SAHMonday: Turtleneck, Jeans and Over the Knee Boots

I already know what you’re thinking…over the knee boots for staying at home!?!


Honestly, when I got my first pair this past fall, I thought I wouldn’t get much wear out of them.  BUT, once I put them on and realized how comfortable they are (as comfy as my favorite pair of flats and comfier than my riding boots), I realized that they were definitely a wear at home kind of boot.  The fabric shaft and low heel definitely contribute to the comfort level.

Plus they make me feel super chic and stylish on my work from home days, even if no one sees me but my hubby, kids and dogs.  🙂

If you’re new around here, SAHMonday is weekly outfit inspiration just for the stay at home and work from home moms of the world (like me!) who aren’t heading out of the house on Monday morning.  You can check out the other outfits in this series here.

These outfits are perfect for when you want to feel comfortable, yet put together, so that you can face the day and any errands you may need to run.  Plus, most of these outfit formulas can be pulled straight from your closet.  If you don’t have my exact pieces, that’s ok.  Just use one of the substitutions that I recommend.

Today’s SAHMonday outfit formula is what I wore for my daughter’s pediatrician appointment and it’s SUPER easy.  All you need is a neutral long sweater or tunic, your favorite jeans, a pair of over the knee boots (or riding boots) and a long necklace with a pop of color.  I picked this turquoise one from Chesley Mae because it always looks great with neutrals.

Turtleneck + Long Necklace + Jeans + Over the Knee Boots


[Turtleneck:  Same/Jeans:  Same/Necklace:  Similar/Over the Knee Boots:  Same]

Substitutions and Shopping Options: 

Oversized Turtleneck:  Any tunic or long sweater.  Shopping Options:  1/2/3

Jeans:  Leggings or any skinny jeans.  Shopping Options:  1/2/3

Long Necklace:  Scarf or any long necklace.  Shopping Options:  1/2/3

Over the Knee Boots:  Riding boots or flats.  Shopping Options:  1/2/3

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