February 27, 2015 - Easy Outfits, Menswear, Style, Style Challenges

1990 called. It wants its jeans back…

I have a little secret to share with you, my hubby Craig used to rock the 90’s jeans, unfortunately well into the 2000’s.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  Those higher rise, relaxed fit, light wash Levi’s (although other brands were offenders too).  You could call them “dad jeans” the male equivalent to mom jeans.  Thankfully he’s on trend now but it took a little convincing from his loving wife.  I think we owe it to our guys to make sure they stay in style, right?

Maybe you can relate because your hubby could use some updated style too.

If 1990 called and wants it’s dad jeans back, then the Menswear Basics Boot Camp is here to make sure your guy won’t be pants-less.

This style challenge just for men will include a core basics shopping list perfect for updating his casual wardrobe.  It includes 15 pieces to create 14 mix and match outfits that work for just about anything.


Registration for the Menswear Basics Boot Camp is now open and TODAY ONLY is on sale for just $14.99.  This offer expires at midnight ET tonight when the price will increase to $19.99.


To get more information and sign up for this challenge, click the link below.


P.S.  HURRY!  The early bird special ends at midnight ET tonight!  This is the lowest price this challenge will ever be offered at. 


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  • Lorraine Watkins

    My husband has forgotten that I mentioned this to him. I’ve registered and looking forward to updating him to match my new updated look!

    • Can’t wait Lorraine!

  • I had to do this for my husband too!! What a great idea to restyle the men. Love it. xo ~ Megan The Fashionista Momma

  • Jean

    I showed my husband your pic of the 1990’s jeans. Of course that’s the pair he wears. And he looked at me dumbfounded and said “what am I supposed to wear?” so I showed him your two picture montages. He said that’s fine if you’re in your 30’s. In your 50″s that would be ridiculous. Name one of our peers my age who wears jeans like that……….and I couldn’t. Sadly. I thought I might be winning my case to spruce him up. No go.

    • Surprisingly, there are a ton of men who wear jeans like that. 🙂 He just needs a little warming up to the idea. 🙂