Winter White2

Today kicks off a new monthly blog series called “What I’m Really Wearing”.  In the fashion blog world, I’ve found that a lot of the outfits are more aspirational than inspirational.  I’ve even fallen into the trap of featuring overly styled and accessorized outfits that I wouldn’t wear in real life.  Truth is, I do wear a version of these outfits, just pared down significantly.

That’s what this series is all about – the simplified outfits I’m REALLY wearing to do real life in and you can too.

This month, I’m featuring my winter white cords because they’ve been the one item I’ve reached for in my closet more than any other this winter.

Growing up in the northeast, my winter wardrobe consisted of 50 shades of gray…and black.  Color was almost non-existent.  If you had told me then that winter white and pastels would one day be my winter staples, I never would’ve believed it.  Yet here I am, loving (and living in) my pale pink sweater and winter white pants.






[Sweater:  Same/Pants:  Same/Boots:  Same/Watch:  Same/Necklace:  Similar]

It’s Your Turn:  Have you embraced winter white yet?  If so, how are you pairing it up?

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  • This is a great idea for a new series, love this simple chic look and the white cords are perfect!

    • Thank you Marta. So happy that you like it!

  • Laurie

    I wear winter white (or even plain white) with boots (brown or grey) and I have coral colored sweater with lace inserts. I tend to stick mostly to darker pants because for me white is like a magnet for whatever I’m eating. But I do occasionally enjoy wearing light grey or winter white when I want to make a statement. Love this blog- you have great ideas!

    • I love both ways that you pair your winter white Laurie. Gorgeous!

  • Tammy

    I’m wearing my winter white blazer today. It is a ponte knit, so it is pretty much an all-season piece.

    • Fabulous all season piece Tammy!

  • Dagmar

    This new series is a great idea!

    • Thanks for stopping by Dagmar.

  • Lori Ann

    I live in the east(!) and love to pull out my white cords or cream jeans and pair them with more white/cream. It certainly makes a break from jeans and plaid flannel shirts which are another staple!
    Love the new column!

    • Love your style Lori Ann.

  • Carrie

    I love this! Can’t tell you how excited I am for this series!!! But… My wardrobe funds are a bit limited. Is there any way you can include some more budget-friendly alternatives for people like me? 🙂

    • BP

      Just look for white cords, pink sweater etc at the stores that are affordable for you.

      • Great advice! Yes, just use the basic outfit formula and find similar pieces that work for your budget. P.S. Most of the pieces here are from Loft, they have some great sales.

  • Saxon

    So FRESH and lovely! I’ve been wearing my white jeans quit a bit and LOVING them. 🙂

    • Thank you sweet friend! What do you pair your white jeans with?

  • Love this!!

  • Lisa Wolf

    I love this idea for a series! I would never have thought to wear white during the cold months (kind of like wearing black in summer months) but I love love this outfit idea. Question: where do you find white jeans that aren’t see through? I assume corduroy isn’t see through because the material is thicker, but I’m not a cords fan. Thanks again, for this great outfit idea. Would even be pretty for a casual valentine date out.

  • vicky

    Grest idea snd very welcome. I haven’t been checking your blog as much recently since it was feeling less practical for me, a SAHM.
    I do love the monthly $100 feature too.

    • Thank you for stopping by Vicky. I appreciate it!

  • Judy H.

    Last winter, I bought a pair of wonderful ivory corduroy pants and a heavy cotton knit ivory sweater. I bought them largely because they were good quality and REALLY on sale. I had a pretty pink and beige scarf I had gotten as a gift, but had never worn. So I did the pants, sweater, scarf and a big gold bracelet and went out for the evening. I never got so many compliments in my life. When I first put it on, I almost took it off because I thought it was just too..too. I was sold! The next day, I went back to that store and bought a dusty lilac open cardigan and wore it later with my ivory corduroys, washed out chambray shirt, a scarf and fun jewelry. Again, I received many compliments. When this fall came around, I decided that ivory, winter white and pastels were on my shopping list. I’ve had so much fun with these colors. Like you, I have a trunk full of grey, black, charcoal and olive clothing. I’m keeping it, who knows when the tide may turn.

    • I like keeping it different and love the ivory, winter white and pastels! Great find Judy.

  • Shannon

    I’m so glad you’re doing this series! If I see another blogger wearing heels or suede boots in the snow I may scream! So not practical!

    • Heels in the snow? That’s very interesting!