May 30, 2013 - Style

What’s Your Purse Personality?

What kind of purse girl are you?

Do you buy the latest trend?  Or are you more likely to carry a classic style for a long time?  Do you switch out your bag to match your outfit?  What’s your favorite style?

I tend to spend a little more on a purse that I can carry for a long time and don’t switch it out very often.  My favorite style is the satchel because I can carry it over my arm on or my shoulder.

Yesterday’s post featured my big satchel that I carry almost every day of my life.  This is probably my favorite purse that I’ve ever owned.  It’s almost a year old now but it’s still going strong.  The color and style are perfect and it’s one of those bags that gets softer and prettier the longer you carry it.

Dooney Florentine Satchel Natural

[Dooney & Bourke Florentine Satchel]

 My new white purse is also a satchel.  It’s been the star of a few outfits lately (like here and here and here).  It was much less of an investment so I don’t mind carrying it for just one season.  Although I love it so much that it will probably be around longer!

Plaid Button Down White Purse

[Steve Madden Satchel (similar)]

During the summer, a big tote bag becomes one of my staples.  I usually throw my wallet and whatever supplies we need for the day into one.  Whether we’re heading out to the park, the museum or a day at the pool, a tote has the room we need to carry everything.

This Vera Bradley tote fits the bill perfectly!  It’s affordable and adorable.

[Vera Bradley Seashore Tote]

Lately I’ve added a few clutches to my collection too.  These are usually reserved for special nights out or when we go on vacation and I don’t want to carry around my big satchel.  I tend to spend less on these and swap them out to match outfits.

Target always has affordable, on-trend clutches.  I like this one because the shoulder strap can be used or tucked away.

Merona® Envelope Ostrich Clutch - Green

[Mossimo Green Ostrich Clutch]

It’s Your Turn:  What’s your purse personality?  Tell me in the comments!

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  • I tend to go for classic styles that last me a while. The only problem I have is that they never last as long as I would like since I have two kids and my purse seems to always have ink stains, food marks or get ripped 🙂

  • I usually spend more on a purse that will last a long time. I have bought of lot of cute, inexpensive purses but I usually regret it after so long because they seem to fall apart.

  • I don’t own a lot of handbags, so I feel better about spending more on the ones that I do have. For everyday, I run around town with my Coach wristlet-it is so easy with kids! When I need more storage, my main bag that I carry is a Kate Spade bone-colored patent leather tote. It works year-round and matches everything!

  • I love both of your bags! I’m a satchel girl as well (for the most part) – its just the most convenient option! And I’m the same way about carrying the same bag for awhile. I don’t generally like to switch them out often – unless it’s for nighttime and I just need a clutch or something small.

  • I love neutral colors so that I can wear them with everything!

  • Kristie

    The purse I am carrying now, I found at a garage sale for $2. It felt sturdy, heavy and it looked like leather. I got home and checked out the brand and found that the cheapest purse that brand sells was $68, and it was a small shoulder bag. I couldn’t find my exact bag. I just think it is so funny someone got rid of this awesome purse.

  • Lately I’ve been buying inexpensive bags because I usually get tired of the purse after I’ve carried it for so long. I’m not good about changing my purse regularly. But the cheap bags never last, so I always have to get rid of them. I’d like to get a nice bag that I can keep for a while. I really like all of yours!

  • I view my purses as investments so I have my go to bags that will last forever because they are good quality leather. My husband got me a MK brown leather bag that I carried for two years straight up until about 2 weeks ago when he bought me my first Louis Vuitton! I have a feeling I’ll carry that one for more than two years straight since I’ve wanted one since high school 🙂 I have fun, cheaper clutches for evening, but rarely ever switch out my big purse for day to day carrying.

  • I have a large and in charge clutch collection, but my everyday bag is a HUGE turquoise Timi & Leslie diaper bag. Ha!

  • I like classic styles. I used to buy cheaper purses but they wore out way too quickly. Guess i got what i paid for. I would rather spend more and get less and have those purses for a long time.

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  • I am typically a satchel kind of gal. But if I am going out on a date or something, I’ll switch to a clutch or wristlet. I have a hard time buying handbags. I gravitate toward classic styles and styles that tend to be expensive. The less expensive ones always seem to have too much going on, visually. But I am thrifty, so I don’t like to spend the money.

  • I gotta have a purse that will go over my arm and if it has front or side pocket for my phone that is even better

  • I was a clutch person before mommyhood, now I am a tote girl – so much to carry! LOL! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  • I usually get one classic purse and carry it for a while. Sometimes I switch going from winter to spring/ summer. Like right now I have been carrying a black and brown purse, but I would love something in a lighter color (preferably the mint Coach mini tanner) for summer. I do like to switch it up and carry clutches for date nights. I love that Dooney satchel! I know someone who got it and it is so gorgeous in person… pictures can’t even do it justice.


  • I tend to go for more classic styles/neutral colors but recently I’ve been thinking about getting a colored one for fun! I spend a little more on purses because I don’t buy them often and keep them indefinitely… maybe my twin girls will want to use them one day! 🙂

  • Love your white bag. Years ago I had too many bags to count. After having my twins I sold most of them and stuck to a “winter” bag & “summer”. Now I’m working on a few more. Have my eye on a white Tory Burch 🙂

    xo Lulu

  • I haven’t had a lot of clutch but im really loving this one. Im gonna check target if they still have it

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  • I love your D and B. Like really REALLY love it. 🙂

  • You have some beautiful bags! I have some lovely ones in storage I must dig out! I love big over sized bags but I always like them with a shoulder strap too for hands free running around after the kids! Andrea x

  • Shannon

    I hate to admit it, but I like having “big” bags. Messger bags work if I’ve got my laptop with me, but generally, I like something big enough to toss in my lunch, a sweater and other things but’s flexible enough to not take up sooooo much space.

    But I also go through phases. Right now I’ve beeb carrying a messager bag for my laptop and a smaller one for my wallet and such.

  • I am a big, hobo, kitchen-sink sized bag girl for days/work and crossbodys for night!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • I found your blog via google when researching the Dooney florentine satchel. I’m buying my first real handbag and I’m in LOVE with the satchel! Which size do you have? I’m so torn between the small and the regular size. The small is more of an every day handbag, but more often then not, I love to have a bigger bag during the day because I always tend to have my iPad, a bottle of water and other daily essentials. What do you think of the size you have? Love it, it’s a beautiful bag! xo Danya