A Week and a Peek

A Week of Real Outfits and a Peek Into My Closet

Outfit posts are fun and all but let’s face it, I work from home and I’m just not making that much effort on a daily basis.  So I decided to document my real outfits for a week to give everyone a peek into how I actually dress.

Monday (Casual Dinner Out)

Tuesday (It snowed!)

Wednesday (Bad hair day)

Thursday (No Makeup!)

Friday (Lunch with Coworkers)

Even though I am full on obsessed with my new Frye Riding Boots (above), you’ll notice from the other days of the week that my go-to faves are still my trusty old Uggs.  Just can’t beat the comfort of these things! They don’t sell that exact boot anymore but this is a pretty similar style.

[UGG – Brooks Leather Boot]

These outfits also feature a lot of my other go-to favorite pieces.  Like dark wash skinnies, leggings and some of my favorite accessories.  Here are some inspiration pieces.

And now for a peek into my closet.

Dream Closet

Oh wait, that’s not my closet!  That’s actually the closet of my dreams.  Sigh…

Here’s a glimpse into my real, FAR less impressive closet.

It ain’t pretty but it works!

I’ve seen a lot of people posting pictures of their closet makeovers lately.  My closet is far from the poster child for organization but at least I know where to find everything.  There’s a reason for that – I clean it out four times a year.  Yes, four.  Once per season.  I call it the quarterly closet cleanse.

Here are my top five ways to keep my closet organized.

1.  Rotate clothes seasonally – Only keep in there what you are using right now.  Everything else goes in storage.

2.  Clear out as you go – Every season when you are pulling things out, make three boxes labeled CASH, STASH and TRASH.  Throw anything in one of these that you haven’t worn in a year or longer.  Either sell or donate them, stash them if you just can’t part with them yet or trash them if they’re unwearable.

3.  Group items by style – My closet is grouped according to the style of the item.  Tanks, short sleeves, long sleeves, cardigans, dark denim, colored denim, etc.  This makes putting outfits together a breeze.  Sometimes I will grab one piece that I love and build an outfit around it.

4.  Use shoe racks – I have four shoe racks in my closet that hold everything from flip flops to boots.  I recently heard a statistic that women who own shoe racks are more punctual.  Hmm…must be something to that.  I guess we aren’t digging around looking for our shoe’s mates in the morning.

5.  Buy organizers for accessories (scarves and belts) – I recently bought both a scarf and belt organizer.  Why didn’t I do this years ago?  It’s so much less painful to pull one out now.

It’s Your Turn:  What are your top tips for keeping your closet in ship shape?  Share them with me in the comments!


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