Pretty Living: Decorating with Meaning

Hey pretties!  Today kicks off a brand new series that I’m SUPER excited about.  One of my favorite hobbies (besides creating capsule wardrobes) is home decor.  Throughout the past few years, I’ve gotten tons of requests to post more about this topic so I’ve done little bits here and there, but nothing on a regular basis. This month, I’m starting a new six-part decorating series to share some of my tidbits of decorating advice that I’ve picked up along the way.

To kick the series off right, I’m starting with one of my favorite tips – decorating with meaning.

What does it mean to decorate with meaning?  Well, I believe that your home space should be a reflection of not just your personality but also a collection of items near and dear to your heart.  Anyone can decorate with meaningless trinkets but it’s so much better to be surrounded by things with deep personal meaning.

Here are five of my favorite ways to incorporate meaning into home decor.

(FYI – I’ve linked up similar online items below, but if you’re wondering where I got any of my pieces, the answer is almost always HomeGoods, Wayfair or Target.  I’ll be linking up my furniture and lighting in future posts in this series.)

1. Family Heirlooms

This cricket rocker sat in my grandmother’s house all throughout my childhood.  My most vivid memory of it was not being allowed to sit in it because the cane seat was so fragile!  Somewhere along the way, she got the seat replaced on it and I was allowed to finally sit in it.  It was one of my favorite pieces in her home and it’s now an heirloom that I’m proud to display.

Because this rocker’s antique style doesn’t quite fit in with my modern/traditional decor, I added this monogrammed throw pillow to update it a bit.


[Monogrammed Throw Pillows]

2. Travel Trinkets

Our family has a sense of adventure and love of world travel so naturally some of our decor expresses that.  Here are a few of the ways we’ve incorporated our zest for globe-trotting into our daily lives.


[Eiffel Tower Figurine]



[Vintage Paris Maps]


[Decorative Globes]

3. Hobbies and Interests

Our daughter’s love of horses has spilled over into a few of our rooms.  Her room is completely horse themed but we’ve also managed to incorporate a few pieces of equine decor into our sitting area.

dining area

[Horse Paintings]


[Horse Figurines]

My mom was a huge Beatles fan so growing up I knew every single word to all of their albums by heart.  I’m still fascinated with the fab four as evidenced by this coffee table book of rare photographs.


[Beatles Books]

4. Nature and Outdoors

By far, our family’s favorite pastime is spending time at the beach.  Most rooms in our house have a little bit of the beach in them.  Try this out by displaying natural elements collected on some of your favorite adventures such as sea shells, pine cones, dried moss or driftwood.



5. Spiritual/Religious Meaning

When I went looking for a large piece of art to finish our our formal living room, I first started my search with colors that would bring the room together.  When I stumbled across this piece of art entitled “Revealed in Jesus, Romans 8:39” by Mark Lawrence, I knew that I had found “the one”.


Romans 8:39 New International Version (NIV)

39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.


[“Revealed in Jesus, Romans 8:39” Art on Canvas]

It’s Your Turn:  What are some ways that you decorate with meaning in your home?  Share them in the comments!

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