5 Tips For Feeling Great In Everything You Wear

by Elysha Lenkin

You know how some days getting dressed is a breeze, and every piece you put on feels amazing? And then there are the other days; when everything you try on feels wrong. For those days, when finding an outfit that feels good is a struggle, I’ve put together some stylist tips for how to dress with confidence even when you have to push past the dissatisfaction with how you look so you can feel great in everything you wear.

How to Dress With Confidence

1. Know Your Shape

Understanding your body type is key to finding a truly flattering fit for your clothes. When your clothing fits well, you feel more comfortable, plus it’s easier to move around. Also, when you know which silhouettes work best for your body, you’ll be able to select pieces that complement your figure. I always recommend dressing for your shape, not your weight.

How to Dress With Confidence 5 Simple Tips

2. Accept Your Body

While wearing clothes that fit you well will definitely help you feel good, if you’re not satisfied with your body overall, you’ll never be comfortable in your skin. When I’m feeling self-conscious, whether it’s about my arms or stomach, I tend to fidget with my clothes. Sometimes it can take me 20 tries just to find an outfit I want to wear. On these days, I realize that it’s not the clothes causing the issue, but rather it’s my attitude about my body. Accepting our bodies as they are today is a major component of feeling great in what we wear.

How to Dress With Confidence 5 Simple Tips

3. Be Clear On What Suits Your Personality

The reality is there are a lot of styles out there that won’t be right for you. Maybe it’s because they’re the wrong cut for your body type, or they may not be your taste. It’s important to know what you like and want to wear so your style stays a strong reflection of who you are. This way you don’t end up looking like a fashion/trend victim, but instead, you always look like yourself. One way to know if something suits your personality is to ask the question, does this garment look like me? Your answer will tell you everything you need to know.

How to Dress With Confidence 5 Simple Tips

4. Have Fun

I realize that getting dressed comes easier on some days while other days it can be a struggle. As mentioned above, many times the difficulty of finding an outfit stems from my attitude, which can weigh me down. When I relax and lighten up, I can become more experimental with my style. It is then that I discover new looks, try out fresh ideas and enjoy myself in the process. This should be fun, and who doesn’t like having fun? A playful attitude goes a long way in helping you feel great in what you wear.

How to Dress With Confidence 5 Simple Tips

5. Learn From Your Mistakes

Since we all have some oops moments where we end up feeling terrible in our clothes, the way to benefit from this is to use it as an opportunity for learning. If I go out in a scratchy wool sweater that kept me itchy and hot all day, I’ll remember this when I’m shopping for sweaters, and test out the fabrics before I buy. If I feel self-conscious in a skirt because it seemed too short, I’ll know to layer leggings underneath next time, or let the hem down for more coverage. By zeroing in on what caused you to feel uncomfortable in your outfit, you give yourself the gift of learning what makes you happy.

How to Dress With Confidence 5 Simple Tips

Once you understand your shape, accept your body, have clarity around your taste, have fun with your style, and learn from your mistakes, you’re on track to feeling great in everything you wear. You’ve learned how to dress with confidence and when you’re happy with how you look, others will see this too.

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Elysha Lenkin helps busy women get the glow of confidence that comes from looking current in their clothing and feeling amazing in their skin. As a commercial stylist for 20 years, she’s styled women of all shapes and sizes including Tina Fey, Carrie Underwood and Serena Williams. Sign up for Elysha’s free challenge to Reclaim Your Style and create your signature look in 5 days