Ask Alison: Three Wardrobe Pieces to Invest In

Today’s Ask Alison video addresses a question I get asked by readers on a regular basis – what wardrobe pieces are worth the investment.

Alison – I’ve heard you say to invest in classic pieces for your wardrobe that stand the test of time.  What pieces do you recommend investing in and how much should I spend on them?

In the following video, I share three wardrobe items that are always worth the investment plus some advice on budgeting for your own investment item bucket list.

Three Wardrobe Pieces Worth the Investment
What NOT to Invest In

There are also some items that you should steer clear of spending much on.  For example,

  • Trends – Trendy items are usually only in style for one season.  If it feels overly trendy, then it probably is.  If you’re unsure, buy an inexpensive version and if it proves to have longevity you can always upgrade it at a later date.
  • Jewelry – Unless it’s the real deal, don’t invest much into costume jewelry.
  • Tees and Tanks – These are all basically made from the same materials and something you’ll want to replace on a regular basis, especially if you regularly wear them as an under layer.
It’s Your Turn:  I want to know what’s on your investment bucket list.  Tell me three items that you’d love to own (or already have) in the comments below.